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  1. BrickG

    Star Trek

    Isn't.. that what Star Trek has always been? I mean most of the great episodes took place on like 1-2 sets and were like 100% exposition and dialogue. Heck, much of TOS (which you have an icon for) was huuuuuge amounts of exposition and dialogue. That is GOOD. They're thinking, they're talking. There's not a lot of action scenes (and there's still more than any most of TNG/TOS episodes) and that's GOOD. We've gotten like 1-2 scenes of action an episode. Have people's attention spans just DIED? Some of the best episodes of Trek were basically long expositions. Measure of a Man, Chain of Command, etc. This IS Star Trek. This is one reason why it's GOOD. It's not MINDLESS. It thinks before it acts and it doesn't blind you with lots of ridiculous action and battle visuals like that ridiculous last episode of Discovery with 100000 shuttles where you can't tell what's going on. You've got Star Wars The Mandalorian if you want barely any meaningful dialogue and too much action. EXPOSITORY DIALOGUE = GOOD! Keep it up I say! This is the way.
  2. BrickG

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    You simply can't do a minifigure scale Pokemon theme. The molds are the biggest expense and imagine each set needing so many new molds for the pokemon figures. Everyone would want their favs but I doubt they could ever even get like 30 of them done. Let alone over 800. IF Lego ever got the license I have no doubt it wouldn't be minifigure scale, at least mostly.
  3. BrickG

    If I ran The Lego Group

    I'd take all the $$$ I have from running the company and retire on the small continent I bought.
  4. BrickG

    [REVIEW] 76144 Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue

    I'm disappointed in the cointued use of the generic helmet. Putting IronMan side by side with her and her flat, generic helmet doesn't look right. It's like the quality of minifigures got to a peak and has been struggling to get up there again. Then there's the two minion minifigures that literally look like nothing. It's nice that you get the glove with all the gems though.
  5. BrickG

    Star Trek

    Double post to bump it after a long time... PICARD was the first thing in what seems like YEARS that didn't disappoint me. It was just plain GREAT. It wasn't like The Next Generation, but it's a real continuation. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS So I can see why it wouldn't work for some people. It is Star Trek made for Star Trek The Next Generation NERDS. There's a lot of references and stuff but unlike Star Wars where it's all about "Look at this COOL AT-ST! Look at this baby Yoda so CUTE!"... the references and stuff here are meaningful. Heck, they're not really references but direct story continuations from The Next Generation! One of the biggest connections is basically from A Measure of a Man, an episode of TNG from freakin' 1989 (and I guess they're going to try to find Bruce Maddox which was only in that episode!)! Also episodes like The Offspring and others help a lot here too. It's REALLY a continuing story and everything had meaning however, I can 100% see why someone who hasn't watched much Trek or isn't as big of a nerd as me wouldn't like it as much. There's a criticism I'm seeing for it which thinks there's too much talking and not enough action, people thought it felt slow. I think those people are just freakin' maniacs who like Michael Bay's Transformers movies because it was perfectly paced. Star Trek is about THOUGHT. If anything there was too much action. Though I wouldn't say that. Anyways, it was freakin' amazing. Picard has changed but I can believe his character's change because it's been a few decades and most of his guarded emotions were caused by his position as Captain. He hasn't been in that role for a good while now and (as seen in the trailers) seems to be a lot more smiley and open. Even though we've not got much information I can buy him leaving Starfleet for the stated reason too. He almost resigned in a few episodes due to not agreeing with what's going on. I don't know what to say really. It was just quite good. The only BAD thing was they didn't do well at de-aging Data. He was a freakin' old man heh. But I guess I can suspend my disbelief for that and I'd rather have weird old man Data than no Data. And even though it was guessable that the gal was a new Android (everyone was guessing either an Android to complete the Data connection, or some connection with the Borg) it still worked well. The "there's two of them" thing is a bit odd and convenient and I do wish Dahj lived because even though she was barely with us long the death did suck which is something I rarely say for someone who lasts an episode and dies. I guess much of the emotional attachment was the fact that this might be in some way Data's kid, and I'm attached to Data. So I understand if someone not attached to Data doesn't really care. I hope the other one (forgot her name) is as good of a character. I hope it keeps being this good. I've enjoyed everything about it. I just hope Geordi shows his face but I'm not expecting it due to them not announcing it yet... Which is kind of sad since him and Data were best friends. I know Picard's relationship with Data was special in a mentor/mentee kind of way. I'd say Data was almost the son Picard never had. But Geordi is awesome too and needs to get in on this Android stuff. 9.5/10! Great start!
  6. I liked them. I miss them too. I totally agree with all of the negatives being said about them. NONE of mine from childhood survived... but whatevs. I wish they'd be in a few sets anyways!
  7. BrickG

    Lego vs Zuru

    Doesn't seem to be an issue here anywhere near LEPIN. I actually am surprised LEGO is going after these guys. The figures don't look LEGO and there's like 100 off-brands that do the "compatible with major brands!" thing which I don't think LEGO can do anything about. I'd actually think LEGO will lose this.
  8. I think Star Wars is slowly becoming Game of Thrones. If they make enough crap people don't like it'll continue to ruin the rest of Star Wars for some people. What Star Wars has over Game of Thrones is a complete story. You can look at the Original Trilogy alone. While in Game of Thrones season 8 they messed up the ending so badly it went form a cultural phenomenon, to literally basically NOTHING. Nobody cares about the Game of Thrones series anymore. If Disney keeps screwing up, while Star Wars won't die as spectacularly, it's reach CAN be massively damaged.
  9. BrickG

    New VIP system

    Just to update my situation (just in case anyone else is in this situation)... They defaulted my rewards to the US since I was in the US when I created my account. So all my rewards were in DOLLARS. That didn't use to matter as the points were usable in any country. But now it does matter. So they fixed it for me and made my account see POUNDS since I live in the UK. They did it easily. But it took like a week for them to respond. And now I can get UK based rewards which match where I've been living for almost 6 years. That's all.
  10. BrickG

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Just give me a new Rebel Trooper battle pack please... It's been so long and it's so tough to get many of them since they're just in 1 expensive set and 1 crap baby set.
  11. BrickG

    Cancelled Lego Batman Movie 2 sets

    The Lego Batman Movie 2 is/was scheduled for 2022. I think it's a bit early to have cancelled sets. I know the movie rights moved to Universal like last month or something which might complicate the movie getting done but I'm not sure I've heard the movie was officially canned yet? Any links? I know Lego Movie 2 did poorly compared to the original and they might think Lego Batman 2 would do even more poorly.
  12. BrickG

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm disappointed that there's been a drop in quality of minifigures since the LEGO Batman movie. Those were the most beautifully designed minifigures that ever hit LEGO. Yet I see the sets are reverting to old and worse designs. Poison Ivy for example... was just sooooo much better. I know they probably had an unusual budget for designing those minifigures but I don't see why they didn't stick with some of those molds. They were GREAT. Even the DC Minifigure Series isn't up to the quality of those absolutely beautiful minifigures.
  13. BrickG

    Cancelled Lego Batman Movie 2 sets

    Did Deathstroke or Ra's Al Ghul appear in the movie? I don't remember them. I think literally all the minifigures that are in sets appeared in the movie at least for a split second.
  14. BrickG

    New VIP system

    Can you share the 5/20/etc pounds off codes so anyone can use them or are they tied to your account somehow (despite emailing you a number)? My wife gave me 30 worth of codes. If I ever solve my USA / UK issue (they've not responded but I finally got out an email) I would like to combine my points with her point numbers she's shared with me and buy on one account. Is that doable?