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  1. More than cool! It's awesome! Have no words, only emotions!)) Really wonderful MOC.
  2. Very cool! Maybe, not so close to the original Imprezza, but this one is also made very qualitatively) Moreover, I've always liked and continue to like rally-cars so I love this design and this mix of colors.
  3. Wonderful work! Original idea to build a trike.
  4. Rather simple but compact, original and playable))
  5. But I like it a lot. In my opinion, a big number of panels isn't a minus...
  6. Looking cool and realistic. LIKE
  7. Looks wonderful and the mix of these colors are rather unusual for trucks but they are suitable so...that's cool)
  8. Wow! Looks very cool. Firstly it seems to be very close to original Lego red coupe but then I noticed lots of interesting parts) So, very good work, like it in all ways.
  9. Lol! Original) To be honest, see the UFO work with some mechanisms and PF made with Technic pieces at first time.
  10. Wow, looks powerful, like it)
  11. U r full of interesting ideas, it's wonderful! Like this prototype a lot and hope I'll see some bike based on it soon)
  12. Wondrerful! I don't understand why but I love such tractors for countryside without any roof))
  13. Senator Chinchilla is rather active on Flickr. I guess, u're speaking about him: https://www.flickr.com/photos/88064955@N03 , so I can contact him if u haven't got an account there.