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    MOC:Clone Wars AT-RT

    Very nice! It kind of has a comic-y feel that fits with the clone riding it.
  2. Uberlag

    How do you keep your Star Wars collection?

    Disassembled, I'm not a display person, I keep stuff around for maybe a week then it gets recycled. 'Cept for my Green AT-TE and RGS, their too cool to kill.
  3. Uberlag

    Star Wars license discussion

    I like SW Lego and all, but Lego is driving it to a point that their beating a dead horse/pinata. With drastic price increases, and TRU being jerks and driving everything up, the quality going down, it can only get worse. I know kids will always be "ZOMGSTARWARSMUSTHAVE!!" and reluctant parents will pony up the cash, but the series is on its last leg in my opinion. The thing about CW, is that it is a marketing thing, the only reason they made the movie is that they could sell stuff based on it. Judging on how crappy the movie was in general, Lucas is running out of ideas. No 457th X-wing remake please. AND NO MORE TIE FIGHTERS! WE'VE GOTTEN LIKE 500!
  4. Uberlag

    7681: Spider Droid the review

    I am kind of mad at Lego for this. First of all, it is 15 bucks for than it should be, 25 bucks would be tolerable, 30 is pushing it, but 35$ for a 200 piece set at TRU? Come on. I know its limited edition and all, and I know S@H has it for 30 bucks, but if you factor in shipping you lose either way. Anyway, the droid is OK, the legs are too thin in my opinion, and way too wobbly. Fox is OK, CW accessories are quite horrible as usual, *Waits for MMCB to stock his new CW accessories*. This is by far one of the worst of the new sets, the price point makes me want to punch Lego in the face for this almost highway robbery. 75$ for 400 pieces? Phphgghgh.
  5. Uberlag

    4898 raffle tread

    Free stuff! Whoppeee!
  6. Uberlag

    2008 Picture thread

    Just because Eurobricks members voted for Palp's arrest doesn't mean it will, there's a whole world of voters, so it is really up in the air. Just because Eurobricks members voted for Palp's arrest doesn't mean it will, there's a whole world of voters, so it is really up in the air.
  7. Uberlag

    Eurobricks Clone Wars Building Contest

    Usually it is kind of obvious when you see a half-rate MOC that is winning over Nadroj and others, I don't think there are any more cheaters, (yet).
  8. Uberlag

    Eurobricks Clone Wars Building Contest

    Ohhhhhh, I just looked at the poll and then posted, sorry.
  9. Uberlag

    Eurobricks Clone Wars Building Contest

    I'm kind of confused, ARYlegoman has 14 votes and his Bignette isn't very good... it is just a base plate with some clones thrown on there. Commandosevy's entry's also have a lot of votes and they don't seem to be prizeworthy, sorry to be mean, but I don't understand why Vig's/Big's like Fat Tony's, Oky's aren't getting all the votes they deserve, what is going on here?
  10. Uberlag

    Which set should I buy?

    I still haven't built mine, after spending the morning constructing my AT-TE (which is flippin awesome.) I might build it later.
  11. Uberlag

    7675 AT-TE Review

    Hai guys! Today, I went to my local target and purchased the AT-TE and the RGS, but heres my AT-TE review: Alright, let me just say, that this thing is MONSTROUS! the box is huge but it is dwarfed by the size of the RGS box. Once again, Lego makes the box twice as large as necessary... I only got one building shot so here it is: The Build: It is a fun build, although too much technic for my liking, it is pretty easy except for one thing that pissed me off. Lego does NOT number the bags, so you have to dig around in each separate bag for what your looking for, made the build twice as long as it could have been. It took me roughly 4 hours with some breaks, so be prepared to invest some time making this. The 'Figs: the figs are OKAY, but with 8 chairs to fill, and only 2 clones, it is kind of disappointing, the Battle droid and STAP are a nice addition though: Anakin+Ahsoka+Big Blob'o'crap. Personally I don't really like the new faces, or that theres more non-clones than clones in this set, isn't it the CLONE WARS?! I beleive Lego is skimping on clones because their making their own giant battle. Other Assorted Info+More Pics: One thing that also is kind of sad is the interior, it is like a skeleton, like if you had to ride in this thing you would fall out, so plan on modding this set. RATINGS: Price to parts: 8/10 For 799 pieces 79.99 would be perfect, but LEGO had to be mean. Minfigs: 7.5/10 Only the clones are good here in my opinion. Detail: 7/10 The exterior looks good, but the interior needs to be modded, it is SKELETAL! SKELETAL!!!! Parts: 10/10 The parts are cool, like the ball turrets, and the turret on the top is cool. Availability: 10/10 Unless you live in a backwater town of 500, it should be 10/10. FINAL SCORE: 8.7891/10 I love this set, I missed the first one, and this one is great, but it could be better.
  12. Uberlag

    2008 Picture thread

    In your proposed battlepack idea, we would be getting 5 figs and some small vehicles for 30$! that's almost as bad as the Comic Con set!, I want the 10$ 4 trooper BPs, that's how you build an army.
  13. Uberlag

    The Aegis

    Nope, not based on anything, as for Bley/Grey mixup, I don't see it. Desert is next, with the new CW sets, I live in AZ so it'll be easy.
  14. Uberlag

    The Aegis

    The Aegis One of the 44th's strongest jungle anti-infantry attack-crafts, armed with twin rapid fire railguns and a large anti-air cannon mounted on the top, this thing is practically invincible! Piloted alone by Commander Altumus, you can expect heavy losses if you try to attack this machine. (This is probably going to be my last Jungle MOC so I wanted to go out with a bang.) THANK YOU FOR READING.