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    Creator set 31096 issue

    One of the rotors is rotating in the wrong direction. One should be clockwise, one counter clockwise. From the video both seem to be moving in the same direction. From looking at the instructions I guess you should move one of the bevel gears (inside the gear hub in one of the angled sections on top of which you place the rotor), to the other side. (Building step 168). Let us know if that helps! I don't own the set, but I regret that when looking at the instructions, it looks really cool ;)
  2. Morvayn

    The BlueBrixx Thread

    Thanks for posting your experience with a BB set. I'm still on the fence about trying some of their sets. I really like the look of some of their passenger carriages, but the quality sounds a bit concerning. It seems reviews are also quite varying. Then again, it's impossible to get something similar from Lego and the price is good. I look forward to hearing more impressions.
  3. Morvayn

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    This site (in Dutch) has more pictures: You can also clearly see the setup they used for the wheels.
  4. Morvayn

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    I want to buy the pirate ship, and then mod it to a merchant ship as well. I was thinking of a VOC like ship.
  5. Morvayn

    Loco controls switch point

    Really a nice system
  6. Morvayn

    10205 Retail Price?

    I received one from my grandmother around ten years ago, so I guess it was something like 25 euro's (otherwise she wouldn't have bought it )
  7. Morvayn

    Power function questions

    Well I don't know for sure but mayby it is just broken. Have you tried the motor when you just connect it to the battery box (without receiver in between them)? That way you can just test the motor, and you know whether the problem lies in the motor or in the receiver.
  8. Yes Zephyr1934, you've got a point there. The EN runs fine on this track but the locomotive is wider than the track so two EN's can't pass each other on 12V track (or blue track). My EN has got a bit of trouble with these smaller switches as well, it doesn't really run smooth through them.
  9. I just ordered the 7939 cargo train as a new start in lego trains. I have got some blue track and the EN but I finally decided to spend the money and buy a new train. It should arrive tomorrow I have looked at 3677 as well but i prefer the 7939 because it has more track and i prefer the locomotive. I don't really like the trackside structure of the 3677 neither. By the way here in the Netherlands you can see both types of locomotives.
  10. Morvayn

    10233 Horizon Express

    I agree that the color scheme is not correct but this is indeed not a replica. For me the fact that the windows are black instead of grey is not a reason to stop me from buying it. It's still a beautiful train. To be honest I think that the train with black windows looks quite good actually
  11. Morvayn

    10233 Horizon Express

    Wow I just saw this set and I want it so badly . I have tried to built a highspeed train a few times as a kid but this is so much better!!! I actually want two of them to make a real tgv, maybe after modding the boogie in the middle to a jakobsboogie like on the real train. I am glad though that LEGO sells it without the pf, it keeps the prize down. I usually don't use a train to run it anyway, my EN is also just a display model. Anyway it's a great set, well done LEGO
  12. I think the best way is indeed to do what allanp suggested. I don't know of an easy way to calculate the energy loss of the batteries, allanp's idea is definitly the easiest way to find out. The batteries of the 8043 empty pretty fast though, I used mine only to drive around a bit every couple of days and after one or two months they were empty, after that I removed the batteries. Now it is just a display model.
  13. WOW nice model. I like it better than the B model, once I have pulled apart my current moc and have the parts I will probably build it. I do have to find the courage to pull apart my crane... Why don't I have more parts? (Or more money )
  14. Another proof: LEGO can be used for about everything It really is a clever structure, it works brilliantly
  15. Morvayn

    Hi everyone

    Hello everybody, I'm a new member of eurobricks. I've followed this forum quite a while but now I have finally decided to become a member. I live in the Netherlands and study Maritime Enginering in Delft. My favorite theme is Technic but I also follow Trains, Town, Star Wars and Pirates. Greetings from Holland, Morvayn ps. I hope my English isn't too bad...
  16. Really nice moc I like the quick coupler, it's clever