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  1. Another build from me, and another chapter of Captain Whiffo's story (finally!) (picture linked to topic)
  2. A medium commerce in Elysabethtown (inn and warehouse) licenced by the ETWC (picture linked to topic)
  3. If it's there it'll be in a section for Moderation Actions, including pinning/unpinning, next to the "Start new topic" at the top of the page. There's also the same thing at the bottom right under the Submit Reply button. Mine may possibly have to do with my position in GoH, though - I can't entirely remember if I had it before my promotion there, but I think it was when I was in leadership here... If it's not there for you just mention that you want something pinned/unpinned and I'll probably see it pretty quick though! Sure thing!
  4. Ooh, definitely a big challenge, but I'm really liking these categories and will have to try to make time to enter at least some of them if at all possible! And I'd love some of those micro-ship licences! (I will build me another full-size ship one of these days though... or maybe a fleet of them... ) And while we do have a lot of islands already claimed, am I the only one who's glad to see the new island faction prizes coming back here? Unfortunately Court members can't pin/un-pin topics, it has to be a Eurobricks Staff member. We'll see who's around Done (you sure Court members can't pin threads? Not that I didn't retire from Court about three years ago either - go figure! Just those mad skillz seeping through, I guess... )
  5. Garmadon

    [COR Jan FB1/GOC] Spudkirk Armoury

    To be perfectly honest I just love the composition of this. From the colors and and vegetation to the rock-work and stud-bands around the building (I keep seeing those and always forget to try them when I'm building! ) this makes for a very aesthetic picture. And fantastic photography as usual too! Is the building exactly square? I can see how that might bug you from a different angle (although it does look fine in your picture - but I know the feeling your talking about from experience), but otherwise I've got to say I agree with the others - quite a nice build here
  6. Garmadon

    [SR - FB] Lothario's poker lounge

    Excellent build, Fraunces - the green center of the table is great, and the rest of the furnishings are quite nice, as well as the figs! That and I love the way you've presented it from the parrots' perspective!
  7. Garmadon

    The unknown letter.

    Alright - and re: pinks and purples, yeah, I can see that. I'll have to try this sometime in the brick myself though, if I get the chance; it's a really neat effect! Oh, nice!
  8. Garmadon

    The unknown letter.

    Ooh, very nice work with that sunset scene, Roadmonkey! And I'm curious - does the orange and yellow continue under the water, or are those trans-yellow and trans-dark pieces with the orange underneath? Also, nice way to wrap up this storyline - looking forward to seeing what happens now in Charlatan's Bay!
  9. Garmadon

