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  1. Simon_S

    A Mitgardian Adventure

    Thank you guys for the very kind comments!
  2. Simon_S

    A Mitgardian Adventure

    It was a long Time ago, somewhere on the eastern coast of Mitgardia in a small Village. Osmund was the chief of the village and he had many sheep. It was a warm summer and de Mitgardians there mostly feed on fish and clothed themself in Osmunds wool. So he quickly became a rich man who wore a golden helmet and showed of with his shiny bracelet. In his lordliness he even started to hire two men who than carried him on a big shield, because he knew that famous chiefs of invincible barbarians in the south did it this way. A Mitgardian Adventure (Story 1) by Simon Schweyer But he got older and was already tired of working. So he thought by himself: "I think I have enough money so that I don't have to work for the rest of my life." And then Osmund knew that he would like to give his wool business to his son, Simon. But Simon was still young and inexperienced. So they had a talk together. A Mitgardian Adventure (Story 2) by Simon Schweyer Osmund: "Listen son. I have become old and my knees are weak. Those two young man must carry me. And now it is your turn to carry my sheep business." Simon: "It would be a honour to do so, father." He was happy about the responsibility his father gave him. Because Osmund usually couldn't let things go easily... Osmund: "But first, you must prove yourself that you're worthy and capable of hearding my sheep." Simon: "And how can I prove my dignity, father?" Osmund: "You must go to foreign lands, work there and gain experience. You must leave us and learn to choose your own ways. Make yourself ready for an adventure." Simon: "But father, I love our village. I don't want to go. I don't want to leave my friends and family here. And anyway, you know that I hearded your sheep for many years. It's not nessecairy that I get experience in foreign countries. Imagine me going to Avalonia or Kaliphlin. Please consider again and tell me: Isn't there another way." Osmund: "I'm sorry my beloved son. I understand that you're dissatisfied with my words. But it is our tradition, that a son has to show his dignity by going on an adventure in foreign lands bevor he can inherit the kingdom of his father. So now go, these bards will sing a song for you and give you courage and audaciousness." A Mitgardian Adventure (Story 3) by Simon Schweyer Bards: "I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger, traveling through this world below..." And there Simon goes, he walks away to make the preparations for his journey. He first meets the Priest Gottfried in the chapel on top of the village. Gottfried: "How can I help you my son?" Simon: "I need a blessing for a long adventure." A Mitgardian Adventure (Story 4) by Simon Schweyer Gottfried: "Kneel down." He makes the sign of the cross. "May God bless you and keep you... Amen. Now go and be courageous out there, whatever may come and whoever you may meet." Simon. "Amen. Thank you father." He gets up, leaves the chapel and goes right to his Friend Arnd who already own a wine business. That's also the reason why he lives in such a comfortable big house. Arnd: "I know how you feel. I remember when I was in your position. It was three years ago and I was so afraid of leaving everything I loved just to prove myself. Such a stupid tradition." Simon: "And what did you do to overcome your anxiety?" Arnd: "I talked with frieds. Got a blessing from the priest..." Simon: "Oh I already did that." Arnd: "And I packed a lot of stuff which could be useful for my journey. Here is a bottle of the best wine I've ever created. It has the smell of dark mitgardian blueberrys, mixed with a smoky