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  1. The Rancor

    Star Wars Theme Fan Tag

    Yes, thanks for doing that!
  2. The Rancor

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I purchased it at the end of last week, but I'm now the proud owner of a Mos Eisley Cantina (2014 not 2004) and I was actually surprised at how good the value for money was, which I'm not used to with Lego SW (well, it's good value in terms of SW anyway). I'm in the process of creating a review.
  3. The Rancor

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Looks like there might be a new Boba minifigure beyond my grasp, a bit like the exclusive Dengar or some of the Death Star minifigs. Well, there's always other means to get them, but a Slave I as long as the ISD? That's properly massive, but picturing it in my head it would roughly be minifig scale. I wonder how much green there's going to be?
  4. The Rancor

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Now that's long overdue for an overhaul, new Cloud Cars and a couple of interior details would be great. I can imagine TLG making a good playset out of the carbonite freezing chamber for example
  5. The Rancor

    Star Wars Theme Fan Tag

    Hello as well, I can't remember ever coming across this thread before but SW is my central theme and I meet posts and membership time, would I be able to have this tag too please?
  6. The Rancor

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    The 'swashbuckler' looks more like one of the 3 Musketeers than a Pirate, isn't the name referring to sword fighting and not specifically Pirates?
  7. The Rancor

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Considering all the rest of the sets of this wave are set distinctly after Episode III, I'm still slightly surprised that an Episode I set has come into the mix. If the MTT is retailer specific in the UK, there's a chance it belongs to Argos, because I've been to both TRU and Smyths over the last couple of days and they had pretty much every set except the MTT. The ISD might be TRU exclusive because it wasn't in Smyths but otherwise it seems like everything's creeping out there.
  8. The Rancor

    Lego at risk of 'genericide'

    I have some second cousins around 10 years old and someone once tried to give them some Mega stuff, and they immediately realised that it was not Lego then treated it as a separate toy to the the rest of the Lego. It was Barbie branded which could be a draw - people arguably recognise that brand as a girls' toy more than 'Friends' despite the fact that from what I've seen of Friends the builds couldn't be beaten. Because some of these brands actually overtake the maker's brand in terms of graphic design on the box, (some) people see Halo or Barbie or even Call of Duty and just think great, a Call of Duty playset my son will love that! Clearly people often notice when non-licensed property is not Lego because some brands such as Mega have barely any of their own themes at all. It's certainly clear in the Argos catalogue.
  9. The Rancor

    Members on the map

    I only just discovered this thread and it's a great idea. I'm in Poole, Dorset, UK. Closest person to me is Rainclouddustbin in Bristol
  10. The Rancor

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    A good note to be reminded of, especially as we can't quite see the closed rack door and whether there's any extra interior space. But still the rack is a large concern. And to Chosen One, yes, go for the Star Destroyer if you can - the Malevolence just isn't a particularly interesting set and it's firmly rooted in the Clone Wars. The Star Destroyer in comparison is an iconic ship with very good movie accuracy as well as characters.
  11. The Rancor

    Lego at risk of 'genericide'

    I was frankly repulsed when I walked into TRU the other day and found that the massive Lego Movie display had turned into a display of Kreo or something, I didn't really take note of what it was as soon as I realised the whole display had no Lego sets at all. Fortunately my parents or other relatives never mistook anything else for Lego and any concerns about cost just meant smaller sets were bought. Despite what I just opened with, I don't think clone brands are much of a problem in the UK as they might be in other countries. The fact that Lego is pretty expensive here would indicate a lack of competition to need to lower the price. I think a particular problem comes when clone brands sell sets which are deliberately trying to look like Lego boxes or claim compatibility, because compatibility would suggest all bricks are Lego to the less initiated
  12. The Rancor

    [MOC] Imperial RTT

    I love the varying degrees of SNOT all over the model, certainly in those pods on the sides. I'm with Nom thinking it's quite an obscure vehicle, from that image it's very accurate but it's hard to tell whether the front is curved like that or whether it's more angular. It would look even better with some greebles but I don't know how easy that is in LDD. Generally though, an intriguing great build!
  13. The Rancor

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    I think some people (including myself) that have been buying into SW since 1999 have reached a point where we can't help but compare all new set remakes to their best previous iteration, and this is a case in point. I think Aanchir indicated just how much more movie-accurate this new MTT is than the one from 2007 and I agree because 2007 was just too tall and long, plus some other detailing. However, the huge space for droids and usable cockpit were in my opinion the best features. Having space for only 3-4 droids and inappropriate characters is certainly not ideal and it's hard to let accuracy outweigh those things.
  14. The Rancor

    How many AFOL's "Swoosh"?

    I hold up most spaceships to view them from different angles and sometimes to see a flight mode/wings in different positions, but unfortunately I don't actually swoosh very often, if at all. It's pretty difficult with some of those bulky models too. The Republic Dropship with ATOT being carried takes the biscuit!
  15. The Rancor

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I agree, it's one of a small range of models that has only ever been made once, and with a huge range of other Episode II sets. Actually what I'd really like is a range of sets based on the inside of the Death Star. Sorry, but £275 is more than I can afford. However, I can easily imagine Lego creating small playsets based on iconic scenes, such as the trash compactor or cell block, or Obi Wan's final duel. The weak link would be no vehicles, and almost every SW set has them, but it's nice to imagine it.