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  1. I never said the 'orbits' (or phase plane trajectories as some would call them) were due to Coriolis Effects. But, I did say they REMINDED me of the pendulum at the UN. The contraption in this thread (most likely) has too much friction for the Coriolis forces to manifest themselves. :)
  2. I'm not against moderators 'editing' my threads' titles, but I think for this specific one, the new title is rather 'complicated'. When I think of VItal, to me it's organs necessary for the proper functioning of a human body. My intention however with this thread was not for 'vital' parts, but more for ordinary/key parts that were inadvertently missed i.e., extra parts BEYOND the spare parts.
  3. DrJB

    Missing Slopes

    That's exactly what I wanted to build ... when I realized that many slopes are not available, and started this thread.
  4. DrJB

    Bricks & Pieces

    I'm not the Conspiracy Theorist but it seems to me that New parts are often 'delayed' simply to 'force' us to buy the whole new sets ... isn't this the case? The other 'legitimate' reason is that most sets are built 'on-demand' i.e., they make several runs depending on how quickly some sets sell vs others. In such case, it makes more sense for TLG to save 'new parts' to put in whole sets as opposed to sell them. It only makes sense. Yes, I too wanted new parts as soon as I saw them released in new sets, but never managed to get them, they're always NOT available. It's like the DVD/BD version of a movie ... it's released a long time after the theater sales have 'dropped', simply to force audiences to pay top $$$ and go watch the movie in a theater.
  5. I have about 250 sets, primarily technic/City/Trains/Friends (some in multiple copies, because I needed the extra pieces). I'm not into CMF and small sets. That said, I've slowed down buying lego as I find myself often pondering what would happen to such collection once I'm gone (all of us should). We spend the earlier parts of our lives collecting/amassing ... and after stages getting rid of things. My collection includes numerous orders from Bricklink as well so, lots of spare parts. Each new set brings its own 'pull' of either new parts or those in new colors (Have you seen the new Nexo Knights?) ... but lately I'm getting more 'pleasure' from building my own MOCs from scract, as opposed to following a given recipe for a set. I find the 'specialty' sets in that regards rather boring as there is only one version you can build, unlike th emuch older sets.
  6. Yup, fell in love with 'tan' after I visited a lego exhibit at a museum in Chicago ... they had a huge egyptian exhibit, with (tan) pyramids. So I went on a bricklink shopping spree and bought many 'slopes' in both tan and dark tan. To my dismay, the corner slope 2x2 is very rare and expensive too. The museum exhibit must have received a very special order from TLG.
  7. You're right ... lol. Somehow I did not see your post ... Better yet: I was merely emphasizing YOUR point :)
  8. Of course, I never 'assumed/implied' availability was the point. Though i agree, I find it much easier to work with the RPI3 than with the Zero. The RPI3 has full-size USB connectors, whereas the Zero does not and you need special cabling and a USB hub. Back to your point. A while back in a related thread, I 'speculated/hoped' that in the future, we might see some merging/integration/adoption of either/both Arduino/RPI platforms into the MindStorms theme. Mindstorms requires heavy investing/development (both hardware and software) wherea Arduino/RPI rely on 'open' architectures an a very large hobbyist base. I think (maybe) it'll be more 'economical' for both TLG AND the lego community (us AFOLs) to merge lego components (motors/sensors) to 'standard' electronic boards (Arduino/RPI). There are some 'attempts' out there, but those rely on both the lego brick AND an RPI. But then again, TLG has never really adopted/absorber/bought another company and they prefer to develop everything themselves, or pseudo-joint-ventures as in LabView+MindStorms. Last question: Are you from the Boston area? I went to school for several years in Cambridge, on the Hudson.
  9. DrJB

    Missing Slopes

    So I was right then ... those parts are not only reserved to the lucky few , but also not available to the general public
  10. There is always the Pi Zero W ... footprint of the zero, with wireless capability.
  11. DrJB

