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  1. Dufresne

    Purist Disney Figs

    What about this one? It's got a bit of a floral design to it, (though not really similar to her actual dress pattern,) with no wrinkles on it.
  2. Dufresne

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    Definitely adding Black Cat, Namor, Banner, and Ms. Marvel to my next order.
  3. Dufresne

    Purist Superhero Figures

    There are a few bomber jacket torsos that might work, but they're all zipped up instead of open like in the comics. http://www.bricklink...p?P=973p70&in=S http://www.bricklink...p?P=973pa5&in=S http://www.bricklink...=973pb0792&in=S There's an old torso from a Spider-Man set where the colors aren't quite right, but could work. http://www.bricklink...=973pb0287&in=S Then there's a torso from an Adventurers Orient Expedition set with an open, fur-lined jacket just like Squirrel Girl wears, but an undershirt that's probably too colorful. Also a scarf. http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=973px186&in=S
  4. Dufresne

    Purist Superhero Figures

    This one seems almost perfect. The train logo is unfortunate, but otherwise, the blue suit, red tie, and notepad are spot on.
  5. Dufresne

    Database of Actor Minifigs

    Thanks. I think I just had a brain fart when I put in all the Spider-Man characters and made them all DC. I've had to correct a few of them piecemeal. Mary Jane was also marked DC. The characters from Spider-Man sets have been in, (though I just realized I'd forgotten to add Macho Man Randy Savage as Bonesaw,) but the Jurassic Park ones had Johnny Thunder and company in them, and not any specific character from the movie.
  6. Dufresne

    Database of Actor Minifigs

    Makes sense for the Simpsons, but I'm interested in how you deal with Batman. I was originally tempted to just say, "Kevin Conroy for Bats and Mark Hamill for the Joker," but that assumes that all the Batman figures are based solely on The Animated Series, which they're not. I was just amazed to find out that there actually isn't an official LEGO minifig of the suit from TAS. I assumed there was until seeing them all lined up just now. I mean, you can easily make one by taking the blue suit figure with the yellow and black logo and switching out all the blue parts for black parts, but still.
  7. Dufresne

    Database of Actor Minifigs

    Out of curiosity, I added another tab that cuts out full facial obstruction entirely. Basically if the entire face on the minifig is covered up, then I don't include it in that tab. The minifig head has to at least partially depict the actual actor. (To the degree of detail which is normal for LEGO at least.) I did it just to see how it would change things, and I didn't have to cut nearly as many as I thought. Warwick Davis got hurt the most, though, and Alfred Molina is now solidly #1 on that tab. I may gear up for a voice actors tab, but that'll probably be several more hours of work, so it'll only happen if I have the time to kill. One big issue that I don't know how to address: do I include every voice actor who has voiced a character? There have been something like 15 people voicing the "modern" Batman over the years, and just as many that did the Joker. Which do you pick? Plus you've got things like Ninjago and Chima, which were LEGO first and a show second, so you've got pretty much the whole cast of both. Considering just how many people you have to add to the list I figured it wasn't worth doing just to give Chris Pratt a third character. (Also it would put John Ratzenberger at like 5 characters and beat everyone.) Of course, without looking into it I don't know. Voice actors are so prolific that the whole list might turn out to only be like 20 people.
  8. Dufresne

    Database of Actor Minifigs

    I've been fixing all the errors found, (kicking myself over the Ernie Banks/Hudson mixup,) and just added the minifigs for the newly-announced Ghostbusters set. Chris Hemsworth has joined the two-character club!
  9. Dufresne

    Database of Actor Minifigs

    Thanks, I didn't know Verne Troyer played him in the first movie. I'll make the change.
  10. Dufresne

