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  1. Hi guys, sorry for the delay it was a demanding period. Many thanks to all of you for compliments. It was a challenging built, but so cool, presented for the first time to Lucca Comics and Games 2017. We (I, Alessandro (wedge09) and Mauri) has built it in black because in the books it is black. It is a stealth starship. In the films it's impossible to have a black starship in the black space. And then: shiny black is so bad!!! To the background you can see the starship Harrower-Class Dreadnought, around 4200 pieces from Star Wars The Old Republic Videogame. Thank you so much!!!
  2. Daala

    [MOC] Qubi House

    I like the square, my favorite colors, a stairway I like so much .... my dream house!!! Fantastic!!! A very very good job!! :thumbup:
  3. Daala

    [MOC] Villa Damian

    This villa remind me the French Riviera .... absolutely fantastic!!! I love so much the touch of fantasy, blue dragon is too sweet
  4. Daala


    In effect not too easy a big box made to measure .... luckily I have an husband able to do a lot of things, also boxes :laugh:
  5. Daala


    The first and the second decks are a unique structure of plates and Technic bricks, a right part and a left part; through Technic Axles I inserted them in the base structure. The third deck (the highest) is done in a unique piece; through Technic Axles I inserted it in the previous decks. The third deck helps to keep united the previous deck. All the decks are sloped but solid and stable.
  6. Daala


    Soon I should be able to have skeleton photos Yes, You've seen right
  7. Hello My and of my family last work: Dreadnought Class Harrower by The Old Republic videogame. 4000 pieces of black for a year of work between design and construction, we used a photo and a screenshot to create it. Presented for the first time to Verona Model Expo Italy, it had a very good success and we are so proud. We have created an internal structure with Technic pieces to keep it light, first with a MLCAD project and then building it and modifying it until we found the solid final structure. Then we created the 4 wings, always starting from a basic project through MLCad and then construction and modifications. Finally, the 3 upper decks and side finishing created "free hand". Difficulties to overcome? Wings and bridges are inclined, we also wanted to keep the two lower wings fixed (for easy transportation) without use magnets. After a lot of tests we found a hooking made with Technic that would allow to keep the wing connected in each point independently by the angle required. Other photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHskANF5yy We are proud, we like it so much, Harrower and Knight Hammer: our "Bad girls" :laugh: Many thanks for watching!!! Comments are welcome!!!
  8. Thanks CopMike for this new raffle!!! This is my Christmas Tree: a mix of snow, ice, christmas red color. Enjoy!!!
  9. Here is my entry. My Ideal Xmas gift? Lego of course!! But also books, books, books .... I love books Enjoy
  10. Congratulations to all, to the winners and not!!!!! It was a very fun contest
  11. 66: 1 point 118: 1 point 146: 1 point 172: 1 point 177: 3 points 192: 1 point 272: 1 point
  12. Hello Here is my tiny bushy turtle More photo on my Flickr Gallery Good luck to everyone!!!!