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  1. Lego litigator

    Queen Anne's Revenge

    I'm using combos of 2X3 and 2x4 red slopes. You can see one attached in the photo.
  2. Lego litigator

    Queen Anne's Revenge

    Last year, I posted some pics of a build I was doing of the Queen Anne's Revenge from the latest Pirates Movie. I wasn't pleased with the proportions of the build and wanted to use dark red bricks so I started over. These are some pics I took last night (After my 4 year old played with the ship a bit) of the newest build. I'm not satisfied with the shape of the stern but the front is done. This is a modular build and all of the decks can be taken off to see the interior decks inside. I should have it completed by fall but wanted to post some update pics.
  3. Lego litigator

    Queen Anne's Revenge

    Will post some pics after this weekend of more work I did no the stearn. The hardest part has been getting the rear profile right. Its getting closer....
  4. Lego litigator

    Queen Anne's Revenge

  5. Lego litigator

    Queen Anne's Revenge

    I read captain greenbeard's tutorial for help on the waterline and getting the hull shape right. Some great stuff in that tutorial. Just updated the gallery with a few more photos. The stern picture is a bit blurry:hmpf_bad:
  6. Lego litigator

    Queen Anne's Revenge

    This work is inspired by the most recent pirates movie. I already posted in the discussion forum but really should have posted it here. I had to buy everything on bricklink so its taken awhile to build. I'd say I'm about 1/2 done at this point. QAR Gallery on Flickr
  7. Lego litigator

    Why can't I post a link?

    Well I'm a dummy.... Now its working... THanks
  8. Lego litigator

    Why can't I post a link?

    I'm new and trying to post a link. I'm getting an error message saying I need to post 5 times before any link can be added. I'm trying to link to a FLickr gallery. Is there any other way to link to these photos?
  9. Lego litigator


    very nice
  10. Going on Bricklink to put together Blackseas Barracuda for my son... Although he wants the imperial flagship more....
  11. Lego litigator

    SET REVIEW: 4193 The London Escape

    an interesting set