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    [Mystery Island 9] In the Laboratory

    Another hilarious installment to your story, Captain B, and a very monkey-ish build as usual! Some of those flask devices really look neat, and the monkey doors are great as always! Looking forward to seeing where this goes from here
  2. Garmadon

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    Oyez, oyez! The De Fiori, di Carlo, and Conzaga families have just struck a political alliance - check out all that there is to know about it (until some spy figures out more or something... happens ) here!
  3. A new build from me, finally! The de Fiori's Mainhall in Tergiversa... Click on the picture to check out the topic Any other Varlyrians got some builds in the works?
  4. Garmadon

    Rice as Usual

    Nicely done, Kai, that rice looks great, and the winding terraces are excellent as well - the splitting one in particular! I do agree that the blue is better, but the higher pictures of the pink on your blog look pretty nice too Looking forward to more of your story whenever you get around to it
  5. Garmadon

    Ninjago Legacy Contest

    Oooh, here's something that can't be passed up! Count me in Re this: I assume that it makes no real difference which of the possibilities you pick, i.e., whether the build's inspiration has been featured in a set before or not?
  6. Garmadon

    [Mystery Island 4] At the Headquarters

    Fantastic scene, Captain, love all the yellow everywhere, especially paired with the tan and the monkey faces! The bananas above the doors are probably my favorite detail, but the wig looks great as well And excellent job with the story, can't wait to see where this is going!
  7. Very nice ship, TS, and I love that figurehead! Those sails look fantastic here as well, and the hull, while it doesn't quite look watertight, does do a great job of capturing the right shape
  8. No problem, dropping out of building-mode is something that happens to all of us once in a while (well, almost all of us, I think, )! In my own experience, one of the best ways to get motivated/started on builds is looking over some of the great stuff which other builders have done, especially in the genre that you're wanting inspiration from. The Guilds of Historica and Mitgardia groups on Flickr might be a good place to start, and for less specific but more handpicked builds you could check out my personal favorite builds, or scan the photostreams of some of GoH's great builders from the past (and present) - e.g., Ecc, DC, MassEditor, Gideon, SK, etc., etc. The other good drivers are starting storyline collabs with other builders and just drawing inspiration from the books, pictures, and movies you see and read and turning them into LEGO builds. I'm sure there are other ways as well, but if you start with all of those it ought to get some of the creative juices flowing!
  9. Garmadon

    [Mystery Island] Explosion on Gunpowder Island

    The view from the Eslandolan privateer Legend - it seems like things looked a little more dangerous from the other side of the island... -------------------------- (Kudos to anyone who remembers that build! It fit Captain B's story too well not to put it in a slightly bigger context here, so hope y'all don't mind seeing it again! ) Nice micro there, Captain! That poster looks downright terrifying, though...
  10. Garmadon

    [MAR - FB] Lloyds of Londa

    Very nice scene, mate, love those tables! The stool design is quite clever as well, and good job getting so many familiar faces in the same build! They fit quite well though, I almost didn't even notice
  11. Garmadon

    [SR - FB] Map Stand

    Great job again, the boat roof gives it a very whimsical feel! The palm tree and lantern are great as well
  12. Awesome build, Capt! The vegetation and terrain all looks amazingly natural, and I'm loving that cave and the cheese around the boat I must say I'm not quite sure about that monkey sitting on top of the tree, though
  13. Garmadon

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    Correct. I meant/am working towards ranks reflecting primarily what's going on in each person's stories and how that interacts with the larger scheme of Varlyrian politics - so basically, to change in rank you either have to form an alliance, strike a deal, get rid of opposition, bribe your way up, or something like that. Right now, I'm kind of just trying to get people onto the lists so we can get going, as we haven't really seen anything much politics-wise. Building for the guild will help you not fall in rank even if your builds are totally un-politically related, but people who don't get involved will only move up the ranks very slowly, and rarely if ever get to the top few ranks. That certainly doesn't mean that leadership doesn't like and appreciate non-intrigue related builds - those really help form and flesh out the guild, so to you and everyone who's doing that too! The one exception to the general rule is winning a challenge, which will almost always get you an instant promotion - which obviously is the reason ZlatanXVI moved. And for what it's worth, you're at the top of the list for promotions currently - the only reason I didn't bump you up to the next level is that while you've built a good deal (keep it up!) nothing was related to your family or politics/scheming. This was put in just for you, really : As far as political builds affect your score, nothing's really set in stone - there's no "murder_____ and you move up one rank, murder somebody else and you move up two, marry _____ and... etc. - there it just depends on how well you've done your thing and how popular opinion and power politics would likely go in a real society like Varlyrio (think sixteenth century Venice or something like that). But getting involved in politics will almost undoubtedly get anyone moving, either up or down! Yep, check above. Haha, the name does take some time to get down right!
  14. Garmadon