    Dawn at the Cathedral

    Previously - Mainhall Corridor, de Fiori Castle - Tergiversa Near the outskirts of Illyrian, the ruins of the abandoned cathedral of Sana Argentum rested in a silence so intense that one would have imagined that the old structure were slumbering in the sleep of death, save for a slight wind which whistled eerily at intervals through the old stonework as through a graveyard, and a few dim torches, flickering in the night air. Just as the dawn began to crack through the open arch at the entryway, the sound as of a impatient watcher might have been caught behind one of the main pillars, if there had been anyone to observe it. Suddenly the form of Falco de Fiori emerged, and he gazed intently through the entry to the cathedral. "They are coming!" he whispered, in a low and eager tone. A minute later low footsteps could be heard approaching, and two figures came to the archway, stopped, exchanged a whisper, and passed steadily through. The second was a stout and vigilant retainer, dressed in the royal colors - the first a grizzled man in a black hood, but still in his prime, his face one of strength and determination. As the two de Fiori brothers stepped out from behind the pillar he threw back his hood and revealed the unmistakable face of - the Rego. "Susto and Falco de Fiori," the Rego smiled - "Pray, and what was the reason you requested this untimely interview?" Susto took a step forward. "Well, my dear Rego, what if I were to tell you that it has been hinted that you have been being remiss in the performance of your duties? Quiet as it has lately been, their are many excellent families in the realm who have contributed to the prosperity of Varlyrio, but instead of encouraging and promoting them as a wise Rego ought, you have been only sitting upon your beds of ease and basking in their gold while they fade away and vanish, and the realm falls into the pit of oblivion. Take the Di Carlo family, for one - they almost single-handedly took the gold for Varlyrio under the Queen's latest challenge - though I do not say the de Fiori's approve of such royal whims - but what have your majesty done about the profitable efforts of our olive merchants? Nothing, nothing at all!" "So that is it, de Fiori, is it? Do you think I do not know that you yourselves have allied yourself with that family and only seek to benefit from any position I reward them with yourselves?" "He who has no friends," returned Susto coolly, "should not be the one admonishing those who do." "Well, there has never been much love lost between us, de Fiori - I can see no cause why I should tolerate your self-interested whims." "Is that so? There are ways in Varlyrio, you know, of seeing things done." Falco tapped his bare blade wisely. "I do not say a de Fiori would have much cause to make a move, but it is not an petty little family whom you have but now insulted. I shall take care that Luca di Carlo hears of what you think of him." Supano took a step forward, and his bodyguard moved so close behind him that Susto could feel him. "Do you threaten me?" Falco ran his hand through his hair and grinned. The Rego turned on his heels, looking back from the entranceway. "Take care, you sons of Fiori." The brothers looked at each other and winked, and before a minute had passed, as the first morning birds began to sing, the cathedral had once again been left to its wonted solitude. A couple more pics: This was my entry to the Ruins category of the Summer Joust, and it's been due here for way too long! Photography was quite challenging (and I did end up with a bit of the fish-eye effect), but was done entirely with natural light and except for one or two of the pics, no editing was done afterwards except for some cropping. Inspired by this picture by Charlie Bowater (at least, so I gathered from the signature, haha). Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  10. Garmadon

    Stormholme Castle

    Amazing work here as always, Mass! Great job with the angles and composition here, and those trees are quite eye-catching, but my favorite part is that flanking wall to the left and the visual interest it adds to the whole castle; love that! As you say, it's so often simplicity and arrangement that are the essence of aesthetics, and you've definitely shown that off here! Great to have you back, mate! Funny how that happens to so many of us, isn't it?! I've been building castle for what seems like forever and this is still as close as I've got to a castle proper (and not very close at that! ) One of these days I guess I'll have to just bite the bullet!
  11. Super impressive stuff here, LJ, and lovely work with the colors throughout! As others have mentioned, the gates and onion domes are fantastic here, and all the palm trees and greenery (especially those vines! ) just really help the whole build pop! I'm really intrigued by your Snotted road technique too (although it seems quite part intensive!), and of course I've got to applaud any attempt to oust the Desert King!
  12. Garmadon


    Such a massive fortress!! I'm digging all those nexo-shield roofs, and the sheer rock sides and the use of those tooth pieces for little patches of snow everywhere are fantastic as well. Love the fact that you were able to incorporate those moving features too - from my experience those are a lot harder than they look! Stop making me wish I hadn't left Mitgardia!
  13. Well, I must admit I wasn't quite sure how you were going to make this better than the last version of the Margot, but you've certainly managed it - this thing is amazing! I'm loving the new/fuller sailplan, and as others have mentioned, that rigging and the masonry brick texture both look fantastic. I'm quite curious about those ratlines though - is gluing them any easier than tying them? I've always tied them myself, and it certainly can get a bit tedious
  14. I often tend to think those log bricks are overused in most builds they show up in, but though you've got a ton here it looks fantastic! Love the angles on this thing, Capt, and it definitely looks like it should be able to withstand just about anything thrown at it!
  15. Garmadon

    [W-OKT] Orellana's Townhouse

    Fantastic start to BoBS, AG! You've nailed the Eslandolan aesthetic with this one, and I'm loving that courtyard area The palm tree and flowers by the window are excellent as well, just to mention a couple of details. Awesome job overall, I can't wait to see more from you!
  16. Garmadon

