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  1. Bogdan Valceanu

    Question about gears and chains

    It will work. The small chain and small tracks work with 16t, 24t, 40t gears, and even with 8t, but the 8t gear is pretty small.
  2. Bogdan Valceanu

    Lego Technic Figures

    Meet Alfonso (found a sticker with that name on a 5L liftarm) and used it on the instrument panel. He's my crane operator in my WIP 1:20 crawler crane MOC
  3. Bogdan Valceanu

    Linear actuator in LDD

    Here another build proposal of the retracted small LA, using the 1L "liftarm"
  4. Bogdan Valceanu

    [Poll] Power Functions 2.0: receiver or no receiver?

    Hi all, This is my first post, and maybe the admin will consider this off-topic, but talking about the PF 2.0 I would like to have a feedback from you guys. I am working on a large 1:20 crawler crane (4 x XL Motors per crawler side, 4 x XL motors for the slewing, etc) so this will use up a lot of current, and drain batteries fast. So, as I didn't want RC accu-packs visible, I started working on a custom battery pack with 2600mAh and 5200 mAh capacity Li-Ion (the crane would have multiple of these) with integrated charging management and selectable output voltage (9-10.8V) /amperage (1-2-3A). So you can use it with normal IR receivers, but also with the Sbrick. The size of the casing would be 5x9x11 studs for the 2600 mAh (so just slightly larger then the PF Battery box) and 7x9x11 studs for the 5200 mAh. I was playing with the ideea to start a Kickstarter/Indigogo campaign to manufacture these, but I kinda decided to wait what the PF 2.0 will deliver, also in terms of connectors (if they will be the same) and separated/integrated receiver. Would you be interesed in this? and if yes, feedback would be nice. BTW...I voted for separated receiver, obviously for the above mentioned custom battery pack. Thanks, Bogdan