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    [MOC] Darmanian Castle

    Hi! I want to share with you my latest moc: Daramian Castle. Hope you enjoy it! Darmanian Castle by Gustavo Rahmeier, no Flickr General Vision by Gustavo Rahmeier, no Flickr Courtyard by Gustavo Rahmeier, no Flickr Travelers arrinving by Gustavo Rahmeier, no Flickr Forest by Gustavo Rahmeier, no Flickr Interior schemes by Gustavo Rahmeier, no Flickr Hall by Gustavo Rahmeier, no Flickr Hall by Gustavo Rahmeier, no Flickr Second floor by Gustavo Rahmeier, no Flickr More pictures in the Flickr Comments are wellcome!
  2. Cpt Rahmer

    [MOC] Darmanian Castle

    Thanks for the comments, guys! And BrickCurve, i really appreciated all your comment about the photo editor stuff, it gonna help me a lot. I've a Sony camera, so i gonna look that Capture 9 Express. Thank you very much!
  3. Cpt Rahmer

    [MOC] Darmanian Castle

    Thank you guys for the feedback. About the landscaping and the outside coloring the main limitation that i had was the quantity of pieces i have, but also i'm still learning the techniques. Next MOC i'm gonna do even better :) Thanks. Good idead, next time i'll try to add a story around the MOC. :) I was going to question this. I have the same problem and i'm noob with image editing programs.
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    Pirates Teamwork Contest - Voting Topic

    Entry 3 - 3 points Entry 1 - 2 points Entry 6 - 1point
  5. Cpt Rahmer

    MOC Defensive wall

    Well done! I like the custom birck-made goats!
  6. Cpt Rahmer

    Hi, I'm Tony!

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  7. Cpt Rahmer

    [MOC] Lonely Keep

    Hello! I'm posting my new moc, and it's the first moc that i'm posting in EB: the Lonely Keep. And has you can see, i'm not good to take photos Sounds like someone gonna have a little surprise Sharpshooter Take your positions! The keep The convoy Some bricks (specially the white ones) are older than me, so they are a bit yellowed, i tried to wash but it didn't change so much... I don't have sure if my building fits on a keep or it's just a watchtower. Appreciate any feedback and suggestions!
  8. Cpt Rahmer

    HMS Eternity

    WOW! Great ship! The hammocks are so nice !!! Well done!
  9. Cpt Rahmer

    Press Release 10237 - Tower of Orthanc

    2359 pieces for $200? It's a great price in my opinion, with a lot of cool pieces and pretty nice Ent!
  10. Cpt Rahmer

    War Machine Mosaic

    Whoa! Magnific! It must taken time to be built, mosaics are pretty hard to do!
  11. Cpt Rahmer

    MOC: The Obsidian Seawing

    Very nice! It seems like a small version of the upcoming set of LOTR's pirate ship!
  12. Cpt Rahmer

    MOC: Green Gables Stadium

    Wow! Great moc! The roof is awesome, and the color scheme is nice!
  13. Cpt Rahmer

    Hi from Brazil!

    Hello Eurobricks! I'm a lego collector from Brazil, and i was stalking in the forums about a year, watching and learning some techniques and now it's the time to show up! I have sets of various themes, but Castle, LOTR and pirates are the my favorites and currently i'm working in a MOC to post in the historic forums... And all this time that i stalked in the forums i've never seen someone from Brazil, is there someone? Sorry for any english errors
  14. Cpt Rahmer

    UCS Black Pearl

    Just wow! Nice ship! Keep the nice work!
  15. Cpt Rahmer

    Members on the map

    Santa Cruz do Sul - Brazil Nice idea! I didn't expect someone from Brazil!