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    Best Minifigures of Each Theme

    So many great ones to choose from, but here are my current picks: DC- Scarecrow / Heath Ledger Joker Marvel- Ronan the Accuser Star wars- Darth Revan The Hobbit- Witch King LOTR- Mouth of Sauron
  2. Hello everyone! Long time lurker here, finally decided to make a topic. With the recent buzz regarding the upcoming CMF series 12, I thought it might be fun to compile a list of my favourite minifigures from each of the series so far. Feel free to share your list as well, and while I have not included the Lego Movie series nor the Simpsons series, please include those in your list should you feel inclined to do so. Without further ado, here's my list! Series 1: Zombie (This guy made me fall in love with the CMF line, love the turkey leg accessory) Series 2: Spartan (The 300 film is still one of my guilty pleasures) Series 3: Elf (I felt as though this was one of the weaker series, but the elf and the mummy made up for it) Series 4: The Monster (Iconic. Awesome) Series 5: Gladiator (Even with the improved quality of design in the more recent series, I find the gladiator's helmet to still be one of my favourite pieces) Series 6: Roman Soldier (Incredible design, unfortunately also one of the most expensive. Minotaur and Lady Liberty are also excellent) Series 7: Bagpiper (Again, not one of the best series, but the bagpiper is just so great) Series 8: Alien Villainess (One of the most un-Lego feeling minifigures I can think of, but I still really dig it) Series 9: Cyclops (Also iconic. Also awesome) Series 10: Medusa (My favourite CMF released so far, was thrilled with the design; particularly the double sided headpiece) Series 11: Scarecrow (Really showcases the level of detail now being achieved) You'll notice most of mine are either monsters or historic warriors of some kind; can't get enough of these. I look forward to seeing your lists!