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  1. eDeevo

    Lucky LEGO finds

    ...file this under "things I never (ever!) thought I'd find at a swap meet, especially in this kind of condition!"... *most* of the parts ot the set were included... just only a few Light Gray parts were yellowed (must have been displayed in the Sun at some point)... not bad for a box/set that is 25+ years old!... & I talked them down to $16 for it... There were also a lot of extra plume wheels in the box (9 of them in different colors, each missing 1 or 2 plumes)... too bad they wrote the price they were asking on the box in pen...
  2. eDeevo

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Having a rather large inventory on Bricklink for a while now (currently over 480,000 parts!), here is what I do to keep things organized and allow me to effectively sort orders very quickly (typically a 24-hour turnaround even though I have a full-time job not involving LEGO at all:-)) : - I essentially use four types of storage *items*: "Stack-On" plastic storage cabinets (18-drawer & 39-drawer, found at Lowe's), "Really Useful Boxes" (mainly the 64-liter, and a few 32-Liter, 17-Liter, & 4-Liter size as well... found at Office Depot), a few of the Plano Pro-Latch Utility Boxes (think I got most fo these at Walmart in the "outdoors" (fishing) department), and ziplock bags (various sizes, I buy many bulk through Costco, the larger 5-gallon at Target, and all smaller ones through Box City)... - All parts are initially sorted by "major"-type parts (Bricks, Plates, Modified Bricks, Modified Plates, Wheels/Assemblies, Doors/Windows, Technic, etc.)... - I then sort those "major"-type parts into "sub"-type parts (ex. "Bricks" would be sorted into 1x1s, 2x2s, 2x3s, 2x4s, 2x6s, etc.), and place them in separate ziplock bags (some parts are separated by colors at this point, especially when I begin to accumulate too many to fit in one large ziplock bag, just to make pulling orders easier)... in most of the sub-type part ziplocks, I have also added a smaller ziplock bag to separate all the particular parts in the older colors (Brown, Light Gray and Dark Gray)... again, I do this so I don't have to spend time separating them from other colors when I pull orders... as I add to inventory, and a sub-type gets too large for a particular Really Useful Box, I just get another one to stack & store the spill-over (for example, I started with all Bricks and Plates in one 64-Liter Really Useful Box, and over a 3-year period have expanded to a dedicated 64-Liter Really Useful Box for all my 2x4 Bricks, and those 2x4 Bricks are separated by color in ziplocks within the Box for ease of sorting... and I have a different 64-Liter Really Useful Box for all my 2x2 and 2x3 Bricks, and one dedicated to all 2x6, 2x8, & 2x10 Bricks sorted in the same way)... the beauty of this way of handling my inventory is that the Really Useful Bins are easily stackable (are much stronger than other plastic bins), and I can always add more Bins and ziplock bags, making the system easily expandable (I have added well over 400,000 parts to my store inventory in a less than three years; again, all while holding down a full-time job and going to school part-time all along)... - I use the Stack-On plastic storage cabinets specifically to store all Minifigure component parts (mainly Utensils, Weapons, and Shields for now.... I *used* to use the cabinets to store all Minifigure-related items like body parts, body wear, head, headgear, legs, torsos, but I have way too many of them to store/sort them that way anymore (and not enough tables/space for more Stack-On cabinets)... now many of those parts are in stored in the Plano containers and stacked in Really Useful Bins... except the Minifigure Heads, those are stored in a separate 4-Liter Really Useful Box, sorted by certain features (i.e. Solid Stud, Recessed Stud, w/ Beard, Female, w/ Glasses, etc.) and each sub-feature group is mounted 5-heads high on 2x* plates so that they are easier to identify when sorting through them (so that they can all be facing the same way, and are easy to identify without wasting time sorting through a bin of them)... the sticker sheets in my inventory are also in a dedicated 4-Liter Box... - I began my inventory with three of the 64-Liter "Really Useful Boxes" years ago, and have added more as I have added to my Bricklink inventory (I have over 30 of the 64-Liter size ones now). I cannot say enough how great these storage units are! The Really Useful Boxes have proved so durable (they stack perfectly, even with great weight at times, and have made sorting inventory fairly easy), that I have bought many different sizes of them to use for storing many different items in my garage, house, etc... while it is true that they are a more pricey than other bins on the market, they never seem to warp, bend and they rarely crack (unless you drop them from 10 feet, and they just break a little part off and are still usable)... I can honestly say that the Really Useful Boxes have lasted longer than any of the various Rubbermaid/Sterilite/etc. bins I have bought over the years... and if you keep a watchful eye open, at least a few times a year Office Depot does a "buy one get one @ 50% off" on the Really Useful Boxes, which is typically when I load up on the large ones. ;-) So that's it... the "secret" to my success! (well, that and providing good communication to Buyers and maintaining a focused dedication to sorting out all damaged/broken/yellowed/dirty parts from lots not fit for sale in my store *before* adding any of those lots to my inventory)... :-)
  3. ...been "away" for a while & lurking again recently, so I figured it was time to say "Hello" again... after numerous life changes & having lived/worked in many different places around the globe (now settled in the Los Angeles, California, USA area), I am now officially "back"... :-)
  4. eDeevo