    Database of Actor Minifigs

    I was not actually aware of that! I knew he actually wore the costume on set, but I thought Jar Jar was all CG all the time. I'll put him on the list. Hmm... I totally see that the guy is inspired to look like him, but not sure if he's actually supposed to BE George Michael. I mean, the minifig has brown hair. What do other people think? I guess there was another criteria I was using about stuntmen, in that I'm not counting them if they're acting as a double for an existing actor. Vic Armstrong, in his shots in Indiana Jones, is essentially meant to be Harrison Ford. The stuntmen I included are guys who aren't acting as doubles, but as a character of their own. (Like Lurtz or FN-2199.) As for puppets, I wasn't counting them either, but I guess you could say they're basically a costume for someone's hand. I suppose Frank Oz technically would have his hand onscreen, just inside a bunch of foam rubber. I've been thinking about adding a second tab just for voice actors, but that's a lot more work. You're welcome to do it! John Ratzenberger would be a lot higher up on the list. Also, voice acting does start getting into some additional judgement calls where you have to determine what counts as minifig representation. Do Rex and Hamm count? What about the brick-built cars characters? What about Groot? I'm really glad Scott Lang and Hank Pym have shown up as normal minifigs, or the the Giant Man "minifig" in the new Marvel airport set would have been a headache. Really, I started this because I really wanted to see who had minifigs in their likeness. The thing was, guys like Warwick Davis and all the guys who play orcs in Lord of the Rings started causing me all kinds of trouble because you get characters who are in heavy makeup, and then where do you draw the line between heavy makeup and full costume, and so I settled on if they are actually, physically onscreen, they count.
  11. Dufresne

    Database of Actor Minifigs

    Fair enough on Mark Strong. I think I'd added him before I made that rule for myself and missed removing him. (Same with Hugo Weaving, actually.) However, you'll note that Ryan Reynolds' entry specifically says it's the Comic-Con exclusive GL figure, which is definitely based on the movie version.
  12. Dufresne

    Database of Actor Minifigs

    Thanks for the feedback. I've made a few changes to update the list. Don't know how I made that mistake with Doc Ock; glad you caught it.
  13. Dufresne

    Database of Actor Minifigs

    About a year ago I decided, on a whim, to keep track of which actors, stuntment, celebrities, etc. have had minifigs created of their likeness. I created a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, and have been adding to it whenever new licensed sets have been released. I figure that people here would maybe be interested in the list, so I'm posting it here for everyone to see! Click here to go to the spreadsheet. Some celebrities' minifigs are of real-life individuals, (most notably the NBA minfigs,) but for all minifigs of film or television characters, I have the following criteria: Only different characters are counted. There may be umptillion different Harry Potter minifigs, but they all only count as one character for Daniel Radcliffe. The actor must physically appear onscreen. No voice actors. So Mark Hamill doesn't get the Joker. The actor can be obscured by a costume, as long as, again, they actually appear onscreen wearing it. Hence Warwick Davis being king of this list. (This rule made things tricky, since I had to actually track down, e.g., the guy who actually wore the Admiral Ackbar suit onscreen.) What I'm now referring to as the "Puppet Corollary:" as puppets are basically costumes for one's limb, Frank Oz makes the list. The minifig must be based on the specific version of the character that the actor plays. (e.g. Stephen Amell is not on the list, as while there are several Green Arrow minifigs, none are based on his actual appearance on Arrow. However, since the Comic-Con minifig of Arsenal is based on the show character, Colton Haynes makes the list.) In some cases, if a minifig is given a generic name but clearly based on a specific character, I included the actor on the list. (e.g. One of the First Order troopers in Battle on Takodana is clearly meant to be FN-2199, so the stuntman that played him makes the list.) If a stuntman is onscreen as a double of the actor playing the role, they're not included. Only the primary portrayer is included, since it's their likeness that the minifig is modeled on.
  14. Dufresne

    The Secret of Monkey Island

    That's the second-biggest monkey head I've ever seen! Seriously, this is fantastic. A great representation of an iconic scene. Now you just need to add the Sam and Max idol.
  15. Dufresne

    The Big Bang Theory Discussion

    My stance on Big Bang Theory is best summed up, again, with a comparison to Community. Community had an episode in which the main characters all played a game of Dungeons & Dragons. That wasn't the joke; it was just something they did to help a depressed friend who played the game. The jokes came from the situations they faced while playing and how they roleplayed. In The Big Bang Theory, there's a scene, (I'm sure more than one,) where they're playing Dungeons & Dragons. That's the joke. "We're playing D&D!" (Cue laugh track.) It's mean-spirited and, , not even funny. You can't really expect anything better from the same showrunner responsible for Two and a Half Men, of course.Ah well, it's occasionally nice to see a set where I can sigh and say, "Well, not getting that one." On the other hand I'll be very interested to see how the birds turn out.