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  1. The 8880 gearbox is a 3+R (actually 4 and no reverse, thanks @astyanax) whereas the 8466 is 5+R, and hence, a little more complex. I did check that there are different speeds by putting the car upside down, driving it with a motor, and checking the rpm on the output shaft. The 8466 has the smooth opening doors with the pneumatic dampers, but it lacks the 4-wheel steer and movable headlights. Still, a 4-wheel drive and very capable. I wonder if anyone has done a motorized 8466 with RC. Is sure would look way better than the trial truck. vs. But, I am digressing, let's just stay with 8880 Thank you, I somehow managed to get the 8880, then 8448, and 8466 and 8070, and each has its own uniqueness(es). To me those are icons that have paved the way to where we are today (e.g. gear cam shifter and more than just one option for syncro gear). Not sure the red one mates with a syncro though, but it has the smooth round hole. only, then later we got also and
  2. I assume you're driving the two motors in 'parallel' (otherwise the gears would break), to have a higher torque on the drive train. If that is the case, then the down-stream components are certainly not designed to handle that high of a torque/power. There is enough published data about such motors to enable one to do some basic calcs, and that for sure could be a fun/rewarding activity. However here, I would do a brute force approach: if you run the drive-train with a single motor, do you still have the same issue? Depending on the answer, we can tell whether the components are under-sized, on something wrong with the kinematics ... my 0.02 On a different note, it looks like you're using suspended pendular axes for an 'all-terrain' vehicle ... that and the dirt on the tires tell me you might be pushing the parts to their limit.
  3. Thank you for the info and the link. You're absolutely correct, If I recall, the trans colors are based on acetate (bio-degradable plastic from wood sources), most parts are made from ABS, and the soft Bionicle only God knows ... It seems they used soft plastics for Bionicle for durability considerations and the relatively 'younger' audience.
  4. Typically, most lego parts have the part ID molded in on them. Get yourself a lighted magnifier though as those markings are very small, and often difficult to find, especially on the small parts. Some very small parts do not have such markings at all.
  5. Looks very nice ... makes me want to dismantle mine and update it ... hmmm I was looking for such set many years ago and they were hard to find. Then I opted to buy the parts separately from various places. Got the wheels/tires/gear shifter all from Australia for a little fortune. Then few weeks later one of them popped up on eBay and I won the auction. The end time was late at night and many people were in bed by then. In any event, I have today my completed model and also those spare parts. I tell you this though: white parts from that time period do not age too well, and the half bushings were prone to cracking.
  6. If I may ... As much as I like the styling and functions of the 8880, I feel the studded parts detract a bit. Wherever possible, I would replace all the beams with the corresponding lift-arms. Also, regarding the gear rack. The one you're building is 12L long. There is already a part of such length, though you might have to shim it vertically https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=32132&name=Technic, Gear Rack 1 x 12 with Holes&category=[Technic, Gear]#T=C&C=11
  7. Yes ... friction will do the trick as well.
  8. With such diagram now in the open ... should we expect some copycat solutions from the 'far-east' anytime now? Also, and on a slightly different topic, I was looking at the parts for Spike Prime Expansion Set (45681), and one such part is a 'proto-board' for mounting 3rd party SBC (Single Board Computers). What does this say about Lego? ... opening up to Arduino, Raspberry PI and the like? https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?S=45681-1
  9. I agree fully, change those gears and also the toothed connectors and half bushings. Those tend to break very quickly. and and ... For the gearbox, you can copy the one in 8466. Though have to make it more compact as the 8466 is rather 'tall'
  10. Not to 'excuse' them but, it appears for their electronics/software, they were always sub-contracting them. As such, it is difficult to ensure continuity/longevity. I doubt they have the internal know-how and resources for that. TLG has primarily been a plastic toy company. Anything else is, well, find someone outside who can do it and pay them.
  11. hehe .. you're the cup half full kind-a-guy ... *cheers*
  12. Perhaps you have a MOC where you wanted to use the propeller below, only to find out such propeller has a pin (not axle) hole .... hmmm ... How do you spin it then? Well, you look closely on the back, and you realize that such part can mate with the gear-syncro ... and voila! or Oh but wait, there are two rows of blades on that turbo-fan, and the pitch angles are opposite. Thus, no matter how fast you spin such part, you will get zero net flow, and a lot of vorticity... too bad :(
  13. CD files (ZIPped) uploaded to Archive.org. Try to download/run. If not, make an ISO on a virtual drive. ... Someone please try this and let me know if it works. https://archive.org/details/vision-command-xp
  14. Sounds good. I'll do that sometime tomorrow as I must go to bed now. Good Day.
  15. You're absolutely correct... Good News: I looked into my old collection of CDs and found one that says Vision Command - Windows XP. I recall now that, within the Vision Command box, there was a Win98 CD but there was also a letter that gave instructions on how to obtain the XP CD, and I did request it years ago. Now, how do I get a 'copy' of such CD to you, it is about 350 MB. Options?
  16. When 9731 was released it came with a Windows 98 CD (I have it, in English). Are you sure there is a Win XP version?
  17. How about the new syncro, does not fit either? vs. or maybe even the extension I do not have the new differential and as such can't check... but still curious.
  18. It seems not everyone on this forum into wheeled vehicles .. and that is rather refreshing. Keep up the good work, as for sure your accomplishments are very inspiring :) @Thorsten - Glad you got the card.
  19. One of my favorite topics is to build 2D/3D shapes using various connector types parts. I'm currently working on a project to reproduce the mechanics of a combine header/feeder. Such system uses a rotating pentagon to move the 'combs'. Now, Everyone on here knows how to built rotating squares and hexagons, but has anyone been able to build an equilateral pentagon? I'm tempted to believe it is doable since, for many of us old-timers, we can draw a pentagon with just a compass and few pencil strokes. Let's see how inventive/creative this community truly is.
  20. If I may add my 0.02 here ... 1. Typically B-models are less attractive than the A-models. Example: The Silver Champion vs. 'squarish' truck 2. Typically, by the time I'm done building the A-model, I display and forget about the B-model 3. Old Lego sets were some sort of 'universal' where one can build a multitude of contraptions. Modern sets offer only one choice 4. With the large part count, who wants to go through the process of disassembling 2000+ part model and build something else?
  21. I thought this was an Efferman part (which I ordered only 2 weeks ago) ... In fact, it is a Lego part and came with the Airbus Helicopter. I've been away from this forum for so long and was not keeping track of the latest. Incidentally, such part is NOT available on the PAB website ... and commands hefty prices on BL.
  22. Thank you Alex ... I have none of the 7L thin arms ... lol ... a BL order I must do :)
  23. Every now and then (or more often) I stumble upon very interesting topics in this forum. Is there a way to 'bookmark' such preferred threads, from within eurobricks? Mods: Sorry was not sure where to post this. Please move/relocate as appropriate.
  24. Thank You. I got the 6-blades version of that part just few days ago :)
  25. Thank You very much ... and for the fast response as well.