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  1. mijasper

    [MOD] German shunter locomtive MaK 600458

    Hello! At best the shown creation is a MOD of this shunter built fourteen years ago ... Let's be honest, Michael
  2. Same experience here - the tiles break in two just by trying to connect them to a stud! Incidentally the cracking elements were purchased through LUGBULK IV in 2011 ...
  3. mijasper

    MOC - Kid's room

    Words have escaped me ... Chapeau!
  4. mijasper


    „... and they all lived happily ever after.“ Hello! YOUR technique?!? Which one are we talking about? Using a dowel to connect two LEGO parts?! – Really clever. The combination of minifig hand and technic brick?! – Well, many AFOLs all around the world are using this since years (e.g. door handles). And referring to figures: I want you to take a look at the following picture taken in February 2007 (!) – even long before you have registered for an account here on EB: (click to enlarge) Did you realize the tiny fig at lower left? – So, stop accusing me wrongly and don’t use the phrase my technique any longer, please! Those toddlers are my own creations and design. Michael