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    Klingon battle cruiser IKS HoS

    Thank you, that's a very good find. Back to your Klingon's model, you are very skilled at using parts in very unique/novel situations. My hat to you Sir.
  2. DrJB

    Klingon battle cruiser IKS HoS

    Beautiful! Since you're so good at this, I would really love to see a Romulan Bird-of-Prey (different from the Klingon's)
  3. DrJB

    TOS: USS Enterprise

    Simply beautiful. What are the black & white pieces at the back of the warp drives? Edit: Ah, never mind. It's a spherical joint/connector and a small rubber tire. Clever use!
  4. I saw that too and was wondering if one can add some micro lights and have them fire every other revolution ... That would be real slick. In fact, a while back, many Lego engine blocks were made in trans-clear. Not to digress too much ... but here we are, some of us 'annoyed' by these cheap/not-so-legal replicas/imitations yet I wonder, I'm sure China has its own AFOL community (unless they're all doing the DJI Robomasters, ipo Lego FLL). What is their opinion/perspective? Are they annoyed as we are, they like it because it makes the hobby affordable, proud of a national product, couldn't care less, there is justified demand for this, a mixed bag of sorts? Do we have any world citizens from that part of the planet in this forum/community ... or do they have a chinabricks.cn 'sister' site? Yes, I'm way off-topic.
  5. There are many awesome MOCS out there WITH instructions. But then, there are some without that many of us really want to build. Here's my 'short' list: 1. Mahjqa's Stilkin (Incomplete LDD available, but full instructions would be nice) 2. Jeep Hurricane How about you, which MOCs you'd like to see instructions for and willing to pay for those instructions? PS. Possibly this thread will 'motivate' the authors to issue instructions.
  6. Thank you @LvdH - Still I find it 'odd' that the community is 'accepting' original designs, even though they're made with non-lego bricks. But, that's a totally different discussion ...
  7. Are CADA sets made with authentic lego parts? ... Their prices are rather low. Never mind, first time I come across such brand.
  8. Since we're talking about Bruno's knock-off's ... how about this one? The box looks rather fancy, but for $200, the quality for sure won't compare with authentic Lego. Thoughts ? https://www.buildingtoystore.com/en/cada-c61042-ferrari-pista-488-supercar-master-series-remote-control-building-blocks-toy-1009.html
  9. The other thing you can do is look for specific parts (for example the wheel rim), get the number from it (very small typically), and then look in Bricklink which set that part came with. If it's an old set, there might be few possible sets, then you can visually identify if any of them match the partial model that you have.
  10. Now you got all of us waiting for your progress ... One question though, what software package are you using? It's not LDD nor Stud.io .... is it LDraw? I have not used it in a while and do not recall such interface.
  11. I'm sure all on here have seen the Lego documentary on how they built the Chiron (link below, near 2:00). Especially, when they mentioned that given the Chiron has no straight lines, and they had to develop special 'flex' triangular elements to replicate the body's various curved panels. I tried to reproduce/build one of such flex triangular elements but to no avail. That is, there are many issues with the design, that LDD won't allow. This includes collisions between parts and parts not connected totally 'firmly'. Is it safe to assume that TLG themselves did not follow their own design/assembly requirements? Has anyone been able to reverse such construction, and do that in LDD?? The flex/modular element is essentially an articulated triangle, made up of multiple lift-arms and connectors, and the flex articulations are made with the small 2L rubber connector.
  12. It seems only @zux got the jest of my point, and thank you for building the triangles/hexagons. Your findings/observations are exactly what the topic is about. The many collisions and the fact that the center triangular connector is not fully engaged ... for example. For those who find this topic not worthy of their time, save your efforts/saliva and move on. @mahjqa ... good point. If anything at all, my point and yours lead to this conclusion: If you can build it, that does not necessarily mean you can sell it. TLG builders/engineers/qc have to look carefully at all designs and ensure no parts are stressed, and the set will not fall apart in a short time.
  13. Sometimes it's the dust that piles up everywhere. I'd disassemble the whole set, have the parts soak in dish detergent, wash and dry, reassemble, and should be as good as new. That set is so rewarding to put together, especially the boom/arm. Careful though, the LA and motors should stay away from water.
  14. If the masters break the rules ... what should the masses do?
  15. Not to revive a very old thread ... but a closed system where all the air is never exchanged with the outside world is not realistic. Those pneumatic switches and other connections have leaks, and as such, will run out after a 'long' while. Now, if such leaks are extremely small, and provided the compressor's motor is powered externally by a DC motor, then yes, a closed-loop system is possible. In fact, this is how Air COnditioners work. The fluid in the loop is some Freon (or something similar), the gas is constantly cooled/heated (depending on where it is in the AC's loop), the leaks are extremely minute, and the system runs continuously WITH the electrical motor running the compressor's motor.
  16. DrJB

