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  1. Thanks White Fang! I got mine in Bricks World at taka yesterday. This series is much easier to feel. Hubby and I got what we wanted. BatVampire Cowgirl Skiing girl Pretzel guy Uncle Santa Pirate Business man Was hoping to get fairy but wasn't able to feel any. Probably will look elsewhere for it.
  2. They are so pretty! Wish I can do that too
  3. Out of curiosity, anyone spy this set out in Singapore?
  4. snowpixie

    Ladies, stand up !

    Hi Cecilia intro me here So here I am. I'm a girl
  5. snowpixie


    Hi Cecilie, thanks. Will do that
  6. snowpixie


    Hi everyone out there! I'm new into Lego. I'm from Singapore! History of how Lego crawl into my life..... Never dealt with it when I was a kid. But I was interested when my colleague shows me his collection. Hence I started surfing around to satisfy my curiosity! But man did I know it! The moment I saw the Winter Village collection, it sucks me into the enomorous dark hole..... You must be wondering why called it a dark hole? Well cos to me, there seems to be no ending of it. I couldn't see the light at end of tunnel. There's so much room to grow and expend! Even if the series ended, one can always continue on your end. So before I knew it, I'm into Winter village, modular building, friends series and minifigures collection! Well, I also have the imperial ship tat was my hubby collection. He love the ships. Will probably get the black pearl and te queen Ann's revenge at later stage. See its a black hole! The wish list just keep going longer...... So that's my intro. Pardon for the long intro
  7. snowpixie

    Review: 10228 Haunted House

    Hi, do you have the dimension of the box size?? Was thinking of purchasing it on the US website and send over. Thanks in advance !