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  1. The Brick is Epic

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Your ideal Christmas tree entry thread

    Here's my Christmas tree, although my real ideal Christmas tree would be significantly bigger, better decorated, and a little more three dimensional. Unfortunately, I'm away from my collection, so I was limited to just the pieces from 10708 Green Creative Box. It was a fun little challenge to see what I could build with such a limited parts selection though! Christmas Tree 2017 by The Brick is Epic, on Flickr
  2. The Brick is Epic

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Here's my entry - a snow fort because whenever I think of snow, I think of fond memories of building snow forts and having snowball fights
  3. The Brick is Epic

    EB Xmas Raffle 2015 - Your ideal Christmas tree entry thread

    Thanks CopMike for holding this raffle again this year! I've seen some pretty impressive trees in this thread, but this is the best I could do with my limited pieces available right now. My ideal Christmas tree is a simple 2x4 brick tree! The whole tree is made from only 2x4 bricks, 47 of them to be precise. I hope you like it! My Ideal LEGO Christmas Tree by The Brick is Epic, on Flickr
  4. Thanks CopMike for hosting this great raffle again this year! My ideal Christmas gift this year would be a peaceful, relaxing day and a good book, so that I can curl up and get some reading done. Reading by The Brick is Epic, on Flickr
  5. The Brick is Epic

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    Here's my entry for the raffle: It's based on a real crystal loop ornament that my mother had, and always mention how fragile it was. Turns out this this LEGO version is just as fragile, if not more so than it's crystal counterpart. Also, thanks for hosting this amazing raffle once again CopMike! Happy Holidays Everyone!!
  6. The Brick is Epic

    EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    Here's my entry! It's a father telling his little boy the true meaning of Christmas Thanks CopMike for this amazing raffle and I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas!!
  7. The Brick is Epic

    Review: 10228 Haunted House

    Great review so far, mostlytechnic! I can't wait for the rest of it soon - The Brick is Epic
  8. The Brick is Epic

    Clutch power of 1x2 transparent brick

    If you're planning on buying the bricks off of Bricklink, there are currently over five thousand trans-clear 1x2 Bricks with Center Tube, but they are more expensive than the bricks without the tubes. So depending on how much you're willing to spend on bricks for your bridge those could be an option. - The Brick is Epic
  9. The Brick is Epic

    What do you do with LEGO set boxes?

    The boxes that can easily be folded flat are currently being stored in a closet behind a giant pile of Christmas decorations. If I ever do tear down one of these big sets its nice to be able to keep the pieces in their original box, so I know where to find them. Just recently I have started to cut out the fronts and sometimes the backs of smaller sets to keep some of the art work, but without keeping all the bulk from the rest of the box. Like others, I keep all my instructions in 3-ring binders in page protectors. - The Brick is Epic
  10. The Brick is Epic

    REVIEW 3185 Summer Riding Camp

    That was an incredibly in depth review, Pandora! Thanks for that!! The build and the overall set look amazing and with a few tweaks could easily fit into any LEGO City with normal minifigures. I really do wish that TLG would release a van set with just the camper van or similar because it is an awfully lovely vehicle. The more that I see of Friends sets the more tempted I am to get some, but the smaller, entry level ones just don't seem as thought through as their big sister sets. - The Brick is Epic
  11. The Brick is Epic

    REVIEW: 30027 Reindeer

    Great review, Ferrik! I agree with Brickmamba in that the model isn't exactly spot on and could be better, but, that said, I am a huge Christmas fan and cannot believe that this is the first I've heard of the set. I might have to pick it up for Chirstmas this year now! - The brick is Epic
  12. The Brick is Epic

    REVIEW: 3815 - Heroic Heroes of the Deep

    Great review, Kiel!! I absolutely love the Visual Dictionary type of presentations! They add so much to a review, so that it's not just picture, then text, then picture, then text, etc. It does look like a nice set, especially the lovely dark azure pieces, but I'm not a giant SpongeBob fan and the price does seem a little high. Does anyone know of another theme (other than modulars and other exclusives) that TLG has released less sets for, because SpongeBob I believe has only had 14 sets over its 7 year history, which seems like an incredibly low number. - The Brick is Epic
  13. The Brick is Epic

    MOC: German Emerald Night

    Amazing MOC, darcaesar! I'd love to be able to build a train in that same Emerald Night style, but alas I don't have the parts, nor skill, to do so now. So I guess I'll have to live vicariously through yours!! I can't wait to see what you do with the remaining cars, but I'm sure that they will look great! - The Brick is Epic
  14. The Brick is Epic

    Review of set 345: House With Car

    Great Review Mariko! This set is way before my time too. I like how LEGO used to create simple one story houses instead of the really tall house that we see in today's Town Theme, such as 8403 City House. One story houses such as 345 just look more realistic to my eyes. The simplistic, minimalism vibe that I get with this set is something that is hard to find in today's much more detailed sets (although, trust me, I love love love today's detailed sets). - The Brick is Epic
  15. The Brick is Epic

    The Unofficial LEGO Collectors Guide RAFFLE

    That question is so hard to answer! There are so many great sets that I would love to get from the LEGO Vault. If I had to choose just one I guess I'd go with 10185 Green Grocer. It's just a wonderful set that I missed out on (along with Cafe Corner) and I would love to add it to my modular collection. Some very close seconds would be: 3450 Statue of Liberty, 10182 Cafe Corner, 10189 Taj Mahal, and 10020 Santa Fe Super Chief. - The Brick is Epic