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  1. On 10/8/2020 at 8:35 PM, LEGO Train 12 Volts said:

    Beautiful scene and nice details!
    I like the building technique used for the columns and how their base has reversed the studs upside down using the new round plates with the central hole :wub:

    :) thanks. Yes I went pretty "simple" on the columns so I could add more details to the scene. In fact there is a secret: inside the gears I had to put some bars to reinforce the structure.

    On 10/9/2020 at 2:55 PM, adwind said:

    It looks so like I was imagining it in my head before the movies came out! Love it. 

    I tried to make it look like exactly the movie in fact. I love to pay attention to the details and the position of the elements.


  2. 11 hours ago, Ravelino said:

    So many great things!

    From the SNOT base of the technic gear collumns, to the little guilded cage, the chess board and the hammock made of minifig capes, I'm loving it!

    Hope you get a good shot at the prize, because the build deserves it!


    details details detail!!! isn't that what life is made about? 
    Thanks, I hope i get a good shot too! haha


    8 hours ago, Vindicare said:

    Love this. This was my favorite moment of that movie. I can hear the music as I look at this, you really captured the scene well. The radio section there is fun. 

    Yes, I wanted to pass the momentum, with every detail in the right spot, just like the movie.
    To everyone, who see the moc, try to resemble the moment again. 


    "River, DA calling. We have a new weather report, lightning has struck. I repeat, lightning has struck!"
    - Nigel Wolpert 



    Lightning has struck! by 0937 Superfan, on Flickr
    More details on the LEGO Ideas Topic or my Instagram .


    The last return to Hogwarts in Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows - part II is without doubt the best of the all returns to the school and my favorite one. Despite this scene has the coolest “war code” message ever, warning every student that Harry has came back to the school of wizardry, it also happens in one of the most important places of all the saga - ” If you have to ask, you’ll never know. If you know, you need only to ask.” 

    The Room of Requirement was every time the place where Harry had the opportunity to change his game against the dark magic of “we know who”. The place where the Dumbledore’s Army was born and where most of the wizard friends of Harry train them selfs to be better with magic.

    The place where all of his friends waited for him - The Chosen One…to regroup for the last fight!



    This project is my unique entry to the contest “Head back to Hogwarts™” on LEGO® Ideas page.


     “I repeat, lightning has struck!”… over, and go check it out! 


  4. 50294140136_2848d54b90_w.jpg  50293458983_9903821e07_w.jpg  50294289277_7b52b86699_w.jpg


    Since I start building with LEGO® pieces one of my goals was to design a pair of Sneakers. I hadn't a scale in mind, but with my collection growing up I found out that I had enough pieces to start making a prototype at least. When the set 43179 - Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse came out, I was able to finish my idea because of the Round Corner 3 x 3 x 2 Dome Top - 88293 in yellow ( yes I wanted to build a yellow pair of shoes ).

    When I started to search for inspiration and to check how other AFOLs were building their sneakers I found out that one thing that I was not fully fulfil were the shoe laces! So I knew that one thing that I could make a diference from the others was on this part.

    My favorite photo is the bottom back point of view. It does show the main part of the MOC but get a little teaser about how everything is assembled.

    This is my favorite type of sneakers.
    And you? What is yours?

  5. Hello Everyone,

    For a long time I had this project in my ideas book, but never had the time and the pieces to make it real.

    For Chairs lovers, Design lovers, Mini-model lovers and simply to all who love to sit back and relax or just love to enjoy some good classic and minimalist furniture, this idea is really a match to your lifestyle.
    Introducing.... drums please.... The Wooden Deckchair!
    Don't be fooled by the image size right away! With 150 x 200 x 180 mm you'll have a blast building this wooden chair that really works. Fold and unfold it the many times you want because this creative project is built with almost 450 pieces and which makes the price tag to fit under the 49.99$. 
    You could take some time out and enjoy creating this LEGO design piece to display at your home. It also could be offered as a cool gift for Birthday or Christmas to a truly fan model if this turns out to be a real LEGO model.
    Don't forget to Support on LEGO® Ideas
    Please! Would mean a world to me! 
    Much Love


  6. 7967340272_cdc2bffd29_o.jpg

    Hi everybody.

    There is a long time i don't talk to you here. It has been like year since my last words.

    In this years i liked to improve my technics and skills on LEGO®.

    This time i bring to you, my entry on the Rebrick Movie Contest.

    "Unity is Strength" it is my last animation

    Here is the link on Rebrick:http://rebrick.it/126uGAh don't forget to support it with a "like" if you really enjoy it.

    Cheers :)

  7. Welcome to EB!

    This is a very nice MOC, I like the effort and techniques used. I'm afraid that some members won't understand what it is, so they won't appreciate how nice it is, so I'll try to help out by explaining what I think you intended.

    Basically, it's the LEGO equivalent of a music box, though it can't play music, of course. The outside knob turns a couple of gears that wind up a LEGO belt (rubber band). The switch on top releases the gears and causes the band to unwind, turning the middle wheels and attached dish and round bricks, simulating the turning of the music disc.

    Honestly, when I first looked, I thought it was sort of random, but as I examined each part, I realised that it's very well thought out, with each assembly serving a specific purpose.

    I would suggest resizing your pics a little smaller though, say, no larger than 640x480, if you can. Smaller pics will show plenty of detail while loading quickly for most users.

    There are also a number of free online services to do it, just Google "Free Picture Resizing" and see if you can find one that works well for you.

    Again, great job, thanks for sharing it!

    thank you to be patient and summary the moc... :sweet:

  8. That's what I was thinking, except if it was made with the Harry Potter's Blue car. :classic:

    I don't really like the colours (I just don't like yellow on any cars except Lamborghinis), but the design is nice!

    Are you going to give it a name?

    it's only tricyclecar :classic:

  9. Tricyclecar

    simple this is a car with:

    - 3 wheels

    - hood refuted

    - rear bumper

    - guard-sludge on rear wheels

    - 1 seat

    - alternate tire

    - etc




    Edit by Hinckley: Please learn how to resize your pics. Thank you.

  10. Hello my name is Pedro and i come from Forum0937... :wink:

    I am Portuguese and my English is a little bit poor so you can correct my English when you want :wink: i will appreciate

    I am a TFol so i register myself here to learn more about tecnics and other things...:wink:

    i want to evolve during my experience here :classic: