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  1. Axadder

    [MOC] Kraków

    I am craving for doing the same with my city.
  2. A quick runner for the TC25`s race. It´s awesome the mechanisms packed in and the similarity to the original.
  3. Better than the original model. Let´s see if Lego recalls them from the shops as it did with the Osprey.
  4. Nice and simple mechanism. I´d love to see it implemented in a model soon.
  5. One of my favourite childhood games done with Lego. I suffered from retro-Stendhal syndrome.
  6. I could even have difficulties to build just one more, but you created nothig but 16 more! I still get surprised every day.
  7. I love not only the appearance, but the mechanisms!!
  8. Axadder

    And Then... Dark Wizard Summoned Stone Golem!

    It brings back so many memories of my childhood, from roleplaying and from Lego. Superb build!
  9. I can´t believe that the not used parts are that few! And the model is as good as the original, and better as the "B" model. Very good job.
  10. I love the bulky appearance of the motor adn rear bumper, and the overall colour scheme. And of course, all the mechanics!
  11. The most awesome experience of my life happened while building the 8880, the best supercar of all times (yes, even with studs you could be happy). The only drawback was the use of big white parts, which have become white as the years passed by.