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    Got the following sets last week from an eBay "buy it now" lot: 6263 - Imperial Outpost 6271 - Imperial Flagship 6273 - Rock Island Refuge 6277 - Imperial Trading Post & after a bath to clean off the thick dust, it became apparent that the sets are in excellent condition... they appear to have been built & left on display for years & not played with... so I am incredibly happy... but wait, there's more... I go to LEGOland this weekend, so who knows what else this week has in store for me...! Life is Good. ~ed.
  5. eDeevo

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    Hmmm... Methinks we shall be burning a Master Chief corpse soon my Lord... Destroy him!
  6. eDeevo

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    Lord Vader, just keep in mind that I was pormoted to GM prior to Yoda... we must keep within the hierarchy... This new Crimson Guard should prove quite useful.... quite useful indeed... Don'y worry Masterchief, you will have your opportunity to destroy that rebellious reptile-lover... Meanwhile we are to look into the supposed appearance of a Jedi Starfighter... let's roll...
  7. eDeevo

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    Lord Vader- It has been some time I know, but I am officially back from my vacation & ready to crush the rebellion once again! The TIE Army reigns supreme!!!
  8. eDeevo

    WHAT THE HELL??? Imperial Guards this cheap?

    Phes my friend, how much would you give me for these: Or these: & the rest can be seen here: -----> Just 'Click" Here <----- Oh, & those three buggers pictured above fled Matt & are now under my supervision :-D (they are not in those pictures) I also have weapons for them all, they are just not pictured... Seriously though Phes, what would you give me for them? Life is Good.
  9. Just got my things from you Matt (MattZitron) :-D Thank you for the extra "Christmas Gift" ;) Life is Good.
  10. Thank you for the compliments Matt. :$ I do pride myself in helping others out with their LEGO addictions (as I have been addicted for quite some time now & I can definetly relate *wacko* ). So anyone needing anything (LEGO-wise, and possibly "other"-wise...seeing as I have a lot of things |-D ), feel free to shoot me an e-mail ;) Also, I recently had a wonderful deal with legoman & he should be commended for his end of the deal :-D . Thanks man. Remember, Life is Good.
  11. Always a great experience dealing with you man :-D Just glad I could hepl you out ;) Life is Good.
  12. eDeevo

    Eurobricks Community Unite!

    a classic... just look to the left ;) Life is Good.
  13. eDeevo

    Pirate sets I don't have... Yet...

    Hey Phes, I have the Original Instructions for Set 1729 Barnacle Bay (which includes 1871, 1872, & 1873). I used to have the sets, but parts may have been sold through my Bricklink Store... iIf you are interested in the sets loose with Original Instructions, let me know & I'll see if I can dig up the parts for them... although all of this is a moot point if you are only looking for it MISB... ;) Life is Good.
  14. eDeevo

    Interesting google find

    kind of displays the obvious political views of those who run google... although being a soldier myself (& him being my Commander-In-Chief), I think it is humorous... but I also think it is sad that people continue to rip on this man who has done well at his job thus far... Anyone who has been to Iraq or Afganistan recently knows we are doing well there... its the journalists who are mainly to blame. They portray everyone from those regions as anti-american suicide bombers, & our soldiers there as torturer-hungry heathens who shoot first & think later... it is sad... because the people in Iraq are extremely happy that Saddam is no longer in power (for obvious reasons) & they constantly remind my buddies who are over there right now of that fact... Sorry about all that, I'm not trying to spur a political debate or anything ;) Life is Good.