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  1. Makorol

    Liebherr HS 855 Excavator

    Hi guys! Here I am and I'll try to answer all your questions :) In a real machine the pulleys can free rotate to minimize the friction force. But of course, we don't have LEGO pulleys with pin holes. So I was thinking about some kind of compromise. I wanted the excavator to look and work like the real one, so I decided to use multiple pulleys (but I didn't want to drill them). I bought a string that was covered with some kind of slippery coat, so it could easily slide on the pulleys. It reduced the friction a little. Then I thought about something that captainowie said: And it worked quite well. So I have 4 pulleys connected together and the whole "block" CAN rotate. Of course the string still have to slide on the pulleys, it produces a lot of friction and I'm loosing a lot of energy. But It's only a Lego model and for me, more important was to make it work and look just like the real machine rather than make it very strong and able to lift heavy loads :)
  2. Makorol

    ERF E12 Skip Loader

    Thanks for your comments! Aswering your questions: Unfortunately no. I was thinking about this, but this model is too complex inside, I think. Maybe next time :) It's remote controlled via PF. There is a motor, that changes the speed. It would be a bad thing if it was a photo of original truck. But my model is an ERF, and the truck in the photo is, a MAN, I think :). Here you can see the real ERF truck, which was an inspiration for me: J376PEC ERF E12TX 375 Edward Redden Skip Lorry by john lilburne, on Flickr And, as you can see, it's shorter than most skip trucks.
  3. Hi guys! Today I want to show you my newest model - ERF E12 skip loader. erf-4 by Makorol, on Flickr I think that all information is in the video, so here it is: If you have any questions, ask :)
  4. Makorol

    Makorol's GBC

    Of course. Feel free to use any of my ideas :)
  5. Makorol

    Makorol's GBC

    Thank you for your opinions. It's nice to hear that you like the video - I'm still learning, but I think that a good video is very important in LEGO Technic model presentation. So I try to make as good videos as I can :)
  6. Makorol

    Makorol's GBC

    It's finished. For now, I don't have enough bricks to make new modules (CAT and Scammell still stand on my shelf :) ), so I decided to show you my small GBC loop. See the video: And some photos: If you have any questions - feel free to ask :)
  7. Makorol

    Makorol's GBC

    If I was going to go with my modules to some international event, I would modify them. But when I'm building the modules for my own layout, I don't need to follow the rules - they would only limit my imagination :D (I have built a simple conveyor belt, that elevates the balls 10 bricks high. So preparing this module to an international event would'n be a problem)
  8. Makorol

    Makorol's GBC

    I don't agree with you. I think there is no definiton of the gbc. It's about just MOVING the balls. If it was like you say, some of Akiyuky's modules (like ball factory or train) also couldn be called GBC?
  9. Makorol

    Makorol's GBC

    Hello guys! Today I want to show you my new GBC module! Here is the video that shows how the module works: And some photos: If you have any questions - ASK!
  10. Makorol

    Scammell Crusader Wrecker

    Ok, It's been a while, but I'm back with a new video! It's totally different from my other videos, but I think you'll like it. It's in Full HD, so turn the full screen on and enjoy some beautiful shots of the truck.
  11. Makorol

    Scammell Crusader Wrecker

    Thank you guys for your comments! I've received some feedback saying that the truck is too slow. And yes, I agree. So I changed the gearing, and now the model is faster. And I'm thinking about making another video, a longer one, showing all the functions in detail, like the mechanics that are inside and a trick that I invented for pneumatics. Would you be interested in seeing that video? First of all, I don't have a servo :/ But I think, that for a big, slow truck, servo motor wouldn't be very useful, because in that kind of vehicles you need precision.
  12. Hello guys! Do you like British trucks? A lot of people think they are ugly, but I love them! So here's my newest MOC - British wrecker Scammell Crusader. Maybe some of you have seen it on youtube or flickr, but I decided to write something about it here. In THIS group on Flickr you can see some real Scammells. Although the most important thing of building the model was its look, the truck is fully motorized. There are 6 motors inside: - PF XL motor for drive - PF Medium motor for steering - PF Medium motor for towing arm elevation - PF Medium motor for towing fork elevation - PF Medium motor for driving the winch - 71427 motor for outriggers (with pneumatic autovalve) The front winch is driven by the main PF XL motor, there is a lever behind the cab used to turn the winch on. There are also 3 pairs of Lego PF LEDs and 4 old 9v lights. This is how the underside looks like: I know, the truck is too slow, but now it would be very hard to change the gearing. More photos can be seen here: Brickshelf Gallery (there are photos of some details) Flickr And, of course, the video: Happy New Year to all of you!
  13. Makorol

    Makorol's GBC

    No, it works even without "locking" the button, with normall pressing. I've also noticed a similar effect when using old 9v motors with PF system. when you connect the old motor to the PF receiver, you can see the floating effect, while PF motors work normally.
  14. Makorol

    Makorol's GBC

    And I've found out WHY it doesn't stop when the switch is in the center position (because there is a short moment, when the motor is theoretically off). The interesting thing is that the switch works different than the button on the battery box. When you switch the power off using battery box, the motor stops immediatelly. But when you turn it off with a switch (center position), the motor does a few more rotations. And it's enough to turn the switch :)
  15. Makorol

    Makorol's GBC

    Hello everyone! It's me again and I'm coming with a new project :) Great Ball Contraption has been always fascinating to me. And few weeks ago I decided to start building my own layout. In this topic I will be showing you the progress on my GBC. Here is the first module - the elevator: Watch the video to see how it works: I'm now working on another module with NXT :)