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  1. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Dude and Womand couple : Not mature content. Normal. Accepted. Two dudes: Mature content. Children must be protected. FEAR!!!
  2. BrickG

    Super Mario 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Bought my first few little blind boxes just because I passed a toy store. Got just 2. Reminded me why I hate blind stuff. It's just gambling. Loved the first one. Bloopers. Cool! Classic Mario enemy. Opened the second one... more Bloopers! DARN YOU BLIND STUFF!
  3. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I guess when talking about approachability, ease of use, etc, the big winner here is Minecraft. LEGO is, somewhat ironically, too complex for video games compared to the far more streamlined building options in games like Minecraft. It's a shame. LEGO building is... better... (ignoring the real crazy programming type stuff you can do in minecraft). But at the end of the day, video games and programs, LEGO can't compete with how easy some other stuff is. But I suppose they can't in the real world.
  4. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    LEGO is great. But when it comes to digital building (via program or video game) it's pretty bad. Ever tried to use one of those LEGO building programs? Freakin' 10x more complex than mastering Photoshop. You need to take three classes to even know what the pieces are called. In real life you can use your eyes. In the programs I spend most of my time struggling with not knowing how to find the piece because I don't know it's name :). LEGO's strength is that it's physical. It will never be as good of a builder in a... video game or simplicity's sense as, say Minecraft. At least when it comes to the digital front. LEGO building apps and video games just aren't intuitive enough, and that's because they can't be. LEGO has like 100000 different pieces, doesn't conform to a grid necessarily, blablabla... It's kind of odd to me how some of the video games that were meant for small children had modes where you could build ridiculous stuff with a ridiculous amount of pieces in ridiculously complex ways. I think it's just been too much for the vast majority of people, let alone kids! LEGO is great. But in a similar sense the complexity and sheer amount of elements and colours... makes organisation a pain. That's why one of the biggest and most used forum threads here is about the organisation and storage of LEGO. Honestly, it's almost a full-time job to organise the stuff. I haven't had time in over a decade! Most of my collection is in piles that would take me a few weeks to properly organise!
  5. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    That's a pretty narrow view of things.
  6. BrickG

    Jurassic Park/World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I kind of wish it was even bigger. I haven't seen a picture of it besides the other big ones but I think it'll look a bit small besides the other bigs.
  7. Some people are kind of professional "deal" finders. They go to the stores when they know a 50%+ off sale is going to happen for pretty much anything and anywhere, but I kind of knew a guy who did it with just LEGO. Theoretically they'd find the sales, buy lots, sell them when there's no sales happening. I bought some slightly older sets for like 50% off through facebook. At least that's what they said. Might have stolen them :P.
  8. BrickG

