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  1. The Pirate Shack

    The Treasure of Indigo Isle

    I love the rock face!
  2. The Pirate Shack

    Le Quartier Brique (FINAL)

    This is incredible!
  3. The Pirate Shack

    "Le Crane blanc". ("The White Crane")

    Great job! I'd like to live on that island
  4. The Pirate Shack

    Port Royle- a secret pirate takeover

    Nice work
  5. The Pirate Shack

    ARTICLE: Pirates 2009

    Great article, thanks for posting! :)
  6. The Pirate Shack

    Pirates or Imperials

    I'd say pirates, because as the song says, being a pirate is all fun and games (til somebody looses an ear/eye/hand/leg)
  7. The Pirate Shack

    Which is better: Castle or Pirates?

    Pirates o-course!
  8. The Pirate Shack

    Buy 2009 LEGO Pirates from S@H or Toys R Us

    I also mentioned this in the TRU store thread, but no one seemed to notice it , now why didn't I think of starting a separate thread thanks, Bub!
  9. The Pirate Shack

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    Arr still nothing in Dounglaston, NY or at Walmart/Target/TRU in Carl Place, NY. Maybe the TRU staff in smaller markets has more time to put out new stuff.
  10. The Pirate Shack

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    Now available online! 4 sets from Toys R Us .com:
  11. The Pirate Shack

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    Update: They did NOT have any sets at TRU near Roosevelt Field in Nassau County, Long Island, New York I find this bizarre since this is a huge market, right next to New York City and a shopping Mecca for many in the NY/NJ/Conn area. I checked all over the store (which was packed), and there were none. I don't think they sold out because there were not even spaces on the shelves for them. The store did have an over abundance of Star Wars Lego stuff, but no pirates.
  12. The Pirate Shack

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    Woohoo, someone on flickr also posted that there are impulse sets (and those alone) at TRU in Cary, North Carolina. I live in New York and I may check it out tomorrow. Exciting news! Arrrrr
  13. The Pirate Shack

    Mini-Contest - Win LEGO! Hurry!

    I deserve to win because I never had any lego pirates! A Marlin probably has more lego pirates than I do (cause if he has any, thats more than I have). I will blog all about my new-old lego pirates on The Pirate Shack:
  14. The Pirate Shack

    The Pirate Shack - an interesting Pirate Blog

    Thanks, to you both and everyone in this great community! We do offer a link to on our links page. You can get there by clicking "Other Ports'a'Call" on the main page (I'm thinking of adding "(links)" after "Other Ports'a'Call" to make that a little more obvious). Keep up the great work! I love seeing all of the pirate lego creations and I plan on mentioning more on the Pirate Shack in the future!