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  1. Theduke

    An Unwelcome Visitor

    I really like the house and the interior
  2. Theduke

    Do You Remember the Shire?

    Awsome moc! But maybe you should add lava
  3. Theduke

    The Battle of Corunna

    Run you foolish english soldier run! Also awsome jungle
  4. Theduke

    Smaug the Tremendous

    so much gold and such an awsome dragon ! Good one
  5. Theduke

    [WIP] Archenval, medieval town

    Really love the gathoude and :0 if its similiar to this then im going to sweden next year
  6. Theduke

    LOTR MOC: Mount Doom

    Awsome lava hope,you,win the contest !
  7. Theduke

    Review: 9473 The Mines of Moria

    2 orcs? There should at lezst be 5!
  8. Theduke

    Future LotR and Hobbit sets

    i hope they do that battle pack for helms deep
  9. Theduke

    LOTR Project: The Return of the King

    That minas tirith is just awsome small but,awsome
  10. Theduke

    WIP King's Bastion

    Evrything is beautiful !
  11. Theduke

    Fortress in Caribbean by Brian Abildgaard

    I cant think of any words for this lovely superb ,... Forttres
  12. Theduke

    Big medieval landscape: BIG UPDATE on page 26

    When will ther be another post ?
  13. Theduke

    GALLUS - Ship-of-the-Line

    a superb ship with very nice moc cannons ! Also how did you make those ?
  14. Theduke

    Golden Whale

    Very nice and beautiful ship ! I would love to see more of these !
  15. Theduke

    [MOCpages Find] Get on yer boat!

    Nice one but where do you get that water?