aroma of our old oak barrels. Use it as a gift and invest it wisely: With this bottle you can turn around the mood of any king in whole historica." A Mitgardian Adventure (Story 5) by Simon Schweyer Simon: "Thank you my friend. I will do as you said. And I will miss you Arnd and the great times we were drunk in the cellar testing your newest wine creations." Arnd: "I will miss you too. Now go, and don't forget to visit Brigitta. I'm sure she will have some special items for you too." And so Simon went on to Brigitta. She's a women who lives alone in the forest and nobody is quite sure if she's a witch or not. Simon entered her hut and it was all dark. In the back of the cottage hung a purple carpet with stars on it. Was she a fortuneteller? A Mitgardian Adventure (Story 6) by Simon Schweyer Brigitta: "I know what you think. You regard me as a witch who flies around on a broomstick. But trust me, that's not a case. I know who you are Simon. You are Simon Osmundson and I also know that you believe only in one God. And I have no problem with that. Also know this: I'm not working with witchcraft. I'm just a Woman living alone in the forest and I know the power of my herb garden. There's nothing magical in it. So here, take this little flask." Simon: "What can it do?" Brigitta: "It's just normal sirup with berries and herbs. But you know, we Mitgardians are gourmets and we don't like bad food or bad drinks. Haven't you noticed yet? In every house in our village the table is full of food as if it was a special feast. But that's just Mitgardia. We know how to fish, how to fight and how to eat." Simon: "That's true. I will meet my friends next in the helmet tavern. They are feasting right now. Goodby Brigitta and thank you for the Sirup." A Mitgardian Adventure (Story 7) by Simon Schweyer "Dear Friends," said Simon, "it's time for me to go for an adventure. I wish I could sit here with you but I have to leave to prove myself worthy for taking over my fathers flock of sheep." The Friends didn't say much. You could just hear their eating noises: "mjam mjam mjam... mpff mpf. nom nom nom. glug glugg gluggg." And so Simon went on, to say Goodby to his mother Siglind. A Mitgardian Adventure (Story 8) by Simon Schweyer Siglind: "Son, take care of yourself. I pray for you day and night that you'll come back healthy. Here, take that Journal. Write everything important you see in this book, so that your story will never be forgotten. May God be with you!" Simon: "Thank you. I will miss you." And he hugged her. And she cried as a mother cries when a child leaves her home. Simon went to the Longboat that was waiting at the haven. He went on board and set sail, ready for whatever would expect him. A Mitgardian Adventure (Story 9) by Simon Schweyer To be continued... Here at last is the full build: A Mitgardian Adventure (Main) by Simon Schweyer Thank you for looking and reading. You can find more detailed pictures also of the whole interiors of the houses in my Flickr Album
  3. Hey guys, it's me, Simon. I have been active here until Spring 2016 and now I thought it's time to come back and build some stuff. So sign me up (again) for Mitgardia. A first part of my Story comes soon. Edit: Here is the first Chapter
  4. 1. Are you still around? Yes. I haven't been around for quite some time, but I try to check the forum at least once a week. 2. What are you working on? Lego related, nothing. Just busy with real life - but times will come, when I miss my little plastic bricks more and I will surely build something again. But I can't promise you a MOC soon... 3. Where is the best play to see your work? Flickr: 4. What Challenges and tasks have you completed? I didn't keep track of it. I might update this post, when I looked it up...
  5. Simon_S

