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  3. welcomestranger

    Emerald Night Wheel Fix

    I know it's been over a year since this thread was created, but I finally got around to PF'ing my Emerald Night and what do you know, my wheels were locking up. Thanks to this thread everything is now working very smoothly as like everyone else, missed the quartering of the wheels. You would think that such a critical step in the build would be highlighted in the manual a little more... Thanks EB!
  4. welcomestranger

    REVIEW: 3181 Passenger Plane

    Nice review! I'm looking forward to adding this set to my collection as well! The more I look at that new nose assmebly, the more I can see it being used as the nose of a Japanese bullet train MOC... I'm sure those budding train builders have already thought of this though...
  5. welcomestranger

    7641 City Corner Mods

    Good to see creativity comes in all shapes and sizes :) I modded my bus to a left hand drive as well... can't have my Aussie citizens getting onto a bus in the middle of the street!
  6. welcomestranger

    Sang Royale

    That is absolutely stunning! Love all the work that has gone into this. Did I miss seeing the big steering wheel on the poop deck, or is that located somewhere else?
  7. welcomestranger

    Emerald Night visits SharpyVille

    Just by hand-power at the moment, but I think I'll use one of my spare 9V motors and replace one of the bogeys on the passenger carriage.. seems like the easiest way to do it without destroying the aesthetics of the engine.
  8. welcomestranger

    Emerald Night visits SharpyVille

    Next stop in this majestic train's worldwide journey is SharpyVille! A new coat of canary yellow was applied to the station and a crowd gathered to witness this historic day. Even Mayor Sharpy was there, as always watched over by his loyal bodyguards, the Brothers Brick (that's Hans Brick, and Fritz Brick between you and me). Don't be late! There she sits in all her glory. And if the dreaded sticker sheet is anything to go by, there should be 2 more carriages to come: a second and third class, and the same DSS should be re-used just like with the Santa Fe sets. I hope you enjoyed this quick look at SharpyVille. Construction is still underway, and more pics will be up soon... Mayor Sharpy
  9. welcomestranger

    WIP Café ( coffee shop )

    Both buildings look fantastic! Well done to you on those! I'm not sure it has been mentioned, but have you thought of using a lighter colour to make the "CAFE" sign? Perhaps a lighter colour will help it stand out against the white background more than the black... or even try a black background, then the words in white, and then go over the white letters with a trans brick to make it look like an illuminated neon-type sign... just a thought... :)
  10. welcomestranger

    MOC: Retro Taxi Station

    Ah, now that takes me back. Excellent work there Brickster! The only thing I could suggest to really retro-fit the garage would be to replace the roller door with the large door shutters (the big version of those window shutters). Ahhh... back in the days when you could build a modest size building ON a corner road-plate... THAT takes me back! :)
  11. welcomestranger

    Early pictures of 2009 summer sets

    Sorry, but it looks like a runway plate from one of the airport sets from the 90's... I like the stand-along tow-truck... I'm very happy that it has doors, and would like to see these make a comeback on all vehicles... As for the main garage, I'm not a fan of the open style of it, so will just have to use it for parts as it certainly won't fit into my town scheme....
  12. welcomestranger

    Vote for a TRU exclusive City set!

    I was originally going to vote for the City Square when I read the initial release a few days ago, but after seeing the sketches, the possibility of having a new monorail or even light rail was too good to refuse so it swung my vote! Public Transportation Centre #1! Even the truck-stop looks great too... can't they just make them all?
  13. welcomestranger

    Third Cafe Corner style building in 09

    Ooooooooooo... finally something to go with my PF creator ferris wheel! The fair is coming to SharpyVille! :) These are definately 2 lines that need to stay fresh and updated: "Cafe Corner" style and "Town Plan" style...
  14. welcomestranger

    WWII American Airborne Pathfinder

    Hahahaha... I'll give you that one
  15. welcomestranger

    Exclusive Train 10194 Emerald Night (Exclusive 2009)

    Oh my, all those flexi-tracks joined together looks DISGUSTING! Now instead of riding ON rails, our trains will be riding in the grooves... UGH! I better stock up on regular curves and straights now...