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    Adventurers, Indiana, Space, Castle, Science Fiction
  1. Hyphos

    MOC Eagle Space 1999

    Hi As a fan of sci-fi, one of the most emblematic series for me was the Space 1999. Following that I made several Eagle from that series. Some pictures With the normal transport module With the medical module With the lab module Other photos can be seen in my brickshelf gallery http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=525532 http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=483461 Also made a Military Eagle based on the sketch found on the Net, not from the series, but based on the same logic Brickshelf gallery for the military eagle http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=522927 Enjoy
  2. Hyphos

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Thanks very much. Where is the reserved part of EB forum
  3. Hyphos

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Great iniciative. please count me in, I´have a decent camera, more that 3 set to open and I arranje the time for learn
  4. Hyphos

    Mystery Castle - Day 2

    I'm not accusing any one. I just state to the facts, nothing more. =Ernest The Chief (The one that spend to much time in the kitchen) =
  5. Hyphos

    Mystery Castle - Day 2

    His that what I say. To many words but no juice
  6. Hyphos

    Mystery Castle - Day 2

    What a big confusion. I stay in the kitchen a few hours and the hell break loose. Who wants to hear my theory??? Well everybody.... good, I think that the Lady Suzzane as a son outside is marriage, with one of the Lord (Lord Savril). The son is one of the members of the guard, possible the Lieutenant Byron and with the help of is friends of the guard (Michael, Grim and General Spencer) they try to take control of the castle and put Byron on the throne. Lady Suzzane as been quiet. Lord Savril, has been all the time a little crazy. He have not said nothing that could help us to find the traitors, and the wizard have said that he is a traitor. The other caracters are not identified, but for instance WhiteFang just say that we must be carefully with the judgment.
  7. I also vote ricecracker. The terrain is soberb.
  8. Hyphos

    Mystery Castle - Day 1

    He is the one that most benifits with the death of our King.
  9. Hyphos

    Roc -- Heavy Battle Armor

    It´s brutal The use of this piece is suberb. Congratulations
  10. Hyphos

    Mystery Castle - Day 1

    Well, is Noble, and I suspect that some traitors are Noble vote: Pencoin/Lord Martin. I hope that I'm not send some innocent to the kill
  11. Hyphos

    Mystery Castle - Day 1

    Who gain more with the death of the king? The cook is to obvious, so I don't think that it put the poison on the food. I think that Lady Suzzane and another noble, poison the King. The wizard spoke of a "women and there bloddy herbs". Wheres Mike to take this food to the Wizard??
  12. Hyphos

    Mystery Castle - Day 1

    We go to the dungeons, catch some mouses. We give the food and the wine/tea to them and if they die we will know that our King was poison by the food/wine/tea
  13. Hyphos

    Mystery Castle - Day 1

    A person can´t take a nap.... All keep is upsidedown...... What happen??? Oh no, the King is dead???!!!! Who kill the King??? Poison?? Are who sure??? Poison where??? In the food, are you sure. In the wine?? It was wine what the King was drinking in bed, perhaps was tea???
  14. Hyphos

    Mystery Castle - Introduction

    I submit to the greatness of Lord Dragonator. I pledge allegiance to the great and mighty dragons. Now let´s see go play