    Spring Tidings

    I already admired this on Flickr. The tree looks very nice and the landscaping around it is simply beautiful. The springlike atmosphere you created is fantastic. I also adore how you put foilage in the whole build, but let small spots open so that we can still se all the work you put in the ground. Keep it on!
  6. Simon_S

    The Kobot Abbey

    Nice to see photos of your part now! I agree with ME, your photo is very nice (way better than mine of my part). Seeing this in person, I can say that I simply loved the abbey and the moving minifigures were a nice addition. Great work my friend, I'm looking forward to meet you again and see more things you'll build ;-).
  7. Simon_S

    GoH on Lego Fan Events

    Hey I can see that weeping smiley right next to IdS and I know that it's there (part of) because of me . I rather used my build for "Die Neun Reiche" than for GoH (as it was planned), so I won't post it here on Eurobricks officially, but I'll let you see a picture in this thread:
  8. Simon_S

    Frost Spear

    Hey Blufiji This is an awesome build . I already saw it on Flickr and now finally found the time to comment on it here in the "correct" forum ;-). The way you did the snowscape, the greebles in the walls and the mix between wood- and stonework: They are all perfect. I also like how you broke the dull colours up with the bright flags and the green arms, but I also think that it could have used some little bit more of it(for example a green torso on the second minifig). he second thing about which I can (try to ) give some advice: The door seems very small. Is that intended? If not, I recommend to make it a little bit larger next time. Again, this a a beautiful build and the idea to build it next to a hot spring is very nice and well executed. Greetings Simon
  9. Simon_S

    [MOC] Avalonian Farmstead

    Very nice! I love the classic feeling you get when you look at the build. The house is clearly the highlight of the whole build. I like the roof and also the walls have a good amount of detail in them. From the outside I like it very much, but I'm not a fan of the interior. The unattached tiles are exaggerated for my taste and the whole room seems rather plain. As advice I can say this: I'd rather make a clean, flat floor and put more furniture in there to keep the eye attracted. I'd also use a brickbuilt blanket instead of capes. All in all, this is a beautiful build, which shows us that we don't need the newest pieces and colours to create something great. Keep up the good work and kind regards, Simon
  10. Simon_S

    The Gates of Hades

    Very nice LV! The base and the gate both look very good . I also like that you kept the colours simple and monotonous (in a good way!). The whole build also reminds me a lot of SoT's work... I guess his builds and stories will always be a great source of inspiration. Great work, keep it up !
  11. Hey guys, it's been quite some time since I've posted here. I thought I'd write some words simply to show that I'm not dead and that I'm also still interested in GoH . Building my greek city ( has taken most of my free time. And when I haven't been building I explored the german community Imperium der Steine, because they launched a new RPG there. It's a lot easier to write in my mothers tongue and so also more enjoyable for me . Now I started reusing the landscape of the greek city for a castle diorama, which will be a collab at an exhibition. My part should be finished in a week (because the convention starts in a week ) and will fit well in Avalonia, so I will post it here too. Also welcome to all the new members who have joined since I posted in this thread the last time . I hope you can have a nice time here in GoH and improve your building skills. Greetings to all of you! Simon
  12. Simon_S

    Contest! The Frozen Beyond, Results are in!

    I know I've not been very much around here lately... so I checked the frontpage from time to time and saw that I didn't won. Now I just took another look at the subforum and at this thread and realized happily that I still won a battlepack . Thanks a lot for hosting and congrats to all the other winners!
  13. Simon_S

    A Classical Greek Polis

    Thank you all for the kind comments and especially Ecc for frontpaging my build!
  14. Hello After a long month of building, I've finally completed my latest MOC: A Classical Greek Polis A Classical Greek Polis by Simon Schweyer, on Flickr Description: In this build I tried to show the Greek culture in a small city. I don't claim that it is realistic or even 100% historical correct - I rather tried to put in there as much elements that are typical for (ancient) Greece. Yeah, it's very clichéd. So I included (from the right to the left): - An oracle (θόλος), inspired by the one in Delphi - A herder with some goats. Not something special Greek, but in very many tragedies (for example: Oedipus) and myths (for example Pan, God of the sheperds) they play an important role. - A trireme, which is a typically Greek war galley - A vineyard: Who doesn't love Greek wine? - The house with the tan dome: Inspired more by Santorini (also known as RedBull's Free Running City) than by anything ancient. But still fits in here. - Behind it is the Agera (Ἀγορά) with a statue on it: It was a free space used mainly for public meetings (best view in the third picture) - Behind it, a Greek theater. In the classical Greek Era, they didn't have any backdrops yet. Of course this theater is way too small, in comparison to the other buildings and the minifigs, but who cares? - Last but not least (actually in the center of the build): A Greek temple (νaός), built in an ionic order, like the Artemision in Ephesos You can view more pictures of it in this Flickr Album: Ancient Greece Thanks for looking and have a nice evening! - Simon Schweyer
  15. Welcome Luckypat and Asad! @Asad: You did everything right ;-)