    Huge Collection for Sale

    just one? got 4. What's your zip code?
  17. I have a very large Technic collection (a mix of Sealed/Used/Parts) and would like to sell all at once, if at all possible. Any community member willing to share input on how to best do that? I could list all on Bricklink, but that's going to take a lot of work .. and I do not have much of that lately. Thank You
  18. Anyone from this community interested in few Technic sets? I can post a list if there is interest ... Unimog / Arocs / 41999 / ...
  19. DrJB

    Huge Collection for Sale

    Here is the Technic list (partial), not all exhaustive as there are few more. I have boxes/manuals/stickers for most, and never apply stickers. Most are used, several new (mentioned) Are you looking for any special set ? 8421 Mobile Crane 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive (3 new/sealed + 1 assembled) 9398 4x4 Truck Crawler 8063 Tractor 8461 F1 Williams Racer (New/Sealed) 8265 Wheel Loader 8053 Mobile Crane 8386 Ferrari F1 Racer 42000 F1 Racer 42042 Tracked Crane 8295 Telehandler 8070 Red Car (1 used and 4 new/sealed) 42025 White Plane 8455 Backhoe (2x) 9396 Helicopter 8485 Technic Center (2x) Dinosaur and Helicopter 8480 Space Shuttle (No box/manual) 4404 Power Puller (with VHS Tape and those ultra-rare yellow connectors 8448 Super Street Sensation 8043 Excavator (1 used + 1 new/sealed) 8258 Red Truck (1 sealed + 1 used) 8285 Black Truck (with silver wheels) 42043 Arocs - Mercedes Truck 8110 Unimog 42029 Customized Red Truck 8880 Black Car (no manual/box) 8264 Hauler Creator Sets - I mis-spoke, these are 'Designer' i.e., predecessor to Creator - Very detailed models Some pictures of the Technic Sets
  20. Thank you Gentlemen. Good point about not getting a fair value. Though one has to balance how much time they have ... :) Which is more valuable/attractive, a built-up set or one cleaned/washed/sorted in individual bags? Does it matter in the end? I have several assembled technic sets that are on shelves ... and picked up some dust over the years.
  21. That's the first time I see the Pick-A-Brick containers used in a MOC ... nicely done. However, where does the satellite get its power from? I do not see any solar panels.
  22. That looks really bad. It appears many parts with similar geometry have such weakness, including those shown below. The half-width cross-axle hole is notorious for this. The first time I saw this issue was with the 8480 Space Shuttle (Not sure how many forum members remember such set) . When I assembled it, all parts were fine. But few months later while on display, ALL 8 white thin lift arms that open the cargo bay, and the 8 yellow that make up the satellite had cracked.
  23. I do not support/condone these knock-off sets but it seems they are here to stay .... I thought the design has some merit. If only the instructions were available. https://www.amazon.com/Military-Building-Rechargeable-Construction-Yourself/dp/B0768LMQLK/ref=pd_rhf_schuc_p_img_5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=VP7AWS2YHR1XF0PCVS96
  24. Thank you, good point. Care to provide more details? I have a 'hard time' understanding/accepting that a system keeps on moving forever as the first law of thermodynamics needs to hold. Or maybe, my understanding is off, regarding this specific topic.
  25. I think all of us have different definitions of 'Closed-Loop' ... 1. Perpetual machine, compressed air keeps on moving downstream, and actuates many picstons, pumps, ... etc - Strictly speaking: NOT Possible, unless #2. 2. Same as above, with a constant supply of air - Very possible/doable. In fact, all you have are transducers/switches/pistons all connected in series, with a constant fluid input at some end. 3. Regulated/Controlled Systems. Where a variable is measured/sensed and then the system 'adapts' its dynamics to perform some function. The AC example above is valid. The AC measures the temperature, and based on such temperature it decides to turn cooling on/off. Strictly speaking this is On/Off control ... not continuous. The best example here is the self-balancing robot that came with Mindstorms EV3.