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    Shootin' wamp rats in my T-16 back home, destroying the Death Star, stabbing Ganondorf in the head, pwning, telling Mario, "sorry, your princess is in another castle", listining to Queen, watching a guy melt because he drank from the wrong Grail, and more pwning.


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  1. Fire_Mario

    The Questions Thread

    Hello. I thought it would be a pretty good idea to create a place where a person can freely ask some questions and have others see if they can help. Now, let me set some rules: -No stupid questions like, "Where is Waldo???". -When asking a question, make sure not to be vague with what you are saying. -Don't say things like, "Look it up yourself", to people. Sometimes it better to be in contact with an actual person. -Number your questions. -Don't ask homework questions. That's your job. Example- ______________GOOD QUESTION____________________________BAD QUESTION_______________ When will SpikeTV's 2008 Video Game Awards air again?__When are the VGAs gonna be on??? And as for answering questions, I thought up a way to keep the answers in order: -Number your answers. -If you don't know an answer, just put, "I don't know", or something like that next to the number. -Be descriptive. Now, question away!
  2. Fire_Mario

    Review : 7683 - Fight on the Flying Wing

    Very nice review! But how did you get this? I'm sure we'd all like to know, man.
  3. Fire_Mario

    For all those Zelda fans out there!

    My favorite game of the LoZ series is A Link to the Past. Probably because of all the mystery behind it like The Chris Houlihan Room or The Ghost of Misery Mire. And I absolutely ADORED the Dark World. Baddies everywhere, green water, muggers in the streets; Man, that was my kind of world!
  4. Fire_Mario

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    I'm in. Man, these raffles always make me so giddy!
  5. Fire_Mario

    Pirates Month

    I say that because on the frontpage it says, "Unless you've been living on the moon you must know that Pirates are back. " Oh yeah, plus I just moved. . . . . .
  6. Fire_Mario

    Pirates Month

    Well apperantly I live on the moon. . . .
  7. Fire_Mario

    Droid Commandos

    Thanks for sharing that. I hope those droids either arent Droid Commandos or are just preliminary ones. Those Commandos were so badass and it would be a shame for such cool droids to be made without using an accurate design.
  8. Fire_Mario

    Indy 2009 Discussion Thread

    I believe the correct term is Gold Toothed Gangster Anyways, Im not to exited about the Flying Wing and probably wont pick it up (not because I dont like it very much, but cause im too poor for it ). But I probably willbuy the Shanghai Chase set. as long as its under $30.
  9. Fire_Mario

    The best MARVEL movie!

    My #1 Favorite MARVEL movie HAS to be Spider-Man. I love Spidey like cats love meowmix. The beginning reminds me of my life (that whole thing with MJ waving to Peter but it turned out she was waving to her friends happened to me in elementary school). X-Men 3 is a runner up. p.s. speaking of MARVEL, does anybody know any good comic book stores? I just gotta find out if Sabretooth killed Moleman. I JUST GOTTA!!!!
  10. Fire_Mario

    Indy 2009 Discussion Thread

    That's a pretty good Willie, but how does the tiara stay on? I also think her mouth is oddly shaped. Anyway, I think the Shanghai Chase should've also included Lao Che and at least some trash cans or street signs or something like that.
  11. Fire_Mario

    Lego Indiana Jones Peril in Peru 7628 review.

    Very nice review! Your photography is perfect! Though I still question why TLG made this set in the first place. Anyways, I'll probably pick this set up at the end of the year.
  12. Fire_Mario

    Communist Jeep

    Man, both of those look awsome! NewRight's looks like its got too much junk in the trunk but still remains pwnsome. I'd totally steal them from my neighbor when he goes downstairs to help his mom with the groceries! wait, no, um, I mean, uh, YOU HEARD NOTHING!
  13. Fire_Mario

    Brickmaster Sample magazine

    I got another question; Is this deal for a limited time only? If so, when does it end? 'cause I need some time to get the money.
  14. Fire_Mario


    Well, I've never had any chickens, but my cousin in Mexico used to. His name was Pichukees. We would all play a game called,"Run Away From The Chicken Before He Pecks A Hole In Your Leg". I never lost, but I knew his pecks would hurt. Man, I miss him. He was delicious. . .
  15. Fire_Mario

    Brickmaster Sample magazine

    So lemme get this straight, you buy this and it comes with both the magazine AND the Jeep? Man oh man do I need some money. . .