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  1. Has there been any updates on when/if (a sad possibility) the 20th Obi-Wan polybag will be distributed? Been expecting it as a store giveaway, even the Force Friday incentive, but no sign of it yet officially. Is it still going to come up within the year? Given the buzz about upcoming giveaways for other theme's I'm a little worried some things are getting squeezed out.
  2. Drewsko

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I've got a few modifications for Anakin. As my favorite character in the saga, I feel LEGO hasn't really done his older version justice quite yet. So here's some mods and addons I've done for him. Ep1: Small, simple backpack for Tatooine departure scenes. Ep2: Changed his hair back to the classic male hairpiece, the widow peak doesn't look right for his padawan combover (and if Obi-Wan still uses it on his Ep1 figures, why not?) Also gave him a gold hand for early Clone Wars; rather peeved his custom Jedi Startfighter set skipped over that detail with 2 flesh hands. I'm really hoping future Anakins drop the cheek/chin faceprinting, they make him look too old. Luke was suffering the same problem for a while, if anyone remembers. Ep3: This one was the real overhaul. Uses the Palaptine Arrest head with the late-season Clone Wars torso with added flesh hand. I'm of the belief LEGO should keep his robes black/very dark brown, I don't like the notion of it all blending in as pure black. Also gave him last year's Clone Wars era legs and light brown hair. I think we need a whole new piece for Anakin's Ep3 mullet, don't think any of the current parts out there really match it, and the CW hairpiece isn't that accurate, especially with available hair colors. Ep6: Until they find a way to do proper force ghost figures, we just have to pretend there's blue effects around them. Ghost Anakin is a bit rough, one of the more generic male faces on Ben Kenobi's body and some light brown hair. I went for generic since Anakin's ghost does lack the scars, so he can afford to look more plain.
  3. Ok, what's with LEGO this year and them not wanting to reuse Wildstyle's lowered hood piece with any of her TLM2 figures even when it would be scene-accurate? Did something come up with the soft-plastic they were using for the part that made it ill-advisable to manufacture now?
  4. Drewsko

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    As I eagerly await the Voldemort's Return set, I can't help but wish they chose a different set of faces for Harry. Given how he is in that scene his face should be a pairing of scared/panicking worry and frazzled-but-brave determination. I can make do with the cross face he'll come with in the set but I wish there was a more varied option.
  5. An interesting side-note with the discovery of these new figures. I'm working stock at Toys R Us and saw that a few boxes of these came in today, but they have self date demand to not put them out until September 1. It's interesting with that in mind that these are showing up now as opposed to later, especially at LEGO stores.
  6. Drewsko

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    The news just broke on Brickset that Supergirl's instructions got uploaded by LEGO. From the looks of, she'll be packaged on her own without any sort of vehicle or gadget. Could we be looking at Dimensions polybags or something?
  7. How are sightings for these figures going aside from LEGO stores? With the Disney figures coming out in a month, I'm starting to panic that I won't have a chance at this wave. Goshdarnit, I want my Sharkman and Astronaut. I almost had them, today, a Target had a full display of them. But some young spoiled kid managed to convince his parents to take THE ENTIRE DISPLAY BOX OF THEM and buy it in one go. Just took it off the rack and put it in their cart. Seriously.
  8. Drewsko

    Best Adventurers subtheme

    Orient Expedition had a nice variety of environments, semi-modern updates to the character prints that still hold up with today's mini-figures, and a pretty sweet prize at the end of it all that makes me still want to collect today. Plus Johnny's winter coat was really cool, so count me a fan of the theme. In terms of a future wave, it would be nice to see a revisit of the jungle environment that the Amazon had captured, perhaps with a second round based on Central America and Aztec/Incan/Mayan ruins? A slight shift in location, but it has untapped potential, I think.
  9. Drewsko

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    It's highly likely it'll be his younger, non-NOTD look. Unknown what outfit though, but LEGO Dimenions does give us a possible hint: Though with those cheek bone marks, you'd think he might be an older person...
  10. Drewsko

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    I found the Joker Bumper Car set at TRU over the weekend. Finally, they're putting these things out openly. Only four bucks too, not bad.
  11. I noticed that you're using one of those minifigure display boxes that Character Building was using for their last few waves of "blind box" Doctor Who figures. May not be purist technique, but still a useful and appropriate part for such a scene.
  12. They're all standard and non-unique to the set. Look up the Knights Kingdom II line for the blue knight, Exo Force for the guy with the green hair, and mid-2000s City sets for the other two figures.
  13. Drewsko

    Review: 6737 Breakwater

    Because this theme was based off the LEGO Island video games, and basically all the minifigs are established characters. In the pilot's case, he's the Brickster, who's basically a crook character who wants to steal the island's bricks, pizza, or various other important things.
  14. Drewsko

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I don't know what footage you've seen, but the clips I've seen so far seem to keep the stiff, stop-motion-esque animation going for LEGO MOvie characters. Even the announcement video.