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  1. Bruce

    Power Functions Troubleshooting

    Check out my Emerald Night Fix at
  2. Bruce

    Pet Shop interesting piece

    The slot is used to detail the second story wall in the Pet Shop. When this type of 1 x 2 brick is used in a modular they do not include plane ones in that color so it can be used as a detail brick or a plain brick. Helps reduce part count by one.
  3. Bruce

    4 Train Motors on SBrick

    I have found that the AAA battery box and the rechargeable battery run for two hours then turn off. Turn back on and will run another two hours if the batteries do not run down.
  4. Bruce

    Giving away Lego sets

    I would like some Train sets prefer 9 volt. Thanks, Bruce
  5. Bruce

    REVIEW: 7643 Airshow Plane

    I believe it is called a Tail Skid. Bruce
  6. Bruce

    Star Wars White Boba Fett FS

    I would also like to buy one. Email is I am in California USA Bruce
  7. Bruce

    Harry Potter 2011 Discussion

    I see little blue squares with question marks in them. Bruce
  8. Bruce

    Santa Fe Super Chief Limited Edition

    The Santa Fe Super Chief Limited Edition had two 1 x 2 tiles with AXXXX numbers printed on them for each set. A few years ago TLG sold numbers A0001 through A0010 of this set on ebay for charity. They made 9,999 sets. Bruce
  9. Bruce

    Railbricks' SW1200 instructions

    I just downloaded it and it opened fine as a PDF on my MacBook Pro. Bruce
  10. When I opened mine I discovered that the manuals and sticker sheet were in a plastic bag with cardboard stiffener. So no mangled manuals or sticker sheet. Hope this continues in future sets.
  11. I was just at the Valley Fair Lego Store in Santa Clara, CA. They put out Series 3 Minifigs just after I got there. They had dumped two boxes in a tray and put them on a shelf. You are limited to 16 figs a day. They are $2.99.
  12. Bruce

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    44 pieces 70 pieces 125 pieces 213 pieces 792 pieces Bruce
  13. Bruce

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    The local Lego Store here in the Bay Area in California has all but the sphinx set today. Prices are: $5 $10 $20 $30 $100 Bruce
  14. Cheerleaders have been reported as three to a case along with Native Hunter, Clown, Zombie, Skater, Wrestler, and Nurse.
  15. Bruce

    Collectable Minifigure Display

    The Minifig Display case holds 12. Bruce