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    De Fiori Armory

    Thanks everyone! Sorry I haven't gotten around to responding earlier, but I appreciate y'all! Thanks mate! The grind-wheel connections are highly illegal, I'm afraid The whole thing is attached via the two headlight bricks (one facing each way) connected to each other by a 1x4 beneath, so in order for the sides to be straight, the 1x4 is crooked and everything is a bit off from there on out. It's not very sturdy either, but it did the trick for my purposes! As to the back wall - yes, I wish I had been able to get some good pics with the whole thing in focus, but I just didn't like the shots I did have that approached that, so they ended up not making it. Plus with Flickr's new limits I'm trying not to post more pics than I have to Thanks anyhow, I'm glad you liked it overall! Thanks SK - getting a bunch of innovative racks in there to hold everything was a fun challenge! And I'm loving the amount of all-LEGO scenes we've been seeing here from everyone lately!
  2. Garmadon

    They are hungry like wolf! [Ch II Cat A]

    Nicely done, kahir! The storehouse and desk are very neat, and I'm liking that cat going after the bird on the rafter Kudos on making the doors all actually functional too, and you've got quite a cool mercenary captain there!
  3. Oooh! Lovely build, Gideon, brings back the epic Streets of Barqa vibes all over again! The architecture is classically Barqan, and the lighting is fantastic too. There are too many great details to mention them all, but I will mention that shield in the wall and the black cats!
  4. Garmadon

    Challenge II: Category C: A Shady Deal

    Very nice all-LEGO shots here, LJ - love how many of those we've been getting in the guilds recently! The big arch is great, and the area looks suitably shady (and so do the minifigs !), but my favorite thing is definitely the sloping, sinking ground - ingenious! Really sells the build for me!
  5. What everybody else said: great lighting! I'll add some praise for that tree too, though, nicely done!
  6. Garmadon

    Challenge II: Category A - Relief

    Neat little entry, mate! The sled is quite nice, and the bare branches of that tree and the stone marker are probably my favorite parts of the build I'll second what the others have said about the base, but the Mitgardian colors there do give a great pop of color to the build!
  7. Garmadon

    Don't Cry

    I love the walls and floor here, man - I probably wouldn't walk on it, though! I think I've already commented on the scene elsewhere, but the trinkets and details lying around are placed really well, and that bed looks rather comfortable and remarkably awkward at the same time, somehow or other, The story's slightly confusing, but I trust you've got it under control and will elucidate things for us before too long!
  8. Garmadon

    CHALLENGE II: Category C: At The Races

    Another very nice build, Bas, fantastic work with those stands! The Conzaga's area has some really clever designs going into it, especially that curtain and the pizza tiles filling in the arch, and the common people's stands are packed to perfection I'm not so crazy about the hurdle and the horse race itself, but this is still certainly a worthy entry!
  9. Garmadon

    Ch II: Cat B: Involuntary Dives

    Just gorgeous! I'll echo what Rogue said - you've nailed Varlyrio in just about every way possible in the build, from the architecture to the game itself (an ingenious idea on its own!) to the color-schemes. Great job posing all those minifigs as well and getting them all to look so alive and realistic; that's not easy, I know, especially not with so many in the same build! The arched windows on the dark tan building are probably my single favorite architectural detail, but the texture and shaping on the dock is superb as well. Amazing job all around - can't wait for more Varlyrian builds from you!
  10. Garmadon

    Calcio in Illyrian [Challenge 2B]

    Very nice entry, mccoyed - definitely looks like a brutal game, but you've nailed the presentation: I'm totally digging that arena! Nice work with the crowds around too, and it's always fun to see builds with a bunch of different sig-figs in them!
  11. A bit wild on the stone-work for my taste, but there certainly are some great details here like the gates and portcullis, and the posing is great! Intriguing story you've got going here too!
  12. Absolutely hilarious all the way through - awesome job with this, Rogue! The pig and supplies in the catapult (great use of the chest there, by the way!) are perfect, and the parts usage throughout is very clever as well!
  13. Garmadon

