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About Me

Heroica RPG:

Ellaria Arbour
~24 years old female human Alchemist (formerly Cleric and Druid)
Ellaria was found as an infant from the woods near Tumpkin Village in the Low Kingdoms. As she grew up, her uncanny healing powers frightened the superstitious villagers. One day she was raped by an influential man from the village and sent into exile, carrying the burden of shame. Guided by her goddess Sylvania she came to Eubric and joined Heroica. At the time she did not know she was pregnant with her rapist's child, but eventually she gave birth to a healthy baby girl she named Elpis ("hope"). Ellaria then followed her destined path to become a druid in hopes of one day being able to reach Sylvania's abode. In a tragic turn of events Elpis was taken from her crib. Ellaria started a personal quest to find her, all the while wondering whether her goddess had abandoned her.


Quintessa of Heartland
~67 years old female human Barbarian
~Biography: Quintessa is the Queen Mother of the southern kingdom of Heartland who arrived to Heroica Hall at the behest of her son, King Jovis. Unsatisfied with the new, younger queen her son had chosen for himself after getting tired of his first wife, Quintessa had turned sour and moody. She frequently experienced outbursts of blind rage over minor matters, often smacking handmaids, servants, guards and even nobility across the head, and the whole court of Savalonia had begun to fear her. King Jovis saw no other option but to send his mother to Heroica to vent off her aggression.
But there is another side to Quintessa as well. She loves children and was a great benefactor to the poor and sickly in her homeland. As strict and composed as she is, she always carries sweets in the pocket of her apron to sneak to her grandchildren. She used to frequent the castle kitchens to bake pies and cakes to give to the needy, and the common people nicknamed her “the Queen of Tarts”. The commoners were devastated to see her be sent away. Quintessa herself sees her thinly veiled exile as a chance to relax and see the world. At 67, she is well past her days of beauty and grace, but she still packs a mean punch. Monsters and villains would come to fear the sight of her.

My Mafia History:

Artie Sanders (Town Investigator) in Noir Mafia by TinyPiesRUs - Killed on Night 3

rohesia.jpgLady Rohesia Papelion (Town) in Mystical Castle by Dragonator - Killed on Night 5

15_wicwa.jpgWicwa (Infected) in Infection by Quarryman - Survived

district_attorney.jpgMatthew Right (Town) in Prohibition Mafia by Darth_Legois and Bob the Construction Man - Lynched on Day 4

sandy.pngPvt. Samuel Yellman/Allison Wainer (Converted Deserter) in Imperial Soldier's Mafia by ImperialScout - Survived

4415229974_af28698ccc_o.jpgSeth Diaz (Sane) in Dystopia by Ricecracker and JimButcher - Killed on Night 4

Minerva McGonagall (Host) in Hogwarts Mafia

001-10-8.jpgSandy Quest (Mafia Godmother) in Eurodina by Zepher - Lynched on Day 6

b-lilsanta.jpgSandy Craws (Neutral Serial Killer) in Dr. Bloodbrick's Asylum by def - Killed on Night 5

5401943995_01cd4526e7_m.jpgSamuel Synclair (Town Necromancer) in Werewolf Mafia by JimButcher - Survived

Mr. Crusoe (Host) in Mafia School: Escape from Isla Paradisa

brigit.jpgBrigit Bunny (The Village Bodyguard) in The Forest by Hinckley - Killed on Night 2

Sammy Spalkowa (Loyal) in Belville Mafia by Quarryman - Lynched on Day 1

samuel.jpgSamuel (Town) in Baritones 3 by Hinckley - Killed upon the Conclusion

6143475784_6b0af3b82f_t.jpgSunny Day (Town) in Dr. Bloodbrick's Asylum II: Fraulein Bloodbrick by def - Lynched on Day 3

saproton.jpgSaproton Veeck (Saturn's Rings Gangster) in Prison Riot! by Hinckley - Lynched on Day 4

6643857563_3a5bb3c64d_t.jpgJennifer Taylor (Innocent Virgin) in The Curse of IMHOTEP by Pandora & Rufus - Survived

Gio & Nico (Host) in Mafia School: A Bedtime Story

brigit.jpgBrigit Bunny (Villager) in The Forest II by Hinckley - Killed on Night 4

Stemid the Pale (Einherjar) in Ragnarök Now by TinyPiesRUs - Lynched on Day 4

stacy.jpgStacy the Cruise Director (Innocent Tracker) in The Pearl by Bob - Survived

snarky_snickerpuss.jpgSnarky Snickerpuss (Order of the Penis) in Harriet Slutter and the Philosopher's Balls by Hinckley - Lynched on Day 1

russellprice.jpgRussell Price (Scum Blocker) in Main Street Mafia by Bob - Lynched on Day 3

piett.jpgAdmiral Piett (Loyal Protector) in Imperial Officers Mafia by Bob - Survived

48039973042_b52aac0e55_o.jpgKylo Ren (Town) in Karie's Cosplay Mafia by Kintobor - Survived

My Past Projects:


Crystal Hearts

Part Two now online! (On Hiatus)

The Characters

Mafia School: Escape From Isla Paradisa

~Day One~Day Two~Day Three~Day Four~Day Five~Day Six