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  1. Monthly Free Build Registration Thread July 1st, 2016 to August 1st, 2016 What is this thread? This is the thread where YOU register your free build, besides submitting it via the webform. So, why are we doing this again? This thread is both an index of builds so that they may be easier to find for members, and a backup for the Economic Game System. As a back up of Free Builds and MRCA builds, we won't be using this thread for calculating your account. Please remember to submit the form for your Free Build or MRCA build. What do I need to do? Simply write the following information in a NEW post: Name of MOC linked to the thread | Name of Builder | Faction you belong to IE: Smuggler's Cove | Kai NRG | Eslandola Write no more. Note: All free builds must have their own thread, and there must be a link to that thread provided here. After you are finished making a thread, make sure to report your free build via the monthly webform so that you can get credit for it! Remember, if this build is going to have an Economic Game System component (IE you are going to buy a license and make money off the property) you will need to fill out either a Property License Form or a Ship License Form. Do not comment on builds in this thread, please do that on the MOC’s own thread. Can I just post in my faction thread and leave it at that? Um... No. Can I put up an entry for another faction member's build? If that builder has disappeared and we are getting near the end of the month, this would be allowed. What if I can't remember if a submitted a build? If you don't remember submitting a form, use the Free Build Entry List to find out what builds you've already submitted. An email will be sent containing a list of all builds submitted. Spelling is important. Is this just a copy of GoH's free build registration thread? No! I don't have any idea what made you think it is. The idea was a completely original one and has absolutely nothing to do with GoH's one. (Yes, actually it is ) Why does this look a lot like the previous ones? Because it is the same, that's why Previous Months: January's Free Build Registration Thread February's Free Build Registration Thread March's Free Build Registration Thread April's Free Build Registration Thread May's Free Build Registration Thread June's Free Build Registration Thread
  2. !! For some reason I'm in love with that vig! Great use of those broken pieces, and that chair is fantastic too Hilarious story as well - I see you were trying to break the record for the use of the most words ending in -itude in the same sentence You're not posting it on Flickr, though?! I'd favorite it if you did!
  3. Garmadon

    [AoM House Phase I] Goatherd's Hut

    Hehehe, very clever! Perfect use for that micro-fig! Lovely little build - great use of that new rock crystal piece, and I'm really liking that flowing water
  4. Garmadon

    Galleon Esperanza

    Well, whoever said the stern was fantastic was totally right! A very nice ship, Legostone!
  5. Something strange is going on... So far: Explosion on Gunpowder Island A Message Is Sent A Message Is Recieved At The Headquarters Encounter in the Jungle Don't Shoot Examination Subjects Meanwhile... In the Laboratory Never Alone A Scientific Breakthrough Air Strike A Surprise Reward ... Soon word of the delicious cocorite-enriched bananas of gunpowder island had spread like wildfire throughout the Brick Seas. Everybody wanted to get their hands on the exquisite bananas. The Queen of Corrington had even sent her special ambassador to bring a cargo of gunpowder island bananas back to the capital. Naturally, during the initial rush the bananas were going for quite a decent price... and so the General and Marquis set up shop. Merchants from all over the colonies, and even from the Old World, lined up for miles to purchase a cargo load of bananas. And while the General and Marquis run the operations, the always business-savvy ETWC has partnered with them to get in on the profits as well... I mean, well, somebody was going to have to climb those trees... One more pic: And there you've got my contribution to Captain B's Mystery Island story-line! Hope y'all have enjoyed this installment and the whole story - I know I have! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  6. Just do it! It's about time we get a little excitement in good old BOBS again
  7. Precisely! And thanks to you - always fun to help out with a Captain Braunsfeld story! Thanks Kai! The banana bunch technique was borrowed from one of the other banana plantations in BoBS (Elostirion's, I think). Haha, yeah, banana/palm trees are kinda capricious in my experience - the leaves either put themselves all right almost all by themselves or they don't, and there's not a whole lot you can do about it! That Gloogloo farm? Looking forward to it! Thanks Professor Thanks Ayrlego! I really like those blue flowers - gotta get some more of them sometime! (Well, some, actually, since these are Kai's ) As far as I know that'll be perfectly fine! @Captain Braunsfeld is the one running the story, so he can let you know for sure, but I don't think there should be any problem with that Sounds like an interesting investigation anyhow, looking forward to seeing it
  8. The Strange Stuff is continuing on Gunpowder Island! This time it's the monkeys and the ETWC setting up shop with the newly created cocorite bananas on the island... (Picture linked to topic)
  9. Ooh, looks like it wasn't exactly a wonderful month for pirates this times around (well, except for Montroy, [though we did sink one of his, I'll take it ] ...And for LeColeon... and a few Sea Rats. Alright, maybe not so very bad for anybody but Captain Nordau ). And we're back to the rowboat, it looks like! Well, this definitely deserves a MRCA result build anyhow - I'll definitely try to get one built for it!
  10. Garmadon

