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  1. Yeah, thanks! Captain Nordau's been demanding asking for a new ship for a couple of months now though, so... And for the record, I'm not promising a Class 10 just yet! I'm just gonna see what I can do in a couple of weeks Yeah, I was more asking about the IC story part of it - Captain Nordau's not too concerned about the legality aspect But he would having fun getting and producing the LoMs if he got asked why he was attacking any particular ship... and I dare say there's got to be some historical precedent to it somewhere, haha
  2. Yep! Mmm, yeah, I get that. I was just wondering if it wouldn't be possible to sail under the Carno flag while attacking Lotus ships and then switch to the Lotus flag when attacking Carno's ships But that's alright. I assume one needs a Letter of Marque from one side or the other to constitute the MRCA results build an entry to the tMRCA challenge though, correct? Yes, the problem is I don't have/use midsections since I brick-build the hulls on my ships (and since I don't have any of the prefab parts ), so I was wondering what that was in terms of studs. The standard midsection seems to be 8 studs wide though and the ends about twice that, so that gives me larger than 88 studs as the requirement. Does that sound about right? I'll prob be shooting for somewhere more around 120 though anyways, as that's the precedent size with the Royal Philip and LMBlackbird's Class 10s
  3. Alrighty, I've got a few questions! I assume that if I'm building a new ship for the tMRCA part of Category D, that could also be used in a naval scene for the MOC only category, correct? Or, stated the other way around (which makes more sense now that I think of it ), after I've built a ship or two for the MOC only category, I am completely allowed to licence one or both and enter them into the tMRCA category (as long as it makes sense, of course)? In other words, any licenced ship is eligible for the tMRCA, whether new or previously built, no? And part of the reason I ask is because I can build ships now and certainly want to send 'em out in the MRCA(s), but won't be with most of my bricks in May and have no idea if I'll be able to do an adequate MRCA result build with what I'll have Would it be possible to get Letters of Marque from both nations for the same ship - without either side IC knowing it has one from the other side? Ikr, such a random question. Asking for a friend, of course Captain Nordau's certainly not planning on a little explotition or anything... What's the usual waterline base length for a Class 10? About 120 studs and two-three gun decks?
  4. Another build from me, and another chapter of Captain Whiffo's story (finally!) (picture linked to topic)
  5. A medium commerce in Elysabethtown (inn and warehouse) licenced by the ETWC (picture linked to topic)
  6. Previously: Captain Whiffo's Duel... Sailor Leon's Letter... End of the White Doubloon Captain Whiffo paused. It was a long pause (a very long pause - just over two years long, actually... ). ...You- you don't even know what I'm talking about it's been so long. Alright! Well, for those of you who don't remember, the good Captain was just seated in the Dark Green Inn of Port Wilks, telling "a long, thrilling tale of adventure, duels, piratical villains, and rivaling trade companies from the beginning to end!" and he had just lost his Class 2 ship to a Mardierian war fleet and was left in the middle of the ocean on a little tiny raft with his small crew. But it just so happens that he was in that section of the middle of the ocean that is not so very far from the bustling Eslandolan port town of Elysabethtown... (it's not my fault both of those end in town - I didn't name the place.) "And so, after a vast (he said it like, "avast") number of grueling days aboard o' that ol' piece of driftwood," Captain Whiffo was saying, "we finally spotted Elysabethtown in the distance just as our rations of cookies were giving out..." -=- -=- -=- All was bustle and excitement at the docks of Elysabethtown when the famous ETWC captain came riding in that day, his sword glittering in the morning light as he waved it above his head in the crow's nest of the little raft. The docks official and sailors stopped to cheer lustily, and the passersby paused to stare and wave in greeting at the singular sight. Captain Whiffo shook his hookhand in triumph (forgetting, for the moment, that the Mardierians were the ones who had taken his ship away, and not the other way around), and the crew leapt up in delight. "Finally!" exclaimed the Lieutenant, with a cheer, "Captain, we're home free!!" Suddenly the raft underneath them began to tremble and quake, and the beams, battered and old, started to give way and float apart. Captain Whiffo turned to him and shook his fist. "Look at that, Lieutenant! Now you've jinxed us!" But nothing could ever faze Captain Whiffo - and it probably helped that he was on top... And so he rode victoriously, just the same... ...Right up to the dock... ...And landed amidst the stunned observance of all present. ...In a most singular and original unrolling of events totally not stolen from some other famous pirate captain (dear, Captain Whiffo nearly had my head for that "other"...). Anyways, to get back to the story. "Good day sir! Captain Whiffo, just sailed in from the middle of the ocean, if you need that for your records." "Yes sir, thank you very much," exclaimed the official, making a quick note of it. "And that'll be 7 DBs in tax for docking, if you please sir," he looked up from his pad of papers. Captain Whiffo stared at him until his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. "Taxes! Tax, in an Eslandolan colony! What are the Brick Seas coming to - have I been at sea so long? I never thought I'd live to see the day...!" "Right, 7 DBs sir," remarked the officer, with a grin, taking a half-step back. It was Captain Whiffo's turn to smile. He leaned toward him and extended his hook... ...And the official, losing his balance, tumbled off the docks. And off... Into the water... Captain Whiffo leaned over with a wide smile. "That'll be 7 DBs for docking sir, if you please!" he exclaimed, "and so there we are equal, my good friend!" -=- -=- -=- "Cap'in-" interrupted the first mate again - "Cap'in, there aren't any port taxes in Elysabethtown." "What?" exclaimed the Captain. "Ah well, must have been some other rascally Maestro port that that happened at then," he grinned. "But to get back to the point..." -=- -=- -=- "Actually, that pretty much was the point. And then when all o' the crew had made it up (the official hadn't yet - "He wasn't there!" interrupted the first mate...), had made it up," the Captain repeated, "I headed off to buy the inn and warehouse where we'd landed for the ETWC to commemorate the event. But after that..." "That was when things really started happening..." But sadly, I'm afraid that'll have to wait until next time A few more pics (hoping y'all haven't got tired of them yet ) sans minifigs: The dock: The street: And the citizens of Elysabethtown: Well, it's been way too long since I've last posted something here, and it's been like forever since I last built for this storyline! Hopefully I'll be getting better on both those points in the next couple of months though! This build has been a long time in the works, and I had a lot of fun with it - got to use a bunch of my old grey on the warehouse too! - hope y'all enjoyed it and the story as well! The buildings were based off these two inspiration pics, though both ended up getting modified to a decent degree (and I personally think my in looks better than the other one, but anyways ) More to come from Captain Whiffo soon, Lord willing! Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome as always!
  7. If it's there it'll be in a section for Moderation Actions, including pinning/unpinning, next to the "Start new topic" at the top of the page. There's also the same thing at the bottom right under the Submit Reply button. Mine may possibly have to do with my position in GoH, though - I can't entirely remember if I had it before my promotion there, but I think it was when I was in leadership here... If it's not there for you just mention that you want something pinned/unpinned and I'll probably see it pretty quick though! Sure thing!
  8. Ooh, definitely a big challenge, but I'm really liking these categories and will have to try to make time to enter at least some of them if at all possible! And I'd love some of those micro-ship licences! (I will build me another full-size ship one of these days though... or maybe a fleet of them... ) And while we do have a lot of islands already claimed, am I the only one who's glad to see the new island faction prizes coming back here? Unfortunately Court members can't pin/un-pin topics, it has to be a Eurobricks Staff member. We'll see who's around Done (you sure Court members can't pin threads? Not that I didn't retire from Court about three years ago either - go figure! Just those mad skillz seeping through, I guess... )
  9. Garmadon

