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  2. Asajj Ventress

    2008 Picture thread

    News about a new set, thanks to shop4lego! Lego 7751: Ashoka's Star Fighter (TCW Y-Wing) greetings Asajj Ventress
  3. Asajj Ventress

    2008 Picture thread

    Do you think the Death Star prices are okay? We must send TLC a letter of our disaffection! So look at this: I now its german!) greetz Asajjj
  4. Asajj Ventress

    Lego Death Star 10188 - Pics at last!

    We must show TLC, that these prices aren't okay and faire! So I started a programm for a big letter to LEGO, I will describe this sitation and that they make a mistake-thats bad for us and for TLC, too! So give your meaning in this thread its a german Forum, but you can say it in Englisch as well! Please help us for a better price worldwide!!!! greetz Asajj Ventress
  5. Asajj Ventress

    2008 Picture thread

    Great picture! But i'am very angry, because of the Droid Gunship! No Minifigures...oh dear??? And on brickshelf is a pciture of a little Clone Turbo Tank! It's a brickmaster exklusive! Asajj Ventress
  6. Asajj Ventress

    San Diego Comic Con exclusive

    On a poster of the cooming Comic Con Event, Lego Brick Master will give an exclusive Lego Indiana Jones Set. The Set will have 200 pieces and is limited of only 500! I think in future the ebay and bricklink prices... Asajj Ventress There the plakat (but no picture of the set)
  7. Asajj Ventress

    A new LEGO STAR WARS Fan!

    Ok, for my project I need some else special bricks and than I can start! It will be a big Battle of Episode 3 on the Rainforestplanet Kashyyyk! I hope that I will finished it this year! Asajj Ventress
  8. Asajj Ventress

    A new LEGO STAR WARS Fan!

    Thank you everybody for looking! I hope that I can enjoy this fantastic Forum! And for all German Lego Fans (Other can watch this out, too=)):, registrate and make please a comment! mfg Asajj Ventress
  9. Asajj Ventress


    @Captain Antilles (Sorry other Users: I say a few sentences in german! Hi Antilles, Bist du auch von IDS, dort habe ich mal dein Ava gesehen ! Naja schau mal hier! Ok i said it, because i known him from a other german site!
  10. Asajj Ventress

    A new LEGO STAR WARS Fan!

    Hi everybody! I'm from Germany. I love building LEGO! And my favourit themes are STAR WARS ,INDIANA JONES, BATMAN AND CASTLE! I have a lot of STAR WARS Sets like the MTT, The HOTH BASE, REPUBLIC CRUISER and I have a golden C-3PO, too. In future I will biuld a great STAR WARS BATTLE! That was it-and thanks for looking! Asajj Ventress