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    Lego, Music, Acting, Lizards, Reading, Movies, Surfing the Internet, Movies, Swimming, and Minecraft.


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  1. Souperlizard

    Finally Joined Eurobricks! Or: Hello From Canada, Eh?

    This goes out to everyone who left a reply here- Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I can see that you guys have an active and interesting community here. Looks like from now on, my connection to the Lego world will be from Eurobricks! Thanks again, Souperlizard
  2. Hi! Just chiming in because I saw your comments were empty.

  3. Souperlizard

    Hi everybody!

    Ah, such a sad story. But at least the ending shows a new, happy beginning! Glad to see that you are getting back into the Lego world, and that some of your favorite minifigs survived the "Dark Ages"!
  4. Souperlizard

    The Bat's Tumbler

    Did you make this by yourself, from memory? If that's the case, then good job! It reminds me of the recent Star Wars sets that come with one minifig and a miniaturized vehicle. It seems like you enjoyed The Dark Knight trilogy. My favorite of the 3 would probably be the last one, but what about you?
  5. Hi! I know that I'm a newbie here, but I the to see an empty profile. I share your interest of drawing pictures! :)

  6. Souperlizard

    Finally Joined Eurobricks! Or: Hello From Canada, Eh?

    Thanks for noticing fresh meat like me! And I've never heard the adjective "classic" applied to Lego before, but I like it! I think that it suits my collection better.
  7. Souperlizard


    Just curious to see how many people out there are like me! It is obvious that Eurobricks is the best Lego community on the web, but r/Lego on can have some neat stuff as well. My Reddit username is the same as my Eurobricks username. I hope that I'm not alone in this!
  8. has not yet conquered the World!

  9. Hello! I just became a Vassal, and felt obliged to comment on the profile of the person who introduced me to Eurobricks. Thank you!

  10. Souperlizard

    Tumbler WIth Major Modifications

    Wow! Your modifications look great. I agree with you on the rocket launcher, it makes the whole thing less streamlined. Your version looks more true to The Dark Knight series than TLG's set! I hope you submit some more content like this, it is fantastic.
  11. Souperlizard

    Finally Joined Eurobricks! Or: Hello From Canada, Eh?

    Thank you! I'm sure that I will.
  12. Souperlizard

    Minifigures Series 9 Guessing Game

    This is the one that I would like to see the most. Seeing as they would probably use LOTR pieces, they would fit right in with the other LOTR characters and would be great for Middle-Earth MOC's I hope you do well with your guesses this time, especially #4!
  13. Souperlizard


    I know this post will be buried, but I want to say that I do indeed play Minecraft! It seems to me that seeing as both Minecraft and Lego rely mainly on building, people wind up enjoying both. Sadly, I do not own the PC version, but frequently play Pocket Edition as well as 360 edition. If you are a Redditor as well, you may know me as a main mod on r/MCPE (MineCraft Pocket Edition).
  14. Souperlizard

    Finally Joined Eurobricks! Or: Hello From Canada, Eh?

    Why thank you for being the first to issue me such a warm welcome! But I am afraid that your prediction about someone else dropping a comment has yet to come true. You can also look forward to some MOC's from me, although admittedly I have got lots to learn, and a fairly outdated Lego collection. I am excited to take part in the numerous contests and events this community has to offer, and maybe a few RPG's as well. See you around!
  15. Souperlizard

    What's in a name ???

    Mine is fairly short and simple. Alongside Lego, I am a huge fan of reptiles, specifically lizards. So when choosing my screen name for my very first website I thought "Superlizard" would be perfect! Unfortunately, that username was taken. I opted to mess with the name a bit and wound up with "Souperlizard". It is now the only screen name that I use!