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  1. The Nightwing Reborn

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars: season 3 discussion

    How do Anakin and Obi-Wan ever get defeated? Answer: Dark Side. While they are both limited to being "servants of the force," Savage can manipulate the force to his will utilizing his hatred. So of course Anakin has the most force potential, but at this point he is still a jedi and has to serve by their code of conduct. On Maul returning, I hope this could be similar to the old story of Maul's survival and hunting of Obi-Wan.
  2. The Nightwing Reborn

    Lego Announces Lego City Video Game!

    Well, according to those here, it's anything from Lego GTA to Lego Sims. Anyway it goes, I'm certanly interested now.
  3. The Nightwing Reborn

    Licensed Sets?

    @Build-A-Trent: That is certainly NOT what he means by furries . I'd really like to see Tron sets and the POtC sets. However, every other disney liscence I can think of is certainly a pass in my mind.
  4. Greaser male smoothed back black hair smirk black jacket like mutt's, blue pants switchblade Zombie-Apoc survivor male/female (any color) short dark hair/ (any color) new ponytail (both) worried, dirty, scarred white or gray collar shirt with loosened tie, half tucked in cacky pants/ tshirt or tanktop in light or dark grey with either A. printed blue shorts or B. black assaj skirt with printed gray shoes new modern day pistol or shotgun Sci Fi Captain male brown mutt hair smirk reverse under pressure brown trenchcoat print over normal shirt, brown trenchcoat print continued on legs grey with han solo holster print futuristic pistol That last one is based on firefly.
  5. The Nightwing Reborn

    LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

    Is there somewhere I can find pictures of all the minifigs from this game?
  6. The Nightwing Reborn

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Does that Cato Parisiti piece mean we're getting her in the near future? I hope we get Sugi though. I also hope Aurra doesn't kill them in a future episode. Why else would she be in the set?
  7. The Nightwing Reborn

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars: season 3 discussion

    Here's a look at what Vos will look like: link.
  8. The Nightwing Reborn

    Star Wars

    I'm glad the blu ray finally has a date on it. I've been watching for a year now just waiting. Just like I've been waiting for the real tv series, and the 3-D. It's good to know something other than TCW is happening.
  9. The Nightwing Reborn

    Battle Pack Alternatives

    Ditto! I didn't think you could make anything out of those! I'm also loving that huge dropship DLangRI!
  10. The Nightwing Reborn

    REVIEW: 8684 LEGO Minifigures Series 2

    I crave Dracula and the Pop star. I also can imagine Batbrick could make great use of those mimes as the Joker's goons.
  11. The Nightwing Reborn

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I say boo on the figs in the bounty hunter ship. Embo is good, Aurra is ok, assasin droid is horrid. Embo and Aurra have yet to cross paths! Most importantly: what about Sugi, Seripas, and weequay pirates? I'd trade Aurra and the droid for Sugi alone anyday. This could be based off season 3, in which case I'm dissapointed.
  12. The Nightwing Reborn

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars: season 3 discussion

    I found a less than ideal clip of Baron Papanoida: The Baron. Hope George does the voice . Also found that a Hasbro toy list for TCW has a Quinlan Vos figure in the mix so we should be seeing him late this season. I hope Khaleen joins him .
  13. The Nightwing Reborn

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars: season 3 discussion

    Well, based on the photos from it's definitely Boss and Sev from Delta Squad. They were the team featured in the game:
  14. The Nightwing Reborn

    SW Battlefront Tricks

    I offroad behind kashyyk on a BARC or jump the barriers. I've also made it atop a platform you aren't supposed to reach in a BARC and sniped for hours . And in BF1 if you want to go solo on platforms you can easily cover the enemy's entrance before they attack. Also, on Kashyyk docks just hold the wookiee huts for a real fun battle.
  15. The Nightwing Reborn

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars: season 3 discussion

    Nice! I really liked those comics compared to season 2's. I hope that season 3's are episode prequels again. I also don't mind Ahsoka, but I'd really like to see her sacrifice herself to save Anakin. Then Anakin could feel tormented by this in season 4 pushing him closer to the darkside. I want to see him use more sith powers as well.