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  1. I'm wondering how and if they are including instructions. I can't see how they wouldn't be. I couldn't find any instructions to the Starbucks building and its expired from the Lego Ideas website.
  2. I wonder if this is something they are coming out with?
  3. I also didn't notice any major clutch issues with my Cafe Corner. Only slightly on elements like 1x1 tiles and a few other small elements. The only oily film I noticed was on the "glass" for the 1x4x6 windows on the Cafe Corner. It wiped right off no problem.
  4. Here is the Lepin Cafe Corner I purchased from AE for $58.00. Highly impressive. I used a LEGO tan baseplate instead of the weird thick baseplates that came in the kit. There was a few minor pieces missing and 1 cheese slope was deformed. Other than that very happy overall. After about 20 minutes into the build I almost forgot it wasn't an authentic LEGO kit. Hopefully this inserted pic isn't too large.
  5. I'm sorry I'm using the MCLAD software. The MOC I'm working on is a corner building. I've had a request for instructions and thought I would give it a go. Do you think I should try using the LDD program instead and use the Blueprint software to build the instructions? Does the BluePrint software allow printing the instructions or burning them to CD?
  6. I'm trying to build a corner modular building in Ldraw for the sole purpose of making instructions. I'm finding the program tedious and difficult to use. My two main problems are these: 1. Does the program allow the bricks to audibly "snap" into place? I can't find any options for this. 2. Why doesn't the program know how to place the bricks and tiles properly? I have to move the tile above the baseplate in the "side" view otherwise when placing the tile using the "top" view it places the tile underneath the baseplate. The program will also allow me to improperly place a brick on the baseplate when in reality you wouldn't be able to do this. Example would be placing the brick a half stud over or underneath the baseplate. What am I doing wrong? It must be easier than this as I am seeing loads on complete instructions being offered on ebay all day long. I know these issues don't happen with LDD as I've tried it in the past. The brick is outlined in red if its being placed wrong and I'm pretty sure the bricks audibly snap into place on LDD.
  7. Badsneaker

    MOC: Halloween style haunted mansion

    I'll get some more pics uploaded.
  8. They should use the dark bluish grey like the one I made:
  9. Badsneaker

    Red car...

    Nice! It reminds me of the rare 1991 BMW Z1. The back would have to be straighter and it would need the sloped headlights but it looks great!
  10. Badsneaker

    MOC: Bricklyn Borough Courthouse

    Yeah so where's the MOC tag? I don't know what level of creativity you have to achieve to get one but you get my vote on it.
  11. Badsneaker

    MOC: Bricklyn Borough Courthouse

    Really really awesome. You have really outdone yourself on this. I love how you manage to cram in so many details on the interiors of your MOC's.
  12. Good catch on that. Must have seen all the hype about the haunted house and R2D2 so they edited the video.
  13. Seems like there is more excitement being generated on this haunted manor than the intended official release, the Town Hall. You could easily MOD that onto a 32x32 plate and put it at the end of your street in your modular town or city. Maybe a 16x32 cemetery spacing it away from other buildings. It also looks similar to my old haunted mansions I did back in 2009/2010. Except I didn't have any black roof slopes at the time.
  14. Definitely. Exactly what I said in my MOC thread. Its a very general idea of what most people would imagine a haunted house would look like. I'd love to see some better pics of it. I'd also like to do another version of my MOC but on a standard 10 x 10 plate with technic pins and fit it with other modulars. I think you could make it work if maybe you set the building back a little.