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  1. It seems that I am "AmbassadorShiveringCucumber". As expected of country grown vegetables!
  2. Ooo, a "Stratocaster switch" valve!
  3. Just spotted an unusual trick that isn't documented in the official help files... For a while now I've been making use of holding down the [Alt] key while dragging a selected part, to quickly make a copy of it (a bit like the clone tool). Seeing as I'd normally used this method to build walls quickly, I hadn't tried leaving the "cloned" part on the grid. Once I did, I noticed that the cloned part expected to "drop" at a half offset on the X and Y axes; in other words, a 1x1 brick cloned and dropped this way will expect to centre itself as if you dropped it onto an 87580. If you do the same thing with the recently cloned brick, it'll take another half X/Y offset and put the newest clone back "in system". I haven't really found a reason for this particular quirk, and until I find if it's possible to make it add an offset on only one axis, it's probably not a solution for mirroring precisely aligned parts.
  4. Gnac

    General Part Discussion

    I use the battery box and siren brick from 6840 for this :| I can't make 9V batteries taste good, not even with rad herb and spice knowledge.
  5. Gnac

    General Part Discussion

    Do your friends ever make excuses to refuse a dinner invitation
  6. Gnac

    General Part Discussion

    I bet you they don't smell as bad as mine. Despite storing all my PF stuffage in sealed boxes with regularly refreshed mesh bags full o' rice, it all ended up smelling like an unloved 1960's analogue synthesiser. I had to do all this because I used to live above a derelict basement full of sludge, see. Everything still appears to work, but cripes the XL motors are noisier than ever.
  7. Gnac

    General Part Discussion

    Bootleg parts discussion was chased out for good reason; sophistry is no excuse to re-introduce it by stealth.
  8. Gnac

    General Part Discussion

    No you weren't, you made a choice
  9. A quick search shows many existing conduits for speculation
  10. Gnac

    General Part Discussion

    These things are happening again in good ol' black! And you can thank some sort of CITY set for them. Thank it right now with the equivalent of 25 quid for 4 of them, or maybe later for a better part-to-moneys ratio if you are patient. If you're anything like me, I can wait until I accidentally forget about them.
  11. Gnac

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I am gonna BUY THE H*CK out of those strange new gearbocks bits EDIT: I like how the "quantising" on the extension ring seems better because there are twice as many notches to lock onto now. Why they didn't make that happen with the super new blue freewheelin' double bevels will probably be an underwhelming answer to a hastily-worded future question.
  12. Gnac

    Lets talk color vomit

    I'd totally forgotten about them (even though I did add them to my offline inventory ages ago)! Most likely, those silver hubs were chosen because they're still in production for other models. An arguable advantage - considering the topic - might be that some folk would otherwise complain about snot-green hubs :|
  13. Gnac

    Lets talk color vomit

    This sentence answers itself, really - we will get an opportunity to have those hubs in a previously unavailable colour.
  14. Gnac

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Why do I even bother making links to things
  15. Gnac

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Not the first time, probably not the last. The mystery of how they managed to insert those 11214s the wrong way around remains unsolved! Maybe their rendering process deliberately puts some "quirks" in for realism, and sometimes things go a bit too far.