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  1. I trash them. Back when I lived in America I could get away with keeping the instructions and boxes. In my London house I can't keep that much so I condense the LEGO collection as much as I can. Only way to do that is through bins.
  2. BrickG

    Toy Story 2019

    I don't agree that these minifigures are bad. They're just a different style. More traditional LEGO which is good enough for me. I think they've been going back towards traditional LEGO more and more and we'll see less custom molds. I might be getting some of these minifigures. I'm not that big into Toy Story but I appreciate it (just like how I'm not big into Disney but have the Disney figs on display).
  3. It's mainly due to the weird proportions of Lego characters. Really, just imagine every minifigure is max 4 feet tall, but as wide as someone 7 feet tall and bulky. It's why cars which people are generally taller than have to be taller than the LEGO minifigures in general. You can't build stuff while using the minfigure height because then the width would never work when trying to sit them down in spaces they should fit in.
  4. Did you just say "ST" as in "Star Trek"?
  5. That doesn't really count. New fabric patterns are a lot cheaper than new regular lego parts.
  6. BrickG

    The LEGO Movie 2 SPOILER thread

    There's a serious plot hole here and that is that if these two movies never happened (LEGO characters that is) then the writing is too good for it to be coming from this kid's mind. Therefore it must happen in some form, maybe through a parallel universe tied to the consciousness of people where actions from one affect the other but neither universe every notices.
  7. BrickG

    The LEGO Movie 2 SPOILER thread

    Very good movie. Worthy successor unlike the more mediocre LEGO Batman and the Ninjago one. My only complaint is WHERE ARE MY RUTH BADER GINSBURG and BRUCE WILLIS minifigures?! Also is there a thread pointing out all the (significant) minifigures we saw but don't have? Like the fox suit guy.
  8. BrickG

    Star Trek

    Season 2 is quite good so far. 4.5/5 stars. I think they're going TOO heavy on the technobabble. I understand they're trying to be more classic Star Trek and bring in elements that feel more Star Trek. But it's kind of a bit much atm. I'm not sick of it yet but this can get old fast I think. It's like by the time Voyager came out it used so much technobabble it was ridiculous and everyone was sick of it. It's just been so long since Voyager that people forgot! I'm hoping they reel some of it in. Not all of it though. Also I'm kind of sick of the plots of EVERYTHING WILL BE DESTROYED/THREATEN THE WHOLE GALAXY. You can have well written stories that don't affect the whole universe. So far it seems to be going towards a galaxy threat again. Also the Spore Drive is still kind of lame. In the latest episode they kind of explain WHY they probably won't use it anymore. However, in season 1 we found out it's absurdly easy to accidentally destroy that whole spore universe place, and if you do EVERYTHING dies apparently. So nobody else in the whole universe discovered this technology and abused it? I don't buy it. Easier to complain than praise. I'm enjoying it a lot though.
  9. BrickG

    Doctor Who General Discussion

    I don't think we'll see a move on Doctor Who by LEGO. Don't think it did well enough and Doctor Who has sucked for some years now. Some years back closer to the 9th and 10th Doctor it was in a revitalizing wave and had TONS of merch everywhere. But that seems to be over. Opinion of the current state of the show aside, the franchise is factually in a ditch right now and hasn't been as big for a while. Nowhere near as big. You used to see (in the UK) toy stores and nerd stores FILLED with Doctor Who stuff but it's just not true anymore. And even IF it were still as popular I don't think it had the international appeal required for a LEGO franchise to do really well. Doctor Who has always had a small fraction of the following outside of the UK (and I say that as someone who watched it in the US when I was a kid). I'd love a collection of all the Doctor Minifigures. But at this point, it's not going to happen.
  10. BrickG

    The Wizard of Oz Rumors and Discussion

    It's just the Lego version. The Disney version is wrong as heck from the books. I don't mind this interpretation at all. I'm 100% getting them.
  11. We FINALLY get a new Rebel Fleet Trooper. Can't wait until there's enough on Bricklink to warrent buying a small army. I hope LEGO's future sets have more of this guy. The set he's in is quite hideous. That Tie Fighter is TERRIBLE.
  12. Looks like a good and solid series. I wish I liked Harry Potter more. The main reason these are tempting are the medium legs and some of the animals for me (why don't they make a snake that can go on studs?). I might have to get some of the main characters but my liking of Harry Potter is limited (like the movies, don't love them or anything, read only the first book). In terms of quality, I don't think any series has reached the quality of the Batman Movie minifigures but these are more than good enough.
  13. BrickG

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm kind of fearful the awesome new medium legs will be a "sometimes" thing which makes no sense to me. It's like the Star Wars helmets with the actual molded visors vs the printed on the face visors. PICK ONE!!! I think all short legs should become Medium Legs, and ideally one day we'd have a medium torso too (with medium arms) so could get basically as short as the minifigures with short legs. Anyways, if these medium legs stick around it would be awesome. It's truly annoying how SOME of them have them though and SOME don't. I hope these become the norm.
  14. Absolutely. I can understand this. They invested a lot of $$$ into that movie. It makes sense that it was "special" and circumstantial. However, I don't see why they'd go BACK from some of the fantastic designs they already have minifigure wise. I can see why model quality would be a bit lacking though. I imagined they invested a lot into those sets because they were made to be on-screen awesome as possible too.
  15. I'm not saying that they shouldn't do new stuff. Just that the movie stuff was considerably higher quality. If these new ones were of equal quality I'd be all for it.