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  1. we (Aussies) are getting double points from the 10th of october comes with lego shop poly :)
  2. Part 2530 (Cutlass) in ABS plastic?

    ive come across a few, but i figured at some point they had just made them that way. I thought mebbe one of the other lines had them as my original pirate lego as a kid werent that way like the castle swords. The bow/quiver colour issues. really bugs the hell out of me :) brown, reddish brown and another reddish brownish one.. kind of like matching those speckled axes.
  3. The Brick Bounty vs BrickBeard's Bounty

    Got around to bringing down my Xlarge and Mini versions of the two ships to take some pictures. Have to say i prefer the 6243 Brickbeards Bounty over 70413 The Brick Bounty, The overall colour scheme, shark, nets, figures. Two many to link so heres the album link of the pics :) Enjoy
  4. The Brick Bounty vs BrickBeard's Bounty

    Dont forget the Big Shark one has a Sawfish. I have 2x both modified and i cant really say which i prefer will get around to uploading some pics of the other one sometime this week. Added some cannons and cannon balls but rest is just using pieces from 2 sets to make the two boats. So they arent so dwarfed by my
  5. yeah seems like my info was wrong bigw also has exclusive friends yogurt shop it seems. ./shrug
  6. A-wing arkham etc are previously done deals "winter 2017" our summer. I meant from Silent mary onwards. "summer 2017"
  7. i heard from a reliable source (cough lego rep) that there wont be exclusives anymore for specific stores like myer/dj/target/bigw/target/toysrus/small retail etc Apparently there was some stuff up at myer or dj's regarding a exclusive recently and has changed the way its going to distribute those sets for the time being. Which is why silent mary is showing up everywhere even though its a exclusive which is way overpriced at Dreamworld.
  8. Woolsworth has 5 different POLYBAGS for $5 They are all in the one box a little bigger then the usual minifigure box easy to miss in the toy section. 30352 Police Car [City] 30400 Gymnastic Bar [Friends] 30338 Fire Car [Juniors] 30426 Stealthy Swamp Airboat [Ninjago] 30377 Motor Horse [Nexo Knights]
  9. So far i have From Least fav to most Favourite out of 10. 1/10 1x yuppie, 1/10 1x dance instructor only beats yuppie because of accessory 2/10 1x corn cob prefer the animal ones. 3/10 1x retro spaceman colours are meh 3/10 1x strong man dnt have a circus..other then other cmfs 4/10 1x rocket boy cute but hard to place him anywhere. 5/10 1x vet have a few bunnies already. 5/10 2x hotdog thought i would like it more but feels like he came out of a timewarp. 5/10 1x surf boy board is nice. 6/10 5x elf maiden wish she was in pants. Hair/ear piece is nice got 4 for the shield who know if might come in useful, overall colour scheme not so good. I think a royal blue or even a purple would have been nicer. 7/10 2x butterfly girl, daughter loves the wings. 7/10 2x gourmet chef love the mixer,hat, overall look and pie. 7/10 2x connoisseur goes well with the wifes parisian restaurant. 7/10 5x Battle Dwarf nice hammer but he doesnt really mesh well with other dwarfs. shield would have been nice instead of axe or two hammers even :D 7/10 5x highway man /shrug tricorn is nice, cape is different, nothing to complain about. 7/10 8x roman gladiator, only feasable army builder minifig makes a decent barbarian archer, also looks good with a double headed axe but my rebels need ranged :D hairpiece bothers me immensely though. No real stand out minifig for me. Might get around to picking up a few more romans. When its a army builder cmf i like, i try to attain 10,16 or 32 but the hair is really bothering me so might just leave it at 8.
  10. ToysRUS has BOGO at the moment which works out to 25% off if you buy two of the same :D 1st to the 14th of march i think. PIcked up 2 x 75175 A-Wing Starfighter – AU$79.99 in-store only only had a few ^_^ with buy one get one 50% it ends up as 59.99 per set
  11. SIgh i want the new Phantom and the A-wing >< That last A-wing rebels set never came here :(
  12. Ive only ever purchased off Gumtree Locally "pick up" within 10-20km :D so cant help there :S
  13. Just in case you dont check out Noted 20% stacks for the catalogue sets already on special. Target has 20% off online until 11:59 PM AEDT Tuesday December 13th (Promo Code) LEGO20 i caved and bought the set with klyo ren for my son ....hate the set but he doesnt have that character....
  14. Aye, or we all have what we were after for the year and are waiting on the new sets to be announced trying to refill our spent wallets
  15. Hard to say which retailer will stock it (brick bank modular) usually its DJ's/Myer or stores like shopforme for modulars, They arent usually exclusive ie even the small lego retailers can get them but as they have to buy i think its at least 8 Most don't. You wont see them in kmart,target,bigw they dn't seem to order them unless they are exclusive. e.g. kmart had the haunted house(exclusive) after it was up at the Lego store for about 12 months. But it wont appear in stores for a while, usually remains a Lego online store exclusive for 9-12+ months from release. My guess is you wont see it in stores before the 3rd week of January 2017. You just missed double points should be another around october but by then you might as well wait for it to go to retailers. Im still on the fence for it myself.