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  1. Well, let's clarify a bit more. Some 'specialty' technic parts are rather rare in technic sets, yet come in large numbers in bionicle/hero sets. I gave as an example The witch Doctor for 92907 (http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=92907), Corroder for 57585 (http://www.bricklink...sp?P=57585&in=S), Bionicle Accessory Set for 44809 (http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=44809), and Skopio for many technic panels and tracks. I was merely asking the Technic 'community' which sets they felt were a good value for the assortment of technic pieces included. I'm fully aware of Bricklink and often shop there, but sometimes you get better value/assortment of pieces when you acquire the not so technic sets. So, again, what sets have you found to be a 'good' value for technic assortments (besides 8258), and in addition to those I mentioned above.
  2. Just built it, gorgeous car. My main observation about this model and many other recent marvels (i.e., Mahjqa's tumbler, tachikoma, and grudge) is that they are very solidly built, compact, and packed with functions/features. Again, a fantastic MOC!
  3. I never thought of friction as being the driving factor. One reson the bushing has 4 teeth was so that you can attach it to a technic plate (e.g. 2x4). Though one might argue why not put 4 teeth on both sides ...
  4. Per bricklink, those were released in 12 sets ... 7 gray + 5 white, and they cost as low as 15 cents a piece. http://www.bricklink...sp?P=56904&in=S
  5. This may be old news but, would very much like to build such MOC (the kids loved the youtube movie). I've seen digital renditions (Blakbird) but no full model (LXF/LDR) out there. Is such model readily available? for a fee? ... Thanks.
  6. In fact there are 2 versions for such wheels (axle hole geometry is a bit different). They're in several Technic sets, 8258/8264/8063/8421/ .... Please ignore ... Apparently the discussion was about a DIFFERENT set of tires
  7. Great car indeed. I tried to do this in LDD but, got to Step 10 and can't continue ... for I can't find both the servo motor and new hubs (42000) in LDD. Any hints?
  8. Fair enough and agree wholeheartedly. I somehow 'thought' it was available. Suffice it to say I'm new here and may not be asking always the right questions. Lastly, such a privilege to be in the company of such great minds/designers. Cheers!
  9. Thank You. I have that file already from mahjqa's website. Maybe I can explain a bit better what I'm looking for: Blakbird made a POV of the Stilzkin and it is on his brickshelf (http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=5036266). That POV is done from either an LDD or an LDR file. I'm asking for the LDD/LDR that Blakbird used to generate his POV ... Seems like he did the model himself. Anyone knows his handle/userid on here?
  10. Given that the 'Built by Me' program is discontinued ... is it reasonable to expect that Lego will continue developing LDD ???
  11. How obvious .... I thought mahjqa did the LXF file (only chassis), then Blakbird did the full model as he's the one who made the POV renders. Thus, I 'assumed' Blakbird would have a more complete model than Mahjqa, even though the latter is the man behind the machine ... so to speak.
  12. IMHO, one of the best sets (number/variety of parts, value) is 8258. You don't get the tracks that many GBCs use for lift mechanisms, but the assortment of liftarms and gears is real good. ALso check philo's homepage. He's got LXF/LDD files for some interesting contraptions. Needless to say Akiyuki's designs are phenomenal and some people have made LXF/LDD files to help as well.
  13. Not quite, we're dealing here with conditional probabilities, as the two events need to occur concurrently. The chance of getting 00001 and 20000 is (1/20000)*(1/19999) ... a rather small number. In fact that chance is the same if you were to pick any given two numbers, not just 1 and 20000.