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    My first LDD Lego Star Wars

    This solution probably work for me, not quite sure for others. what i did is, i change my theme view from LDD extended to LDD. Type in MINI UPPER in the search box. scroll down you will find Rebel Pilot torso at the end of the list.
  2. Zackjords

    My first LDD Lego Star Wars

    New Update 10179-1: Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon
  3. Zackjords

    My first LDD Lego Star Wars

    Thanks Alot
  4. Zackjords

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Looks really neat and awesome.keep up posting
  5. Zackjords

    My first LDD Lego Star Wars

    I have try. turns out great on preview.but cant submit it lack to my few post 'You have posted a message with urls. Due to the fact that spammers really annoy Siegfried members can't post links until they have made 5 posts. Sorry....' nevermind..thanks for your help.really useful
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    My first LDD Lego Star Wars

    Saw some post enable to show the its been done.tell me. BTW, sorry about the link..fix already
  7. Zackjords

    My first LDD Lego Star Wars

    This is my 1st time im using LDD. I love the idea of digitalize real lego structure into LDD or what ever software we use..i really fancy about Lego since when im a kid. i never look lego as a toy..for its a medium for you to express your idea. and through times, theres a lot of awesome structure made from today i want to show you guys what i have done. Wasnt much..but its a starting point..and because i love SW like others im decide to recreate@remake the 6212-1: X-wing Fighter and 6206-1: TIE Interceptor. Both intruction i downloaded from 6206-1 TIE Interceptor FRONT BACK TOP As you guys can see, theres a lack of textures.Well..em..ill fix it, probably in the next update..probably 6212-1: X-wing Fighter FRONT BACK EYE VIEW I know..the helmet wasnt the right one..i try to search the entire LDD.i couldnt find it..tht the best substitute i could find. Really appreciate if anyone could share the real one. Anyway..Thanks Guys.My next project would be 10179-1: Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon..gonna be Awesome.
  8. Zackjords

    UCS XWing 2nd edition

    Anyhow you can upload the gonna do in LDD.. Thanks