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  1. LOL ... typo corrected. I meant 8043 and 8455. Though, maybe it's true I can't pick from 8043 and 8043, because I have 2 copies of the set Also, we see many such topics ona regular basis. I think this topic should have a 'voting' section, so we get to see what's the all-time favorite set.
  2. LDD does not have ALL parts, however you can build 'look-alike' as in old pneumatic parts. LDRAW is the most powerful of all available, but the learning curve is a bit steep. Also, LDD is very strict on 'collisions' and illegal builds. That said, it is very interactive and its 'snap' feature makes it my choice for entry level. I'd say start with LDD< and once you've learned of its lmitations, you can then 'graduate' to LDRAW. I haven't trie stud.io yet so can't comment on it.
  3. Only one hour ago and now, it seems the 'special' is gone?
  4. Can't pick just one. I'll have to name both 8043 and 8455. The functions and realism (to me) are second to none. Everything else seems 'toyish' compared to these two. They're also the first two sets that made 'full use' of both the LAs and pneumatics.
  5. Soak them up in hot soap water
  6. You've made an excellent rendition of a very popular and a best-seller in North America (no one really likes green, that blends with the crops). If you send it to me, I promise I'll have it displayed in the Company's Headquarters ... ;)
  7. Those trans-blue cylinders came from the 'Pneumatic Add-On' to MIndstorms, from Lego Education. Those cylinders are very pricey, hence the asking price for the eBay listing. https://education.lego.com/en-us/products/pneumatics-add-on-set/9641
  8. Like many on here, I'm a purist and would not consider any 3rd party parts. However, it seems to me you've made a single design and 3d printed it in multiple colors. If you want to 'convince' would be backers, you'd need to show multiple designs/capabilities/styles. So far, everything you've shown is, well, not very interesting. Sorry for being blunt, but it's an honest feedback. Good luck with such endeavor. One last note: I think it's this site policy not to allow 'self-promotions', such as for a kickstarter projects ... but I could be wrong.
  9. Let's not be judgemental ... there is a fine line between 'ignoring' and 'missing the point'. One is pre-meditated, the other is an honest mistake. I came here asking for options/opinions, not asking to be lectured. You saying I ignored is like Shelly (cust service) saying I violated their rules. No, I did not violate any rules. In fact, violate is a very strong word to use ... but it's ok, I bet English is not her native tongue ... but I'm digressing here. Everyone else, thanks for the helpful feedback.
  10. It's not $9 ... those are expensive sets (Williams F1 Racer) ... and the fees added up to over $50.
  11. Very simple: It takes a lot of development to come up with the intelligent brick. But keep in mind that TLG in this business to make money (nothing wrong with that), not to make affordable toys.
  12. The visor was released in Trans-Blue and Trans-Purple in some old Bionicle sets, but only in white in a Marx Exploration vehicle. I bought 50 of those buckets and been wanting to do a bucket wheel excavator a while back. That project is still on back burner, but now ... maybe time to re-visit. http://www.bricklink.com/v2/search.page?q=7645#T=A
  13. One cheaper alternative to MIndstorms is to use Raspberry Pi + Arduino. Granted, you do not have all the fancy bricks to build all the mechanical contraptions afforded by Lego, but if you're after using sensors, and motors, then that is your best bet.
  14. That's neat. I tried doing braids with flex axles a while back but was not successful Those pesky axles are very difficult to handle/twist/bend/maneuver ...
  15. While I agree with allanp that there are avenues for getting older versions for little $$$, I must caution against that. Typically you'll have a hard time getting the older versions to work because either the software is not available, or does not run on the latest version of windows. Plus, if you really intend to develop the hobby into some sort of profession, you needs the EV3 or possibly the NXT. I would not go RCX because that's too old. Good luck, whichever way you choose to proceed.
  16. It is all my fault, I reckon this. I do not sell on bricklink for a living and when I did not get an answer/reply from the would-be buyers, I simply ignored it (Why would I need to tarnish their reputation ?). In doing so, Bricklink (Shelly) is trying to penalize me ... upside down world if you ask me. Common Sense Customer Service says they should help because this is an honest mistake. No one needs Obnoxious Customer Service if all they do is read the agreement to you. As for the car registration and cops, well, I had a similar event once. I did get my sticker, put it on the license, left my car for few days in an airport (was traveling). When I got back, I got ticket for no registration/sticker. I took a picture of my plate (with the sticker) AND the receipt when I got the sticker (had a date stamped on it) and sent it to the police. They dropped the case and wrote me, not admitting that they messed up, but more like "Since we cannot prove that you did not have a sticker, the fine is waived". Yes, you're guilty until proven otherwise ... I think the parking cop who gave me the ticket was color blind and could not tell the difference between old/new sticker color ... Back to Bricklink, I'll bug them again, and if they insist, I'm done with them. Yes, there is eBay and other avenues out there.
  17. lol .. darn, someone once said: 2nd place is the first loser :(
  18. I just wrote Bricklink again and this is the answer I got. Is this for real? I have highlighted/Underlined what I feel is inappropriate language, especially coming from Customer Service. Hi there, I completely comprehend your inquiries, but am not going to allow anyone to violate our terms of service. I am sorry that you do not understand nor want to cooperate with them, but we do not make exceptions. I understand that mistakes happen, but they also have consequences and for you those are fees. BrickLink has actually grown and improved dramatically since it has changed ownership. No other site has even come close to amassing the sales that we have. However, we understand that this your choice to do business with us is optional, so you are free to pursue those other sites if BrickLink is not the right option for you. We have an overwhelming number of satisfied customers. All of whom understand that if they do not follow the rules, they must bare the consequences. This is true of any business transaction. I am sorry that you don't agree with accepting those consequences, but there is nothing further I can do for you should you choose not to pay the fees. Sincerely, Sheryl BrickLink Customer Support
  19. Of course Akiyuki DID use for his GBC setup ... It was for moving a box-full of balls from one end of the GBC chain to the very begining. EDIT: Looks like krisandkris12 beat me to it :)
  20. You could also try to find a local Lego FLL event and try to join a team and take part. You may not be able to take the bricks home, but that'll give you a good exposure.
  21. Two designs I thought up ... 1. A free wheel transmits rotation only in one direction, and is free to spin in the opposite direction. 2. A flex-coupling is well ... meant to absorb misalignments and quench torsional vibrations Both designs are rather sturdy (for rigidity) and may be simplified. FrWheel and FlexCoupler.lxf
  22. Looks good. Though, looking back through history, most bridges have an 'arch' geometry for maximum strentgth/stiffness (minimum sag). A design is as strong as it's weakest components. In this case, I think the pins might be the weakest. The only way to 'reinforce' the design further, is to add as many pins as there are holes aligned.
  23. SInce we're talking about CBG EV3 modules, Akiyuki built a 5(?) DOF robotic arm as part of his GBC collection. Anyone ever reverse-engineered such marvel?
  24. Thank you, I stand corrected. I was going from memory only and it's been a while since I last saw my daughter play with the set. Gotta love those earth tones though, right?