    [Mystery Island 13] A Surprise Reward

    What Faladrin said! - I had to double check to see which one of you this really was Very nice installment in your story, and I like that Gloogloo in the background there...
  11. Garmadon

    Morty's Traveling Puppetry

    Very nice little puppet show there, mate! - love the way it's all so compact and can even be closed for travel! The color-scheme and those gold tooth pieces give the carriage an appropriately fancy look too
  12. Garmadon

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Windmill

    Really nice job on this windmill, Spud! Those sails are great, and the olive green does an amazing job spicing the tower part up!
  13. Garmadon

    Aithaz Hold

    Amazing job with all those angles here, Ecc! The star points on the main keep and all the angled towers give this a special, unique feel among LEGO castles! The Mitgardian colors and the brown are just spot on here as well, and your trees are great as always! Wish I had been there this year to see it in person!
  14. Garmadon

    Ninjago Legacy Contest Winners!

    As Exetrius said, thanks a lot for running this contest, @Peppermint_M, and congrats to the other winners and runner-ups! It's always great to see Ninjago MOCs, and there were a lot of very nice ones built for this!
  15. Garmadon

    Boardwalk Talk

    The infamous Captain Nordau and a representative of the Sea Rat port authorities take a walk on a Garveyan boardwalk in Freeport, and in the process a large bag of DBs and some papers change hands respectively... only time will tell where it all will go from here! But, little do they know, they are not alone - other ears are hearing every word that is said... And a shot of the infamous pirate Captain on the beach: Hello y'all! A little scene to officially inaugurate my Black Flag Captain's agreement with the Sea Rat authorities - the details of which, for the curious, are that which Captain Nordau has bribed bought the future silence of all Sea Rat port authorities (i.e., the location of the Captain's ship(s) won't be published in the KPA when he's in a SR settlement) in exchange for 5000 DBs and a Class 4 ship which he has given to the Sea Rat faction. And yep, we did get the court's approval and all, so all's fair and above board - figuratively speaking, you know Oh, and no, this is not the start of another ETWC monkey story, I just couldn't resist the urge to get at least one monkey in the scene! Was really happy with how the sea background worked out; and it was awesome getting to crack out that light yellow for the beach! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  16. ...Recently, in the mainhall corridor of the de Fiori's castle in Tergaversa... Alesio de Fiori paced the floor of the mainhall corridor thoughtfully. It had been a long time since he had been planning on this meeting, and now that the representatives of three of the most powerful rising families in Varlyrio were in Tergiversa, he certainly would not let the opportunity slip. He looked up as footsteps sounded down the hall. Through the doorway came Aureo, Alesio's second and favorite son.  "di Carlo has arrived, father." "Ah, excellent," replied Alesio, with a nod. "Have him come in." The promising young administrator of his family's affairs, Luca di Carlo had won himself the position of a prosperous merchant from Ostia, and had pushed himself up into Alesio de Fiori's view as a most useful possible ally. "An excellent evening to you, di Carlo," began Alesio, "and congratulations on the success of your recent experiments. It is, in fact, at least partly due to that that I had invited you here tonight." "Oh yes, that worked out better than I had even expected," responded the grinning olive merchant; "but I hear that it was politics that you had in mind for the subject of conversation now?" "And right once again," Alesio de Fiori replied, smiling - "I see that you're already of my mind on the status quo in Varlyrio. It's about time things start moving." "Certainly, my dear de Fiori - but I thought I heard that the representative of another family was to be here as well?" "Just so - in fact, he has but arrived this very moment." Captain Conzaga came through the door which had been thrown open just a second before, and strode over to the group. After welcoming him to the group, Alesio continued, "I know it seems on the surface that Varlyrio is as placid as a pond. But I assure you, beneath the calm the people are getting restless, and I dare say you will agree with me when I say that the Amancio's have ruled for long enough..." ...More to come soontm! ... maybe A few more pics without figs: Stairs: Arches: And doorway: And finally another regular build from me! This thing's been in the works waay too long - since Challenge I, in fact; it was going to be an entry for that - but had to be put off for the Ninjago mods and a bunch of other stuff, but here it finally is! It is meant to officially start up an alliance between the De Fiori, di Carlo, and Conzaga families, and hopefully get some Varlyrian intrigue moving! Inspired by this picture (which I randomly stumbled across and decided that I had to build!), but I have no idea what that's all about Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome as always!
  17. Garmadon