    Jurassic Park/World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hmmm I need that leaked Bracheosaurus...
  9. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Sounds like an improvement to me. But I don't actually agree that it's all or nothing. I don't doubt the designs would change (the lamer ones nobody wants besides hardcore collectors would have less of a chance to be made). I don't doubt many things would change that would basically make it a different product. I don't care. $5 non-blind "just choose what you want" minifigure. Seems like a net benefit.
  10. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Nothing wrong with what you just described. Kill blind bags. Just have them choosable. You can collect things without them being blind: See about 100000 other toys, the collecting aspect is absolutely not even touched, just the "random" part. They'd make more of the desirable ones, less of the ones people don't want. Still nothing wrong with that. You've mentioned nothing that is a negative in my mind. Do away with them completely. Make it more like buying an action figure but buildable, like some of LEGO's other products (but cheaper).
  11. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    The fact that you or others can actively be disappointed by their blind bag of randomness purchase is dumb. I just think it's mildly unethical (key word: "mildly" and I won't compare selling blind bags to anything ridiculous and truly unethical). It's simply to sell more product. A bit of fun can be had (I've had a party or two where we got a pile of them and would have a contest to see who guesses the most right) buuuut I think it just crosses a mild line. Especially if you consider people without much money and for whatever reason an inability to feel which figure it is. I mean I won't die on this hill. There's 9,999,999,999 things that are more serious in this world. If lootboxes in Blizzard games were problematic (I don't actually agree with that when it comes to Blizzard games since they were FREE and you got them quick and it was only cosmetic) then I don't see how this stuff hasn't been attacked by the governments yet. It's the same kind of stuff but costs money. Random loot. Sometimes disappointment. $$$. I guess LEGO has no crazy "whales" buying $10,000 worth of stuff though.
  12. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    "What makes sense" isn't cool builds that wouldn't sell. Sorry anime fans, Evangelion isn't mainstream enough in most areas to "make sense". Gundam? Same thing. Yeah, Gundam is pretty big but not nearly as big in many regions. These, in no way, "make sense" though they'd be fun builds. If there's going to be anime sets, it would be the ones that are a hit in places like the US too. I guess Dragon Ball is beyond it's prime but it could have had potential (might still... maaaybe). Same with random animes that have been hits outside of Asia like Naruto or whatever the heck is CURRENT (I'm massively outdated on anime). Anyways... BLIND BAGS ARE A FORM OF GAMBLING AND SHOULD NOT BE BLIND!
  13. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Kind of like art style, you can't really protect technique (or rules). I'm talking copyright and stuff. For example you can't copyright rules (and I'd argue techniques that aren't connected to some protectable technology) for a game. You can try, and some big companies do and bully smaller companies/people to give up on things they could actually win (given the resources). Like if someone has a distinct art style, and you made art in that art style, there's nothing that can be done. You can't protect the style. People can call you out on it but it doesn't matter, no legal recource can happen. It's a different thing if we talk like copying a SYMBOL or TRADEMARK like Supermans <S> symbol. But go to a Dollar Store and you'll find Zuper Man with a <Z> and it's fine. You can't copyright or protect or trademark rules to a game. That's why there's offbrand monopolies. D&D can't protect their rules which is why there's games that are almost clones to it. Again, any techniques would... probably, since they don't involve fans like 3d printing unique pieces and inventing new methods via some options not actually made with LEGO parts... I doubt there's any legal protection there... or even moral... If someone finds a new way to stack bricks using the same bricks... it's all free game. Again, it mainly gets complex when you talk big companies. I guess LEGO is that. But I haven't seen LEGO try to copyright or trademark curved corners on icons like Apple did... or "tapping" cards in Magic the Gathering which was a travesty and I have no idea how they got away with it (besides being a big company)... I'm no expert so take what I say very lightly. I've dealt with this stuff before in a limited extent. If LEGO did give any credit to someone, if anything it would probably be a liability to them. I don't know what kind of doors it would open... but that could go haywire probably. Anyways I'll shut up.
  14. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    The Ideas drama is pointless and dumb. As a professional designer and artist I see crap I had thought I basically invented done by someone else. There's 7 billion people in the world.Most thoughts aren't original. Someone suggesting the Snow White set and LEGO doing something similar is IMO 100% coincidence. It's like when a vaguely similar Pokemon is revealed that looks similar to some fan art someone made, there's bound to be some overlap... doesn't mean GameFreak is trolling the internet stealing Pokemon designs (which some people have foolishly suggested). The original Ideas... ideas... are almost never original thoughts. LEGO could have easily had similar stuff going on before, or heck, even AFTER that wasn't influenced by the random Ideas submissions. Someone suggesting an incredibly unoriginal idea of a Snow White set (that anyone who has seen the movie can come up with) doesn't blanket mean that's THEIR idea. Heck, even if it came later from LEGO maybe the first time they chose not to do it, then later through some circumstance a similar thing was proposed and accepted... it's still not bad! So someone presented the idea of a Snow White set and now they blanket own that entire IDEA for all of time even though it's incredibly generic? And suggesting things like "maybe they should say this idea is already in development" or any suggestion that makes them market something before they want to, or before they're contractually allowed makes zero sense too. 100% of the complaints against LEGO on this issue are basically irrelevant. Coincidence happens all the time and I've seen them and experienced them constantly in my work and it can easily exist in anything creative because, humans just arne't THAT creative.
  15. BrickG

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    The Office set looks good. The minifigures are mixed in terms of quality IMO. I think it's just you have a group of generic office workers so it's hard to get the minifigures immediately identifiable. Just like with Friends and stuff. You could use most of the minifigures out of context and suddenly they're not "them". But what ya gunna do? I actually thought Ryan was Gabe. Toby's hair is too big, Stanly's too. Some of them look spot on but others are just getting as close as you can get with existing LEGO pieces. Is that Dwight hair unique for the set? The actual set looks pretty good. I'd buy it if I wasn't basically Lego-retired... It also just asks to be made bigger (the whole office) and improved. I'd have fun with that.