    The Road West

    Nice build, Bas, the colors on the road are great, but that roof is just fantastic! I do think that mixing in a little of the dark tan with the olive on top would have made that part of the scenery a bit more interesting and less monotone, but overall this is a very good little build to move your story along!
  14. Three Ayes from the ETWC delegation, though not without some grumbling by Agent Guelds about being forced (by Willouhgby) to vote for taxes...
  15. Very nice outpost, mate, love that arch there! The moss in the wall is great, and both the vegetation and your soldiers are excellent too Great job!
  16. Sorry for taking so long for getting around to this, life's been awfully busy lately! I think I'll just answer this one OOC since it's a bit complicated, haha. While on the one hand I get the thinking behind the proposal and agree with the idea that the interested parties should be those who have to pay for the benefits, this seems to really almost entirely negate the decision just made by the council! At any rate, if the ETWC is going to pay upkeep for forts in their settlements, I want them to be in the ETWC's name - no point giving away the ownership but accepting all the responsibilities. Ultimately, I think there are only three alternatives: Some kind of general income tax, Some kind of an MRCA tax, Privatization of forts Or, of course, getting rid of forts altogether, which I don't think we want to do (not that Captain Nordau would mind ). The more I think of the options, though, the more I like the idea of a 1% income tax. It ought to work, without being too hard on anybody. Of course, we could tax just land properties or just shipping, but I prefer the idea of not favoring one above the other so that people who specialize in either one don't get penalized. And, of course, I'm a fan of Colonial Council fines, EDiT: Great job summarizing the options, @Elos! I'll still stick with a 1% tax, though (which should probably be charged to TC accounts too, btw). Oh dear! Too late by 15 minutes again!! Boy am I bad at this Also, Willoughby would like to second Mr. Esterhazy proposal of a 1% tax.
  17. Haha, alright! That might just do it I've transfered 50 DBs from the ETWC account and 100 from mine
  18. Agent Guelds jumped up and smacked the Lieutenant with a whack that sounded as loud as Guilder's gavel (he had just been smacked awake by Willoughby himself a second before). "Asleep on the job!" he exclaimed indignantly; "do you know you just got us all fined 50 DBs! 50 DBS!!" The Lieutenant looked around rather sheepishly and fumbled for his purse while the Agent resumed his seat in a fume and Willoughby grinned. He had made sure to collect his share of the fine out of the other's pockets before waking them up. OOC: I love that rule - we should really use it more often Is that 50 DBs for each delegate, or 50 for the ETWC delegation?
  19. "Right!" exclaimed Agent Guelds, pausing his perusal of his mother's birthday letter on hearing his name and elbowing his still sleeping companions. "What was the subject again? Oh, paying for forts, I see. Well that's obvious. If we don't pay for them by the proceeds of raids on Oleander settlements - well, I have no opinion whatsoever of you all's political sense whatsoever-soever!" "My dear Guelds!" exclaimed Lieutenant Hillsboroughbergmachier, "You are absolutely scintillating this morning. That's the most brilliant suggestion I've heard in all my days on the council!" "Most of which were passed sleeping," put in Willoughby. But all three were very much of one mind on the subject, except that Willoughby would rather raid Corry settlements, but anyways...
  20. Garmadon

    Knight's Quest [Ch II Cat B]

    Lovely little obstacle course mate, and fantastic work making it all work! They're all great, but I think the pendulum of death is my favorite!
  21. Very nice slice of farmland, Elos, and lovely little bridge! Great job making the creek look turbulent too, especially in that edited pic!
  22. Garmadon

    The Ilesole Saga

    Nicely done man, you finally got around to it! The tree (love that dark blue!), knight and landscape, and your build for Horus and Amelia are my favorites, and the rolling names are a very clever idea, though slightly confusing That knight is probably my favorite fig here (Kai's right about the helmet, but it certainly looks sweet, hehe), and the story is intriguing. Looking forward to more - keep it up!
  23. Right. I'd changed the location in my head half-way through the post and forgot to go back and fix it South it is! Navarre is right about the line being a rift that resulted from the collision of Varlyrio's (formerly) two islands. He's also right that the map is a rough approximation and not 100% correct Yep, I think that should be fine - internal conflict is pretty much the name of the game in Varlyrio! Bandittti and suchlike abound in the western wastelands past the mountains, and it's pretty much wild and lawless out there, with maybe the exception of a couple of cities on the far western coast, which almost reach the level of the cities on the east.
  24. Sure, feel free to include any of my figs if you'd like! Some are less sociable than others, and some more friendly than others, but none of them should currently be hostile to the Conzagas For the most part they live in or around Tergiversa, in the bay below the capital of Varlyrio. Illaryian is the dot with the circle around it on the map here, and Tergiversa would be the other larger dot below it in the Bay of Ilar. And by the way, as far as I know none of the dots on the map are named yet or have much real significance except for three cities in the Bay (Illaryian, Tergiversa, and Kashgar), so if anybody would like to name and place their family's headquarters in one of the others or establish a city somewhere else, feel free to do so! We don't have a land-claiming system like Avalonia did in the first couple of books, but everyone is welcome to build up their own city in Varlyrio if they'd like, or settle in the capital or another established location.
  25. Garmadon

    Into the Maw (Ch.II Cat. C)

    Nice build and intriguing story, Andrew - I'll second Navarre's comment about a character overview though, it's hard to keep everybody straight! I quite like those windows and the use of the orange Ninjago brick, and whether that is snow on the roof or the roof itself, it strikes me as odd every time I think about what it's meant to depict, but it looks neat regardless! Looking forward to where you go from here!