    [COR-FB] The Defiant

    Gorgeous ship here, Bregir, very slick lines and your rig with the raked masts is fantastic too! Great job with all the activity on deck as well, and as Kurigan, it's got some of that more realistic minifig-scale stuff messing with your eyes, but it really is quite massive! Awesome work, and here's one for the gentleman privateer! Now if I just had the time to build another ship for Captain Nordau that was as much larger than his first as you've given your black flagger...
  17. Garmadon

    Captain Nordau vs. Montroy

    Yes, that would be it Well, not too bad, all things considered! Glad you liked the story, anyhow! It's a pretty general assortment of pirate lingo though - I even got some German in there, soo...
  18. July, 619 The lookout yawned in the crow's nest of the Cardinal's Shadow. It had been days since they had spotted so much as a sail on the horizon - which was a pity, of course, because the Cardinal's Shadow could catch just about anything, if there were anything to catch. Captain Nordau was starting to regret having decided to just go ship hunting this month instead of executing one of his usual raids, and was hoping to at least get a good look at a Class 0 and blow it out of the water to calm his impatience. Suddenly the lookout blinked and bumbled his telescope, while his eyebrows bounced once or twice in excitement. "Sail ho!" Captain Nordau was on the quarterdeck scanning the horizon through his glass in an instant. "Whose flag, matey?" "Looks piratical, sir," returned the pirate in the nest, disappointment seeping into his tone. "Sea rat?" queried the Captain. "Aha! Nai Cap, it's Montroy!" Now be it said, that Captain Nordau as of yet has no particular line of action for encounters with fellow real pirates (not that Montroy is "real," being just an NPC - but that's besides the point...), but - as it depends on his mood - when he's been out for well-nigh a whole month without seeing so much as a sail and then spots a fellow-pirate who had also happened to be out for almost a whole month with no better luck, well then, fire and smoke are in the making. And besides, the good Captain had always wanted to know if Montroy's piratical prowess was really as fine as rumor had it. The yare vessel turned westward quickly and before long came abreast of Montroy's ships, all bristling with cannon, matches lit and at the ready. "Fire!" "Heave about! Belay there, cut - excellent maneuvering there, mate, by the bye - fire, ye squashbuckling curmudgeons!" Captain Nordau's ship made a quick turn, and sliced between Montroy's flagship and his smaller vessel, sending the quarterdeck of the latter up in a cloud of splintered wood. Fire violently breaking out astern of the mainmast, the smaller ship took to its heels (and probably blew up a moment later when the conflagration presumably reached the powder room - just saying.) "Lay your eyes on that, me hearties!" exclaimed Nordau in glee - whereupon his all-too-obedient crew turned to catch a glimpse of their victory; unfortunately, however, Montroy redoubled his efforts just then, and with a loud ka-bang his erratic shot dislodged three of the cannon from their carriages on that side. "Avast! Hard port on the helm there!" "Aye aye, Cap'in!" echoed the helmsman, and the Cardinal's Shadow spun again upon its new tack, and opened fire again upon its opponent. Six balls landed within a quarter-inch of the powder room (or so said the quartermaster afterwards, anyways), but as they all missed, Montroy continued his barrage unfazed, and with another fortuitous shot blew off the helm, and... um... "Och, ye lousy spalpeens! Come back here and I'll knock yer planks to shiverines!" Captain Nordau shook his broadsword at the retreating vessels (they were most certainly retreating - no doubt of that - fleeing like the cowards they were), and with a sigh turned and sat down. "Well maties, back to the rowboat, is it..." ...No sunset - Montroy deserve a sunset?! Oh please, the ship-thieving scoundrel! Well, there you have it - I've actually had this done and photographed for almost three months (I built it just about right after it happened), but have been quite busy and never did get around to posting it until now! More pictures of each of the larger ships in the spoilers! Montroy's Flagship: The Cardinal's Shadow: And that's it for now, folks! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  19. Garmadon

