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  1. This contest looks very cool, but unfortunately for me I am living in Quebec... Which is always exclude from international contest... That's so sad!
  2. harton

    [MOC] Segway

    Great MOC, third place is not bad considering the other MOC. It is also the first time I see a MOC of a segway. Well done!
  3. This is stunning, the use of the cheese open part to make the seating is a good idea. Well done!
  4. Simply awesome, one of the best entries I've seen for this. The scale is perfect for the details that are showed. Well done.
  5. harton

    LEGO inside tour set 2014

    Nice set, I do likes the minifigs torso. Seems not common to me.
  6. harton

    MOC: The Royal Albert Hall

    That's really awesome, I'll definitively buy this set. The Lego Architecture Team should take a look at those entries. Well done.
  7. harton

    [MOC] Hill Valley Clock Tower

    Looks great! Will there be any interior done?
  8. harton

    MOC: Hand pallet truck

    I'm also happy to see this thread. I already see some of his vehicules but not this ones. It now gives me ideas!
  9. harton

    LSD Castle

    What a clever idea to have mixt drugs and classic castle!! The results is kinda cool! Only miss Unikitty and some MLP. Anyway drug is bad... maybe except in Lego.
  10. It think some precisions and answers can be given! Thanks for the appreciation. As told in the original post I am trying to present this as a plausible and somehow realistic project. Of course, this is in Lego but with my technical formation in architecture I am always thinking of how to resolve jonctions problems or many other details. I really wanted to make interior view and some more efficient outdoor overview but I did not have the time. You know studying and exams... I'm really glad you like green roof. I also do expect to see more of these or at least found a way to use them more often than only be a roof with a thin membrane. There is said that around 75% of actual flat roof can support (majoritary made of wood and / or steel frame) an extensive culture (grass and tundra things for example) but not intensive one. Thank you for your comment! I am aware that my English is not good as I want it to be, but its by pratcicing that we can make progress and somehow EB can help me improve my skills. I'm glad you like the third poster, because as I said it is a bit an unsual way to present Lego project, but I hope that it help you to understand the researd and reflexion behind the concept. I believe it is interesting to know these stuff, what influence the decisions and not only the finish product. I do agree that space in the attic provide "some" insulation and help to the air circulation BUT there is a difference between space and SPACE. What is a 10 or 12 foot tall space use for? You can easily reduce this to a conventionnal flat roof which as a space usually between 6 inches to 1 foot. It makes the job for regular insolation systems. But when your'e doing some modular building I do believe it is possible (cause there is already existing examples) to made it. In my head the base of the house is only a structural box. On this you only add your panels that are already insulated with polyurethane. As always Kristel it is good to hear comments from you. Thank you! I am really happy that someone point this out: is the Z design more sustainable than previous model? To this question I will said first, have you ever heard of Louis Sullivan's famous quote: "forms follows function"? I will say it is at the base of my reflexion. Instead of having some "cubic" houses with pieces in every corner and circulation going throught this in some not so linear way we do obtain a certain waste of space. By doing a more linear or open circulation you limit the waste and instead increase your pieces area. Pieces division is important as how you circulate in you house, both should be think clever and enjoyable. And somehow I do belive the Z shape is good for this but keep in mind that the Z is not just a physical thing (as my house) but how you manage to go the most efficient way from point A to point B. I do believe that a similar model can be a bit cheaper but more easy to build. I do believe a modular house like this can be sustainable. I won't enter too much in details but some friends ans I already made some research about how a modular can be sustainable and efficient, I'll just going to say that gray water recuparation system, passive solar system, geothermal system and clever ventilation thinking can make this hous sustainable. I really enjoy reading your comments. Thank you. Now I'm gonna reply to your answer. 1. I truly believe it is false that flat roof always leaks. I am aware that pool water can be made in conventionnal flat roof but today, new flat roof are less in danger because they are usually build with a flow-controlled system, IF, the roof is actually divide in pool. For the present project with my barrel of gray water recuperation I have think to use a flat roof yes, but with only one direction for the slope: the barrel. In fact what I do dislike about slope roof is as I said the unuse spaces and the ugly use of the asphalt shingles... 2. I am aware that people want to have natural lights to come in. It is the same reflexion that have Frank Lloys Wright when he was designing houses. What I want to point out here is that we have to think differently. I like the approach that bring lights but keep it private. So that's why in first place I put my window near the corner, because items that are "centered" are not the most beautiful one (think about photography). Residents can see outside but people cannot see completely inside. And that brings my second point that is the use of upper windows or even lower windows (at foot level). But somehow, in our economic situation, I do believe it is important to maximise the amount of natural light entering in regards its orientation with the sun, because at first a window is notting more than a hole in your wall. 3. That is totally true. I don't know where you come from but here in Quebec we are "now trying" to limit urban expension that cause many problems (road congestions for example). Autority and professionnals are actually working to increase the density in TOD's area (Transit Oriented Developement) 4. I also agree on that. But again as Van der Rohe said: Less is more... Which you can reply by Venturi: Less is bore! One thing is that I enjoy modernist architecture (except for Le corbusier who was not architect) such as the Glass House of Pullman or Farnsworth House. Thanks again. I really appreciate to debate some points with you! Harton
  11. harton

    [LDD Contest] My Dream Home - Modern House

    Yeah now we are talking! This is truly impressive. I mean i'm not sure what I like the most: the house itself or the quality of the render! These render would have kill my poor laptop for sure. I really appreciate your contemporary architecture style, style that I appreciate to. I am aware that you've made something that suit up your needs and for me, it is a really important details. Open space yes, but just enought and not too much useless things. I'm happy to not see this here! I got to admit that those interior details really kills me, such as the wooden structure behind the bed, the shelf and the carpet. Oh and what about that opening garage door! Its not white! I'm curious to know what were your settings for your render? AA or not? Top details? If you can tell us it can be interesting. Now maybe I should start doing some shameless propaganda too! Well done Harton
  12. harton

    [LDD Contest] Rococo Château

    Hey Cara! I personnally never think seeing a rococo entry and all in purple! I think the best little details are by far the windows ornements and the fountain with the gold fish! Well done, this is good competition! Harton
  13. harton


    Hey that's good! I really appreciate your vignette, using the blue for classic space and how you made the train and the many different levels it is really clever! Nice entry.
  14. harton

    [HSH] Cat B - Commodore's Quarters

    Wow! I really like the lighning effect! The atmosphere is calm and make me like it even more. The wall and the floor is well done to! Great job!!! I can accept less than perfection from an Erickson brother!
  15. Hey nice entry! I like how you use the cheese slope and how vehicules levitate. By the way, cool logo! Well done