    [MOC] Manas

    Not sure. The set came with two motor boxes and two remotes. I could try tonight if I remember where I stored them :)
  12. DrJB

    [MOC] Manas

    I think it's this one ... https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=60917#T=C Also, to the OP: Well done. Would be nice to display side-by-side the original vs. your MOC (if you have them).
  13. Reminds me of a typeface introduced by Rotring (German Company) many years ago (30+). Edit: Turns out it's an ISO font (read below). Rotring makes drafting/drawing tools including ink pens, templates, ...etc Look for the typeface on the pens in the link below. Those look very similar to Lego's. http://www.rotring.com/us/93-technical-calligraphy-pens/93-calligraphy-pens-technical PS. Yes, I used those pens many years ago, and still have two boxed sets :)
  14. To truly answer such question, we need to look at the back of the buckets and see if the pin holes locations match. In real life machines, the locations of such pivot point is always the result of a kinematic optimization of piston stroke vs bucket curl ... etc. I only havr the 8455 so I cannot answer your question. However, your post begs the question: Why?, are you after a different color bucket?
  15. Not sure what happened here ... I tried to correct my earlier post and ended up quoting myself. Quit self-centered if you ask me. :)
  16. The length of the motor is dictated by few factors 1. Length of windings - Need a given length of wire (along axis) to generate enough electromagnetic force i.e. torque 2. Thickness of dual stage planetary gear train reductions. Teeth need to be long/wide enough to sustain torque from motor In the old Micro-Motor, #2 was reduced to a minimum by the use of a 'harmonic drive'. The small size of the micro-motor was likely the reason for its low reliability. Though, with small motors nowadays very pervasive (in small electronics). I'm sure we can build small motors that should be more durable than their larger siblings. Yes, TLG should be able to offer us new/revised/robust micro-motors.
  17. You need to make sure two keypoints are absolutely correct. 1. That the program is correct 2. That the physical build is exactly the same. If you've used any gears or different tires/wheels, that might explain the difference.
  18. Rather impressive, and it takes 'courage' to mix metal and plastic. From my course in Electric Machines a long time back (not sure things have changed since), the number of windings and 'magnetic poles' need to be different to ensure the motor starts no matter the angular position. In your case, both are 6, and it seems you need to start the motor by hand ... what am I missing ?
  19. Very nice. Though, many of the technic parts (lift arms and panels) are available in Tan :)
  20. In a 'standard' poll, I would expect some summary numbers/statistics as an output. The questions to be answered could be: 1. Total number of motors across all EB respondents 2. Max number of motors per EB members (min is of course zero) 3. Average number Motors / EB members (not useful but still) 4. Histogram, of how many people own how many motors ... etc. 5. How many of the total motors (reported) are being used. How many are sitting idle (either collecting dust or in a 'clean room') 6. How many are still sealed in their original boxes 7. ... The way this thread has evolved is only a collection of answers, not 'organized data' per say.
  21. I think I got it ... how about this? I used 8M axles with end stop for ease of positioning in LDD. LXF file here I essentially built two lattices then positioned them so the all pinholes are filled (It took more work in real life as LDD is finicky during alignment of large sets). There might be more elegant versions than this though.
  22. I can view LDraw files too (just can't make them). Whichever is faster. All I need is a single 'node'. Please ignore request. I somehow thought it was the same axle going through. I got it now. ScreenShot and LXF file below. Next, we need to replicate and connect ... sqr-lattice.lxf
  23. I tried to but could not visualize what is happening with the picture. The axles are 'offset' one stud from one cell to the next, correct? Maybe an LXF of the basic 'element' could help. Maybe two exact lattices 'intertwined', just as we did the 'intersecting octahedra' in the sister-thread?
  24. Certainly, here it is. tetrahedron.lxf Ah, ok, found my mistake. I replaced ALL the 2L axles with longer ones