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  1. Looks very nice. But as you extended the building, I would make the crane wider, to maybe support two racks or a wider road? Anyway, thanks for the .ldd
  2. Even if there is no PF demand, please release the 3D print schematics ! It is awesome track geometry.
  3. 2016 Lego trains

    Is it the 31054 set or a hobby train like the Maersk? I cannot access the page from Europe.
  4. Steam locomotive JŽ 22-077

    Very nice, good work.
  5. Wow, this was my dream layout, but when I started with trains again, the Emerald night was sold out and I bought the Maersk. So now I have a diesel layout.
  6. 2015 LEGO Trains?

    Could that be the new creator train? Also it seems like I will be getting another container car for my Maersk :D https://www.flickr.c...in/photostream/
  7. 2015 LEGO Trains?

    Hmm, reminds me of the new Prague tram, the Skoda T15...
  8. I really like that signal box. You could hide some PF stuff in it to operate the gates.
  9. A new crane mod

    I just found this http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/49924# . But it would require a lot of Maersk blue. Anyway, it has a nice booth and ladder,
  10. Class 55 Deltic, Class 37 and Class 27

    This is top level brick-modelling.
  11. A new crane mod

    That idea is actually taken from the new cargo train crane. Thank you dr_spock, I actually have the exam tomorrow, so I am doing a bit of procrastination right now . I have changed the design to use less technic bricks, because of price. I did not order parts for the booth and ladder, I will do it after I rework them. The pricetag for now is about 30-35 Euros from brickling. I will upload the update in real bricks when they arrive.
  12. A new crane mod

    So I did a small rebuild. I raised the whole stucture a little, so now it can paas containers over loaded cars with ease. The booth is rather just a concept until I come up with something better. Thank you for the feedback , it is nice to share ideas for inspiration. And here is the .lxf : https://www.dropbox.com/s/dj9byitfjqjp6dw/Crane.lxf
  13. A new crane mod

    Well I thought about making it taller, using 6004925, but I have only ordered 4 . I didn´t put a booth on it, because I just wanted to make a slightly different version of the crane from the new cargo train set. Cheap and simple was my motto , but now I see this will not be the case.
  14. A new crane mod

    Well, it is a WIP and I am open to suggestions. Right now I don´t have much time at my hands, but I will post any updates soon. But I agree that a control booth would be nice, but that would also require some ladders or stairs... I will look into it.