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  1. mammymarf

    Hello again.

    Hey i dont really know if any of you gys remeber me but im mammymarf. I've been gone for so long but i returned. I've kinda moved to again but i've always came to check on these good ol' forums. I might pop in once in a while. Anyway hello again.
  2. mammymarf

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Oh God those are awesome! I like how the hoth set is like a battle pack the Endor set is fabulous!
  3. mammymarf

    City '09?

    awesome this is sweet so many new city sets hope they'll be real! BBQ Stands sound like a cool impulse
  4. mammymarf

    Spongebob '09?

    They might be redesigns? I would be cool if they did
  5. mammymarf

    2008 Picture thread

    So many new sets my eyes WOW count dooku in flesh ( hope its not clone wars) and redone Ep 3 sets? Endor Bunker, the return of ewoks! my head is buzzing with all the new sets Imagination running wild this is just WOW
  6. mammymarf

    New 2009 Pirates Sets - NEW closeups of the wench & mermaid added

    OMG PIRATEs their back!?!?! this is a miracle from Lego and all the other themes so many new sets -insert girlish scream- I feel really happy!! SirNadroj was right they will return!
  7. mammymarf

    Mcdonalds batman promotion.

    Ug creepy I hope those aren't the toys! the penguin looks normal anyway
  8. mammymarf

    6004 Crossbow Cart review

    Nice review I collect castle too and the ghost isn't really rare (I have one too) but it's not really found anymore so It would be a good thing to keep it. anyway great review
  9. mammymarf


    Introducing... the newest robots from -Brickbots Inc.-!!!! First up is the M-7 Droid (known as just M-7) M-7 is a smart robot with many functions. He can project holograms, record voice and sounds, fly, and lift things 1,000 times his weight. (pic is a bit blurry) Next is E.V-1 (known as E.V.) E.V. is a clean-bot she has a built in vaccum cleaner, a hologram projector, and a voice and sound recorder. Last is M0-K (pronounced Mock) M0-K has a built in surround sound speaker, a hologram projector, and a voice recorder. He can lift 100 times his weight. here are some random pictures of the robots the three robots did I mention M-7 is in love with E.V.? and three robots at a dance party comments and picture suggestions welcome! sorry about the picture quality and before people say I just got the idea from Wall-e I made these way before Wall-e came out.
  10. mammymarf

    Mad Love (Motorized Vignette)

    That looks neat nice use of the treads it looks really cool!
  11. mammymarf

    Is your member number a set number?

    you guys are all SO lucky :( Click if you dare
  12. mammymarf

    Star Wars Brickmaster Exclusive

    The Brickmaster Exclusive pic!!! mini clone turbo tank! EDIT: ARG A second late!! :( P.S. I too used the prt scr button LOL
  13. congrats you two may you keep Eurobricks safe!
  14. mammymarf

    Looking Towards a New Horizon

    Just joined the site looks great good job guys!
  15. mammymarf

    Hey there, I'm kinda new...

    Welcome back I don't even know what happened but I've heard some stuff anyway glad your back!