    Captain Nordau vs. Montroy

    Thanks all! Hahaha, maybe not - but then, when it comes to cookies, how many of us are really logical anyways? Thanks matey! Thanks Capt, I really enjoy these little ships! Yes, the tan sails are parchment paper, and the black ones are some kind of black... paper Both are a bit thicker and tougher than the normal stuff, though, which is quite helpful! And would you believe it - I literally built these and had taken the pics and all a week and a half after the KPA with the story in it came out, and just haven't gotten around to posting it until now! (Alright, in my defense I was flying back and forth to and from the US and a bunch of other stuff in the interval ) Thanks mate! Rigging is always definitely a little tricky, but I don't mind it being small too much if there's not this much of it Haha! That was a bit of a hark-back to my first rigged micro-ship - and then, giant lanterns are just awesome, you know! Thank you! I don't think I'll be doing that, unfortunately - but the reason is because instead we took a couple of the ships and stuck them inside a big glass bottle to display! I'll get you a pic one of these days if I get the chance! Nice! Thank you, mate! Thanks sir! Glad you like them! Thanks my friend! I'm glad you enjoyed the story as well, but don't feel too bad about not understanding all the words (I'm really wondering how good of a job Google Translate could do with "Och, ye lousy spalpeens! Come back here and I'll knock yer planks to shiverines!" ), I didn't know at least one of them myself until I found it in the dictionary last week, and I've been a native English speaker all my life! Thank you, anyhow!!
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    Summer Picnics

    Lovely build and hilarious story; can't wait to see where you take this! And very nice collection of seafood and suchlike too, you've definitely got me beat hollow
  21. I was going to post it in another topic for you, but if that'll do that'd be good! Thank you
  22. Great, glad to hear that guys! I'm thinking it'd be allowed on more of a case-by-case basis, but to just re-word what I had before: Rule: NPC ships may be granted MOCed status with builds of non-full-scale ships matching the NPC's description by any disinterested BOBS member, upon approval by BOBS leadership. Do note, however, that a higher standard will be required (e.g., distinct, defining features of the particular ship, possibly even some kind of rigging?) for approval than would be acceptable for just the "average micro-ship". How's that? If you can get it written in a less technical way by all means do Sure - I'll do that here when I get a chance
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    [ESL-FB] Organizing the Militia

    Nice little build, Capt, love the use of those large stone parts on the quay! Very nice posing as well!
  24. Tales of the battle between Montroy and Nordau have finally started to turn into more than simply rumors as the Captain arrived at (undisclosed) port... (Picture linked to topic) @Leadership, I'd like to petition MOCed status for Montroy's ship(s) with this build. I'm in no position to try to go after the pirate myself, at the moment (although you never know what Captain Nordau might do in a rowboat ) - my largest ship is a Class 3 and I currently have no ships in the works (that may hopefully change soon-ish, though), so it won't be directly benefiting me or anyone else, and I think it could be argued that these show "sufficient effort"/give the ship enough clear and defining features for it to be eligible for an MOCed NPC. Besides, I believe it enhances the game for it to involve more "real" MOCed ships/builds/etc., and if anyone eventually captures this ship they will certainly appreciate it already being built. I also do mean to set a precedent with this for occasionally allowing NPC ships to be MOCed with non-full-scale ships by disinterested parties, though I would like for a higher standard to be required (e.g., distinct, defining features of the particular ship) in those cases then for just the "average micro" (of which I have done plenty myself ). @Capt Wolf, @Bregir, @Roadmonkeytj, etc., let me know what you all think!
  25. Welcome to BoBS and Eslandola, @The Neighborhood Merchant!! It's been way too long since we've got some fresh new members here - may the winds be always in your sails!