    Boardwalk Talk

    Thanks guys! I was quite happy with how the photography turned out, and I really like using these colors! Thanks mate! Glad to hear it - that was the goal! Thanks Captain! Another tree was originally planned to form the right border of the scene, but Kai suggested that they were looking a little too un-tropical, so I stuck to this one, which didn't stand out too much by itself. Yes, I believe it does - probably a SR national park or something (that's what those are for, right? ) And yep, I was thinking of the monkey (I am in the ETWC, you know... ), but as Rm points out, there is also another Sea Rat parrot... and a few Olean frogs... and a Corrie crab... No other minifigs though, that I know of, anyways! Thanks Rm! We certainly need more pirates! And yes, there are a lot of animals around, actually (though they're not all visible in the pics). Thanks Bart - and no worries, it took me about another three months to get around to building this! That was referring to the monkey, in point of fact, but as I mentioned to Captain Dee, there are actually a large number of ears around (do crabs have ears? ) Hope you guys can get it figured out! Maybe a few raids are in order? ...
  18. Garmadon

    AoM: Tower Phase 2: Spring Watchtower

    Very nicely done, Ayrlego, the unusual tree colors look great, and I'm loving that arch at the entryway! Those stickered (printed?) parts look perfect here as well!
  19. Great to see so many familiar faces back in the guilds for the challenge! That little boat design and the wood-work are quite nice here, and the landscaping is well done too, especially those trees! If I've got one critique it'd be about the black, though - I think that kind of border is usually just a hit or miss kind of thing, and just a little bit of trans-clear or trans-clear over blues (or some trans-green, maybe!) would have given a little more color to the build overall. But this is certainly a nice entry, and it's great to see something from you again! Here's hoping for more before long!
  20. And that's the kind of build that makes me wish I was still in Mitgardia! I love the number of rooms and scenes (and story-plots) you've got into this build, and the amount of detail you've managed to fit into each - a couple of my favorite bits being the dark green in the stonework underneath and the tapestries on the hall-room walls. That roof and the log framing of the walls definitely deserve mention as well - top-notch stuff all around!
  21. Garmadon

    Challenge III: Cat. A: King Or Puppet?

    That floor! That's definitely what stands out in this build to me, but the chandelier, pillars, and balcony are all very well done too! The story is intriguing as well - and somewhat troubling, as a peaceful (well, semi-peaceful ) member of the guilds, if you know what I mean! All in all a very nice entry!
  22. Now this is one massive castle! Nice work, Drawd; even with all the gray you've managed to keep it from being too overpowering, and that roof adds some great color to the build
  23. Not to sound like an echo, but those hieroglyphics and the lighting are fantastic here, and I'm quite a fan of the burnt orange as well! Photography is stunning as always too. Glad you were able to find time to enter!
  24. Garmadon

    [Mystery Island 12] Air Strike

    Lovely landscape and hilarious story as always, Captain! That seagull catapult is quite ingenious!
  25. Garmadon

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    Erm - so what exactly happened to Monday this week?? Sorry about that, guys, yesterday totally slipped by me Anyways, for that update I promised: Leading Family (Rego): Amancio, Rego of Varlyrio, shipmasters (@Rogue Angel)Secondary Families: De Fiori, sword-makers (@Garmadon)Third rank: Lords of Baiamonte, soldiery (unclaimed family), Chiaro, merchants (unclaimed family), Khaor, cloth and leather merchants, tailors (@narbilu)Fourth rank: Cioto (unclaimed family), Conzaga, wine-makers (@Basiliscus), di Carlo, merchants (@ZlatanXVIGustaf)Fifth rank: D'Gatto, artists and antiquarians (@mccoyed), Di Cioto, profession unknown (@W Navarre)Sixth rank: Waythe, judge and mercenary (@Judge of the Wastelands) The first post will be updated accordingly. Be warned, though - a lot of you are holding on to your rank (or your new rank) by a thread - you may have to get going if you want to hold on to it!