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    Alrighty, updated Varlyrian family rankings for you all! Nothing of much consequence has occurred in Varlyrian politics in the last few months, but a few new families have come into the picture, so everyone had better watch their backs... Leading Family (Rego): Amancio, Rego of Varlyrio, shipmasters (@Rogue Angel) Secondary Families: De Fiori, sword-makers (@Garmadon), Chiaro, merchants (unclaimed family) Third rank: Lords of Baiamonte, soldiery (unclaimed family), Khaor, cloth and leather merchants, tailors (@narbilu) Fourth rank: Cioto (unclaimed family) Fifth rank: Conzaga, wine-makers (@Basiliscus), di Carlo, merchants (@ZlatanXVIGustaf) Sixth rank: D'Gatto, artists and antiquarians (@mccoyed), Waythe, judge and mercenary (@Judge of the Wastelands), Di Cioto, profession unknown (@W Navarre) (Note that the higher ranks don't really move - not up, at least - unless they've done something directly related to plots and scheming, and also that if you've been building a lot and haven't moved recently, a couple of family or political builds is all that'll be needed to do the trick )
  15. "Dear me!" exclaimed Agent Guelds, rolling his eyes, "What happened to the good old days when a body could take a nap?! One can't take a breathe these days without the good old Governor's whack whack sounding in one's ears! I declare, work in the council is more awfully quick than in the thick of the Mardierian war!" While everyone in the ETWC delegation heartily concurs with Chef Jalape's sentiments, Willoughby still convinced them to go ahead and vote for the proposal, though the Lieutenant was heard grumbling something about hoping that Eslandolans had better sense than to run for office when they might be napping instead...
  16. Three ayes from the ETWC delegation as well!
  17. Garmadon

    A mercenary's story: Part V

    Nice builds mate, especially the tents and that golem (which I never would have noticed in the first picture )! But more than anything else, I really love what you've done with your story - first, starting your character as a child and building all his way up is an ingenious and very clever way to tell his story and really give your sig-fig some excellent background (I'll definitely try that out next time I join an RPG if I get the chance!), and secondly, I've loved following your own story, which has been very interesting and entertaining all along. This very much reminds me of my first days in GoH and a lot of the stuff that happened here back then, and that is definitely a great thing Keep it up!
  18. Garmadon

    Avalonia mini contest entry

    Very nice scene, mate, great job with the tree and vegetation! I'm glad to see more people using that trunk technique too (though it's too parts intensive for the likes of me ) - makes for really organic and realistic-looking trees!
  19. Garmadon

    De Fiori Forge

    Enter the de Fiori forge! Only the finest and strongest of Varlyrian blades come out of these furnaces, crafted by the sword-making master of the family, Cioro de Fiori. Along with his children, Bjarke and Gionna, Cioro makes almost all of the daggers and swords which originally gave birth to the rise and fame of the de Fiori's. The fire: Gionna de Fiori: And one last overview of the scene: Well, I think that wraps up my family member vigs for now! Check out the last of the new characters here. HQ and the forge pic that I was basing this off of inspired me to try some scene lighting here - getting it just right for the pictures was definitely a pain, but I'm quite happy with the results! Also another entry to CCCXVI (or whatever number we're on now ) - most just because it happened to fit the interior category. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  20. Yeah, I'm pretty positive we got them all - I think it's just that most of the Varlyrian freebuilds were pretty small (comparatively), so we lost on the size factor. We had a lot of great challenge entries, though, so that should definitely bump us back up a bit here!
  21. Garmadon

    Wolfpack Keep

    I think you know I like this Lovely keep, SK - this is definitely one of the best castle builds using black as a primary wall color that I've seen! I'm totally digging the angles you got in there as well, and of course the hinging function and interior are awesome!
  22. ...And I've finally got caught up! Great showing for the challenge, guys - lots of epic builds there! Sorry I didn't get mine done in time; I did get it started, though, so when I get a chance I'll finish it as an intrigue build and hopefully get some stuff moving here (if no one else beats me to it )! And we're moving up in the gold rankings as well, woot! Go Varlyrio! EDIT: Oops, obviously read something wrong up there. Well, go Varlyrio, anyways!
  23. Garmadon

    [AoM House Phase 2] Homecoming

    Lovely build, Puvel! That stone-work is superb, and the whole cottage is really nicely done I'll second SK's request for more pics if you've still got the build around, though!
  24. Garmadon

    De Fiori Forge

    Thanks all, glad to hear you all enjoyed it! Thanks for the in-depth comments here and on my other builds, HQ! About a wedge for the barrels - that's a great idea which I hadn't thought of, but it certainly would have been helpful since they were rolling all over IRL I'll remember that for next time! And the arch has a gap in it just because LEGO doesn't make arches that long and because I didn't expect to the picture to capture that much of the build anyways while I was building it! Keep up your interior shots - they certainly are inspirational! Thank you! You're probably correct, and the only reason I didn't link it is that I couldn't find it again while posting this The chains really made the scene in the picture I was inspired by, so I definitely wanted to get in here. Thanks again!
  25. Garmadon

    De Fiori Armory

    Weapon makers both by trade and inclination, the de Fiori's armory is always sure to be well-stocked and sharp. Although swords are their field of expertise, they do not confine themselves to them entirely, and their armory is packed full with weapons of all descriptions from the de Fiori forges. A closeup: The chandelier: And a last couple of pics: Hey all! Another Varlyrian build from me, this time a full interior scene of the family's armory. Also an entry to CCC's interior category. And since it ended up a lot larger than an 8x8, I went ahead and used the opportunity to introduce quite a number of my Varlyrian characters. Check them all out here! Just have got a couple of them left and I think I'll have all the living family members covered (except one old lady who I only plan on pulling out if everybody else in the whole family dies ) The scene was inspired by this awesome picture, in case anyone was curious Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!