    [COR Jan FB1/GOC] Spudkirk Armoury

    To be perfectly honest I just love the composition of this. From the colors and and vegetation to the rock-work and stud-bands around the building (I keep seeing those and always forget to try them when I'm building! ) this makes for a very aesthetic picture. And fantastic photography as usual too! Is the building exactly square? I can see how that might bug you from a different angle (although it does look fine in your picture - but I know the feeling your talking about from experience), but otherwise I've got to say I agree with the others - quite a nice build here
  10. Garmadon

    [SR - FB] Lothario's poker lounge

    Excellent build, Fraunces - the green center of the table is great, and the rest of the furnishings are quite nice, as well as the figs! That and I love the way you've presented it from the parrots' perspective!
  11. Garmadon

    The unknown letter.

    Alright - and re: pinks and purples, yeah, I can see that. I'll have to try this sometime in the brick myself though, if I get the chance; it's a really neat effect! Oh, nice!
  12. Garmadon

    The unknown letter.

    Ooh, very nice work with that sunset scene, Roadmonkey! And I'm curious - does the orange and yellow continue under the water, or are those trans-yellow and trans-dark pieces with the orange underneath? Also, nice way to wrap up this storyline - looking forward to seeing what happens now in Charlatan's Bay!
  13. Garmadon

    Stormholme Castle

    Amazing work here as always, Mass! Great job with the angles and composition here, and those trees are quite eye-catching, but my favorite part is that flanking wall to the left and the visual interest it adds to the whole castle; love that! As you say, it's so often simplicity and arrangement that are the essence of aesthetics, and you've definitely shown that off here! Great to have you back, mate! Funny how that happens to so many of us, isn't it?! I've been building castle for what seems like forever and this is still as close as I've got to a castle proper (and not very close at that! ) One of these days I guess I'll have to just bite the bullet!
  14. Super impressive stuff here, LJ, and lovely work with the colors throughout! As others have mentioned, the gates and onion domes are fantastic here, and all the palm trees and greenery (especially those vines! ) just really help the whole build pop! I'm really intrigued by your Snotted road technique too (although it seems quite part intensive!), and of course I've got to applaud any attempt to oust the Desert King!
  15. Garmadon


    Such a massive fortress!! I'm digging all those nexo-shield roofs, and the sheer rock sides and the use of those tooth pieces for little patches of snow everywhere are fantastic as well. Love the fact that you were able to incorporate those moving features too - from my experience those are a lot harder than they look! Stop making me wish I hadn't left Mitgardia!