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About Me

Someone help! My video game habit is interfering with my LEGO addiction!

UCS TIE Project: 15 down, 27 to go!

TIE Fighter, Interceptor, Bomber, Advanced X1, Avenger, Defender, Drone, Shuttle, Scimitar Bomber, Predator Class, Ground Tracking, Hunter, Oppressor, Vanguard, Scout, Torpedo Bomber, Lambda, Aggressor, Lancet, Raptor, Clutch, Phantom, Shadow, Experimental M1, Experimental M2, Experimental M3, Experimental M4, Experimental M5, Cyclone, Interdictor, Reconnaissence, Vampire, Gunship, Crawler, Mauler, Electronic Warfare, Boarding Craft, Hammer, Heavy Bomber, N'siss Chiss Clawcraft, Drone NGE, Hunter NGE, Republic Era Fighter

(NB: Red indicates official TLG sets)

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