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  1. Eurolock

    MOC - LOTR Helm's Deep

    Looks fantastic.....but perhaps I am a bit biased! You have nice details that I didn’t manage to the steps at the slide of the ramp that winds up to the main keep.
  2. Eurolock

    [MOC] The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    Very impressive.....great attention to detail.
  3. Eurolock

    Winter Serenity

    Fantastic build....the cave, snow and path are just perfect. Love the sleeping bear too.
  4. Eurolock

    [MOC] Lighting of the Beacons

    Excellent build....and incredibly accurate to the source material.
  5. Eurolock

    Gate of Rogatino

    Where would you even acquire all those hammers? Fantastic build though....and I like the use of the ingots too.
  6. Eurolock

    [MOC] - LotR "Attack on Weathertop"

    Thanks - the images can now be seen! Lots to like here....but I am puzzled as to why you built the ruins of the watchtower as a semi-circle rather than the full circle? Was the intention to do a sort of 'scale-up' of the official 9472? I built a MOC of weathertop about 3 years ago and have never got around to posting pictures (mainly because it was so difficult to photograph). I will try to post something this weekend though...
  7. Eurolock

    [MOC] - LotR "Attack on Weathertop"

    Afraid I can't see the images. Perhaps put them on Flickr?
  8. Eurolock

    [MOC] Edoras

    Looks like an official set. Very cool without being very big.
  9. Eurolock

    [MOC] The Titan of Braavos

    Amazing work. The positioning of the arm (slight flex at the elbow and tilt of the wrist) looks very natural. The sculpting of the armour and helmet are fantastic. Be great to see something else in the picture to get a better idea of scale.....
  10. Eurolock

    Falkreath Manor

    The tree technique is definitely a winner. Looks much more 'realistic' that just using the normal leaf pieces.
  11. Wow. This is truly stunning - both in scale and detail. Wasn't expecting the interior...but that was even more impressive! Picking out individual parts to comment upon is difficult because there is just SO much to take in..... the giant statues (particularly the beards!) and the abandoned mine carts were definitely amongst my favourite parts though...
  12. Eurolock

    The City of Harfleur

    This is indeed very impressive...the overall composition is great and there are so many details to admire. The damage to the castle walls is particularly well implemented.
  13. Eurolock

    Bushidō - Way of the Warrior

    Simply beautiful. The colours are amazing.
  14. Eurolock

    [WIP] Barad Dur

    Excellent build...of a very difficult structure. Loads of creative ideas. Wish the photographs were better so I could study it in more detail! Did you check out skywalter's epic (even larger) version on Flickr? Might be some ideas you could borrow for finishing it.
  15. Eurolock

    Gloomy Gulch

    Spectacular as always. The angles on the cottage are incredible (I'd love to know how that is achieved while maintained structural stability). I did see this on Flickr before but I didn't spot the ghoul shape until you mentioned it. The colour palette for the ground work is so unique and works really well too.