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  1. Mike are you still in to LEGO ?

  2. Capt. Kirk

    Legends of Chima 2014

    Are you sure Mark???...lolololol It looks that most EB members like the deco I made for Chima so far...what a surprise... Looking forward to see what they say about the rest. Grtz, from Belgium where we have that lovely D&L sauce...
  3. Capt. Kirk

    Legends of Chima 2014

    - Thank you - Use your imagination...maybe it's full-body chest armour... - Can not tell and do not tell. - Sorry then I failed... - Maybe that's because it's new!
  4. Capt. Kirk

    Legends of Chima 2014

    Sorry ...but I'm new... My 2 cents: - Maybe a good idea would be to post the pictures in the first page? --> because nobody browse through 15 pages before he or her post least not I and I think I'm not alone! - Maybe make this into a general EuroBricks rule? --> only with new themes and his pictures/leaks. - Maybe it's postible to make that single 1st post accessible for everybody? --> the person with a new pic can post it himself and can refer to it if he/she has posted some new stuff. - Maybe a Mod can collect all the pictures and post them in the first post? --> then you need somebody to do it and follow everything up off course.
  5. Capt. Kirk

    Legends of Chima 2014

  6. Capt. Kirk

    Vanguard Fort

    This really cool...if there is a new Pirate-line in the pipeline at work I definatly gone show it. This has potential for a nice set (or 2-3 / modular). Thx for sharing.
  7. Capt. Kirk

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    I can understand your comment to a certain extented. But often the following things are forgotten when we discuss sets: - that LEGO is made for kids between the age of 5 and 16 in the first place (since LEGO started there business). --> looking at a LEGO set from a pure AFOL perspective isn't really the right way to look at it in my opinion...sorry. --> because we often want 10 figs, 800 bricks and this just for 25€. - that LEGO wants a certain level of play experience for the kid (on diff. levels). --> bricks without figures or figures without bricks don't give the child this expierence. --> the balance must be right and this isn't sometimes not obvious for everybody why you only get 3 figures for 80€. --> LEGO also has a cost to produce it... we often forget this.
  8. Capt. Kirk

    [MOC] Darth Vader's sail barge

    Special guest Georges Lucas Where did you get the George figure it in set?
  9. Capt. Kirk

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Although I like to see the Super Heroes in LEGO, I'm not really impressed with most of the design of the characters. In particular: - Dr. Doom: doesn't has that iron mask feeling due the emotion = grin on a IRON mask ? - Venom: too detailed on the teeth = by using gum the essence of the big sharp teeth goes a bit away ! - The Penguin: doesn't looks like him = looks like the Penguin in his childhood. Secondary, too many different execution styles in one line (it looks like the decoration is made by 3-4 designers): - different stroke thickness from character to character. - different anatomy from character to character. - different level of detail from character to character. - perspective on some and non on others (in particular the belts). Sorry there is no alignment
  10. Capt. Kirk

    Happy Birthday CopMike!

    Happy Birthday Mike...enjoy the day! But be aware that I'm now a fully trained Ninja with a phd in Spinjitzu. Look behind you...SNAP!
  11. Capt. Kirk

    ADHO15's MS Paint Characters

    You're welcome, although since I went to the dark side it's a while that I made something for the community but now you can have my decals printed... officialy Oola. That will be a hard one because we have to follow the official reference that Lucas provides us with.
  12. Capt. Kirk

    MOC: Wehrmacht Base

    We probably have a different view on censorship. Censorship for me is forbidden to show it at all or speak about it all. So you end up with stuff like the below image. As far as I can see in my posts I never said - not allowed to show it. I don't want to go this way because personally I find this liberty restrained. It was more about the thought of given WWI or WWII Moc's a symbol somewhere in the right corner to avoid consumer confusion and via this way avoiding harming the brand LEGO. Like this can maybe enough: Why I have given this a reflection/thought? At LEGO we have consumer service and they give us feed back from the consumers (related to the project you working on). We take these comments from consumer service at LEGO serious because we want to deliver a good product at the end. Following on this I think I can say that most people in the community have no clue what people all over the world write to us and that some of the complaints are literally about confusion (product or an images). Why is there confusion? Because a lot of people around the world don't know there is a LEGO community and that they build LEGO for a hobby. Because of this, people think that some images are official LEGO (especially when they're framed like a LEGO box). Step back and refect yourself before you started with LEGO...did you know it was this all honesty, I don't think so. What do you think if parents see this? You know it's fake because LEGO is your eat and breath bricks... But what about people who just buy it for their kids? I agree although I still wanted to make one last statement to illustrate the bigger picture we maybe have to look at.
  13. Capt. Kirk

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I understand you...but do you think kids find this "annoying"?
  14. Capt. Kirk

    MOC: Wehrmacht Base

    Try to read my post again. Personaly I have nothing against it but as a designer at LEGO I think different about it because like I said, pictures like this could harm the brand if it's not well communicated. Does it make sence now?
  15. Capt. Kirk

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    @ smokebelch I really love the stuff you do by placing the figures in a real enviroment... And I can tell you that a lot of designers at work loved your pictures...some even had it as a wallpaper on their computer. But what about placing some humor in the the Brazilian advertising school students in Escola Cuca did? Or the Korean photographer Storm TK431. Or with some action: My 2 cents...