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  1. It seems only @zux got the jest of my point, and thank you for building the triangles/hexagons. Your findings/observations are exactly what the topic is about. The many collisions and the fact that the center triangular connector is not fully engaged ... for example. For those who find this topic not worthy of their time, save your efforts/saliva and move on.


    @mahjqa    ... good point. If anything at all, my point and yours lead to this conclusion: If you can build it, that does not necessarily mean you can sell it. TLG builders/engineers/qc have to look carefully at all designs and ensure no parts are stressed, and the set will not fall apart in a short time.

  2. I'm sure all on here have seen the Lego documentary on how they built the Chiron (link below, near 2:00). Especially, when they mentioned that given the Chiron has no straight lines, and they had to develop special 'flex' triangular elements to replicate the body's various curved panels. I tried to reproduce/build one of such flex triangular elements but to no avail. That is, there are many issues with the design, that LDD won't allow. This includes collisions between parts and parts not connected totally 'firmly'. Is it safe to assume that TLG themselves did not follow their own design/assembly requirements? 

    Has anyone been able to reverse such construction, and do that in LDD?? The flex/modular element is essentially an articulated triangle, made up of multiple lift-arms and connectors, and the flex articulations are made with the small 2L rubber connector.



  3. Not to revive a very old thread ... but a closed system where all the air is never exchanged with the outside world is not realistic. Those pneumatic switches and other connections have leaks, and as such, will run out after a 'long' while. Now, if such leaks are extremely small, and provided the compressor's motor is powered externally by a DC motor, then yes, a closed-loop system is possible. In fact, this is how Air COnditioners work. The fluid in the loop is some Freon (or something similar), the gas is constantly cooled/heated (depending on where it is in the AC's loop), the leaks are extremely minute, and the system runs continuously WITH the electrical motor running the compressor's motor.

  4. Here is the Technic list (partial), not all exhaustive as there are few more. I have boxes/manuals/stickers for most, and never apply stickers. Most are used, several new (mentioned)

    Are you looking for any special set ?

    8421 Mobile Crane

    41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive (3 new/sealed + 1 assembled)

    9398 4x4 Truck Crawler

    8063 Tractor

    8461 F1 Williams Racer (New/Sealed)

    8265 Wheel Loader

    8053 Mobile Crane

    8386 Ferrari F1 Racer

    42000 F1 Racer

    42042 Tracked Crane

    8295 Telehandler

    8070 Red Car (1 used and 4 new/sealed)

    42025 White Plane

    8455 Backhoe (2x)

    9396 Helicopter

    8485 Technic Center (2x) Dinosaur and Helicopter

    8480 Space Shuttle (No box/manual)

    4404 Power Puller (with VHS Tape and those ultra-rare yellow connectors

    8448 Super Street Sensation

    8043 Excavator (1 used + 1 new/sealed)

    8258 Red Truck (1 sealed + 1 used)

    8285 Black Truck (with silver wheels)

    42043 Arocs - Mercedes Truck

    8110 Unimog

    42029 Customized Red Truck

    8880 Black Car (no manual/box)

    8264 Hauler


    Creator Sets - I mis-spoke, these are 'Designer' i.e., predecessor to Creator - Very detailed models


    Some pictures of the Technic Sets

    8421-1.png  Lego Technic  9398 4 X 4 Crawler Power Stearing Remote Control NIB shelf wearBRAND-NEW-LEGO-TECHNIC-4x4-CRAWLER-EXCLUSIVE-LIMITED-EDITION-41999-RETIRED-SET 8461-1.png8265-1.png8043-1.png8053-1.png

    8258-1.png8285-1.png 8386-1.png42042-1.png 9395-1.png






  5. Thank you Gentlemen. Good point about not getting a fair value. Though one has to balance how much time they have ... :)

    Which is more valuable/attractive, a built-up set or one cleaned/washed/sorted in individual bags? Does it matter in the end?

    I have several assembled technic sets that are on shelves ... and picked up some dust over the years.

  6. I have a very large collection and would like to sell. There are multiple themes, including Creator / City / Technic / Mindstorms / Friends / StarWars / Ninjago / HarryPotter / Castle / Trains / First Lego League /  ...

    Some are still in sealed boxes, others hard to find. The collection is worth around 40~50 k$, but willing negotiate for someone to buy large chunks at once.


    If there is interest I can list sets for the relevant themes.


  7. That looks really bad. It appears many parts with similar geometry have such weakness, including those shown below.

    32449.png 2825.png 2905.png

    The half-width cross-axle hole is notorious for this. The first time I saw this issue was with the 8480 Space Shuttle (Not sure how many forum members remember such set) . When I assembled it, all parts were fine. But few months later while on display, ALL 8 white thin lift arms that open the cargo bay, and the 8 yellow that make up the satellite had cracked.





  8. I think all of us have different definitions of 'Closed-Loop' ...

    1. Perpetual machine, compressed air keeps on moving downstream, and actuates many picstons, pumps, ... etc - Strictly speaking: NOT Possible, unless #2.

    2. Same as above, with a constant supply of air - Very possible/doable. In fact, all you have are transducers/switches/pistons all connected in series, with a constant fluid input at some end.

    3. Regulated/Controlled Systems. Where a variable is measured/sensed and then the system 'adapts' its dynamics to perform some function. The AC example above is valid. The AC measures the temperature, and based on such temperature it decides to turn cooling on/off. Strictly speaking this is On/Off control ... not continuous. The best example here is the self-balancing robot that came with Mindstorms EV3.

  9. The tire might be put on the wrong wheel. While 'most' tires are 'symmetric (left to right), some wheels are not.

    If you disassemble the tire, flip it, and reassemble, do you get the same deformation or does the deformation reverses as well?

    By performing the above test, you'd know whether the problem is the wheel or the tire.

    For example, the wheel below is NOT symmetric. The outer diameter of the rim (wheel's edge) is NOT the same on both sides. As such, only few tires are compatible with such wheel. If you put a symmetric tire on a non-symmetric wheel, you get the effect in your picture.



  10. I was wrong, the alternate model for 8070 is a roadster. Check the page below.


    Back to your original question, there were a total of 4 RED 'official' cars put out by lego 

    8448 - Super Street Sensation

    8070 - Red Car (???)

    8145 - Ferrari FTB Fiorano

    8653 - Ferrari Enzo


    It's very likely the car you're pointing to is a MOC i.e., NOT an official set. Nonetheless, based on the parts and colors of the seats, it looks like it uses the same parts as 8070.